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Review of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me - a worthy end to the first season

No matter how controversial the games of The Dark Pictures anthology of fear are, they always find their admirers, and they collect big budgets for relatively low ratings from critics. In our opinion, The Devil in Me turned out to be a worthy conclusion to the first season of the franchise.
Review of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me - a worthy end to the first season

Review of The Devil in Me

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The Dark Pictures anthology continues to dive into and explore the psychology of horror while telling chilling stories. The games in the series aren't exactly imaginative, but from the claustrophobic nautical thriller Man of Medan to the historical horror thriller House of Ashes, each installment in the franchise is unique in its own way. With each release, Supermassive Games improves and develops the skill. Imperceptibly approached the finale of the first season. Let's see if Devil in Me will please fans of the genre.

The Lonnit Entertainment camera team is filming a documentary about the infamous hotel. To save the company from bankruptcy, they need to ensure the success of the project. Charlie will do anything for his business, so when he finds out about the replica of the Assassin's Castle, he quickly accepts the invitation. The 19th century hotel is a delightful place where the events of the game unfold. Gothic Revival architecture suits horror like nothing else. The intoxicating atmosphere is enhanced by bright lighting that keeps you on your toes. The premonition of danger arises from the objects and objects that adorn this oppressive environment. Despite the fact that the location resembles another classic of the genre, there are some nuances that enhance feelings of fear and horror.

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Suspense Mastery

As strange occurrences strike fear into the hearts of the protagonists, tensions quickly escalate between the five directors. The characters are different from each other and wonderfully come to life thanks to the excellent voice acting. Paul Kay is great. He perfectly conveys his passion for his chosen art, adding hints of desperation to his performance. The hero plays a central role as his commitment to the cause gradually causes divisions within the group. The character of Jessie Buckley is very different from Kay. As lead speaker, she goes beyond what is available and looks at options for the future. Her delivery exudes confidence, which makes her scenes stand out.

Like other interactive dramas, the game is about choice. Each character can die and due to this, your actions and decisions have more weight. You will painfully sort through various options in order to achieve the best result. As you can guess, there is an element of surprise, and because of this, events do not develop as you expect. Therefore, the game encourages multiple playthroughs to explore different paths and try out different scenarios.

The main elements of the franchise also return. Scattered throughout the hotel are documents and objects that add to the history of the world. If you wish, you can search the area and get information about historical events. In addition to this, you will also face premonitions of death. These views of the possible future increase the pressure as the real threat of death looms. You can also find ancient coins that can be used to unlock other collectibles.

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Choosing the Right Path

While choice remains the focus of the game, Supermassive Games continues to evolve the gameplay, and The Devil in Me really shows it. You are given more freedom and can explore the hotel. If you are not familiar with the World's Fair hotel, in fact, this is a labyrinth. Hidden doorways and corridors are the basis of its structure, and the game takes this concept further. Although the area is not that huge, in the end we get a significant progress compared to previous anthology horror games. The biggest step forward is the new research system. You can now jump over medium-height barriers and climb into completely new areas with the help of allies. Thanks to this, puzzles have become more varied, as some of them include elements of the environment.

Each member of the cast has certain items that remain only in their inventory. They can also be used to find solutions to puzzles and change gameplay segments. One of the memorable moments is when you play as Nikki Patel's character, Erin. As a sound engineer, she has access to certain equipment. When using this equipment, you hear strange sounds that you can investigate by looking at the noise level.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is a worthy end to the season. Each game is based on several facets of fear, but this horror surpasses previous entries in the franchise. Brilliant voice acting that helps make the characters more authentic. In addition, expand the gameplay improvements in research and inventory. While the movement feels a bit rough and the concept is still set in stone, the horror takes over in execution and atmosphere.

Anton Latoshkin
Date of publication
1 December 2022
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Review of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me - a worthy end to the first season

"The Devil in Me" is a title that perfectly conveys the essence of what is happening in the final part of the anthology. Great performance, incredible acting, an atmosphere of fear and suspense. Who said that making horror films under the same mold is bad?


Larger locations to explore

Fantastic voice acting

Improved gameplay


Still under the same mold

Feeling something painfully familiar

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