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ShowGamer.comNow anyone can play Enlisted!

Now anyone can play Enlisted!

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software announce that the new military online shooter Enlisted for PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 has become available to everyone.

Players are waiting for the “Battle of Moscow” and “Invasion of Normandy” campaigns, debugged and finalized during the closed beta testing, new campaigns will be added regularly in the future.

Enlisted is a World War II shooter that recreates the atmosphere of large-scale clashes between infantry units supported by tanks and aircraft. Much attention is paid to the authenticity of weapons and equipment and their relevance to the historical period. So, for example, the player will not meet the German "Tiger" during the Battle of Moscow, because in 1941 such equipment was not yet produced. At the same time, Enlisted is more accessible and easier to learn than military simulators. The player quickly finds himself in the thick of the battle and spends maximum time in combat.

“We tried to keep the spirit of the real battles of the Second World War, but did not forget that we are making a game first of all. Our approach is“to find a reasonable compromise between the dynamic, addictive gameplay of shooters and the ruthless realism of military simulators,” explains Evgeny Guskov, game director of Enlisted.

The player controls a whole squad - up to nine soldiers, while one of them he controls directly, and gives orders to the rest. In the event of the death of one fighter, the player can instantly switch to the next member of the squad and take revenge on the offender immediately, and not return to the respawn point. If the squad is destroyed, the player brings the next one to the battlefield - and this can be infantry of one of the twelve classes, the crew of a tank or aircraft. So during one battle you can try yourself in a variety of roles - from a flamethrower or sniper to a dive bomber pilot. Enlisted also has a mode where each player controls only one fighter.

“Enlisted is our largest project launch in recent years, and we plan to expand and support it,” comments Anton Yudintsev, co-founder of Gaijin Entertainment.

Compared to the CBT version of Enlisted, the updated version will feature new missions, weapons, and vehicles. For example, the new map “Fortified Area” in the “Battle of Moscow” is dedicated to forcing a frozen river in dynamically changing weather under fire from pillboxes.enemy. The game progression system has been significantly redesigned, and the battle pass system has become the main way to get soldiers and equipment in Enlisted. Its first season started on April 8 and will last 75 days, and the main prizes will be rare collectible weapons: the Berdan rifle No. 2 and Gewehr 1888, the Schmeiser MK36 II submachine gun and the Springfield M1903 semi-automatic carbine with the Pedersen device. Some of the rewards are available for free, to access the rest you will need a premium version of the pass.

You can always find detailed information about Enlisted and news about upcoming game updates on the official website


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