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Answering the most popular questions about the dark yet intriguing first-person horror game Visage

Where to find a Lighter

Lighters are scattered everywhere, so I will not focus on them.

Where to find Camera

The camera is needed within the framework of one specific chapter. And you will find it in the TV room in the basement, on the partition. More details in our walkthrough.

Where to find a Child

It is another question, the answer to which is too long. Therefore, use our walkthrough of the game.

Where to find Jeans (Garage's Key)

You find Jeans in the washing machine in the laundry room. The room is located behind the white door of the dining room, in a small corridor (it's all on the ground floor, not in the basement!).

Where to find Candles

They're scattered all over the place. Let's not focus on this.

Where to find all Toys

There are several of them; the path to each is not short, so read our walkthrough.

How to open Attic

You need a special poker. It is in the progress hall, sticking out in the picture on the left. But only after the beginning of the second chapter!

How to escape from Ghost

In our walkthrough, we detailed the escape routes from each enemy!

How to start Chapter 3

Look for the crutch in the hallway, to the left of the door to the TV room, or to the right of the front door of the house.

How to light a Candle

Take a candle in one hand, a lighter in the other, and then follow the prompts at the bottom of the screen.

How to go Outside

It is impossible, only at certain moments of the second chapter, and even then this is not a street in front of the house.

How to get through room with cells

If you mean a room with a ghost, then running away from it is easy. Search all drawers and tables (brown and white). There will be a key in one of the drawers.

How to solve puzzle with pictures

I described this in detail in our walkthrough!

How to open safe

This can only be done at the end of the game, in the fourth chapter, by inserting a specific video cassette into the player. The one where you need to look for picture frames. Read our walkthrough guide.

How to get Compass

Take a pry bar with you.

What to do with a BabyPhone

Bring it to your parents' bedroom and turn it on there. You will hear the code. What's next - read in our walkthrough!

Where to find all Picture Frames

Find the first picture frame in your parent's closet. Open the safe in your study. It contains a note indicating room 302. Go to the basement and enter the room with the freezer on the right. There is a second picture frame on the ceiling in the corner. Room 302 will appear to the left of the electrical room. Go through the door to see a joke with a dancing ghost. There you will also find a third picture frame.

Enter the closet where there is a cabinet with dynamic items. Go left and at the very end, find the fourth picture frame. Go to the dining room. There is a chair in front of the living room door (short way), and a fifth picture frame hangs on the wall. Look for the sixth frame in the progress hall, on the floor.

Where to place Picture Frames

You can install Picture Frames to the striped wall by the stairs leading up - behind the door to the right of the pantry and cabinet with dynamic items.



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