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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Beholder 2

Walkthrough Beholder 2

On his first day, Evan (the protagonist of the game) meets Hemnitz. Chat and go through the whole ministry. Talk to the workplace and sit down at the table.

Where to find all the biometric safes and information sources on the first floor?

When you open the inventory, you can discover the Redgrave Legacy section. It contains all the information collected about Father Evan. You need to find every biometric safe and unlock sources of information. On the first floor you can find 6 sources of information and 8 biometric safes. To begin with about safes:
  1. You can get one of the safes from Marco Legrand. He was at Hemnitz, but your colleague took the item after his death. Play a prank on Peter Dong on the assignment “Play with Dong’s feelings” to get the item.
  2. You will find another biometric safe in one of the three bushes on the bridge, where the screen is located and the Landscaping service employee walks.
  3. Destroy the vending machine using a screwdriver (lying in Peter Dong's desktop), then inspect it and take the third safe.
  4. The fourth can be found in one of the carts in the working room, next to the cabinets of Emma and Marco.
  5. You need to learn the hacking skills of the locks and Patriot terminals, and only then give Magda the secret folder on the quest “Clearance Level”. Magda will leave only once per game. Search her desk to find a biometric safe. In the terminal there is information to start the following side quests.
  6. Search the shop of Serena Marwitz. You spend four hours and take the safe.
  7. This safe is located in the desktop of Pete Ferguson. You need the skill of breaking locks.
  8. There is in a safe in the office of Ferguson. You need the skill of breaking locks.
As for the six sources of information, you will find four of them when you open the biometric safes. Another one is in the envelope in the lost and found office (pick up on the plot). The latter you can take in Pete Ferguson’s terminal in his office.

Go to the Ministry

Each new day is available for 9 hours. Exchange two hours at the workplace, you get 5 appeals. You need to correctly fill in the form. If you select the correct format of the form, the necessary ministry and the office in which reception is carried out today, then you will earn 50 coins. Don’t make mistake. In the future, there will be an additional bonus - first for three correctly filled appeals, then for every next five. For three forms you will be given 50 credibility points, for five - 100. The credibility points allow you to unlock additional actions. For example, it enables the ability to trade with a smuggler. There are no other actions on the first day, so you can fill the appeals. With the choice of cabinet, everything is simple - follow the schedule on the right and the date specified above. You can save after each successfully created form! To do this, you need to leave the table, but you can spend all your time on 20 requests, and for each get 50 coins. In total, on the first day we will earn 1000 coins. Talk to Hemnitz, take the report to the secretary in the cart on the left. Now there is no queue, but in other days it will be. You will receive 250 credibility points for completing the quest. Leave the ministry and chat with Hemnitz. Go back home, open the door and talk to James Cunningham. You will receive 500 coins. At home, you will need to pay bills, watch TV shows. Read books to discover skills to unlock additional dialogues with characters. Skills open forever, and the series will have to be periodically reviewed.

At the feet of the leader

Leave the ministry. If you want, you can read books and watch the show. If you want to make money, then spend the remaining hours on work and fill in forms. After that, go outside and chat with Hemnitz on. He tells about his father's letter and promises to give it to Evan the next day. Go back home and open the door to James. You will receive 500 coins. Go to bed.

Redgrave’s Legacy

Go to bed to start the next day. Go to the ministry. Hemnitz will be executed. Look around and chat with different characters. You have three colleagues - Marco Legrand, Emma Hazer and Peter Dong. In the same room, there is Nicolas Page, a smuggler, and a buns saleswoman Serena Marwitz. There is a gardening worker in the hall where the execution was. There is a security guard at the entrance. Do not forget about the secretary. Go to her, talk on various topics and learn about things of Hemnitz. Go to the very beginning and interact with the shelves next to the police. Take the pass and the letter of Redgrave. Read the note and return the pass Rakovich. Talk to Legrand and find out that he took the biometric safe. He will offer to return it if you make fun of Peter Dong three times. There is an alternative option - to pay 2,000 authorities to pick up the letter and not prank on anyone. If you watch the “Walking Boreans” series and talk about it with Legrand, he will make a discount and the price will drop to 1000 credibility points. If you decide to joke on Peter Dong, then here are some tips:
  1. Weakness. Talk to Peter to find out about his weakness - he is looking for headache pills. You can get them during a conversation with the clerk of buns. Tell Peter this is the right pill. In fact, it will be a laxative. It can also be found inside the desktop of Emma Hazer, but you will have to learn how to break the lock.
  2. Fear. Chat with the saleswoman about Peter Dong to find out that he is afraid of bugs. Go to the landscaping service worker and ask beetles. He will give the package. Nearby there are three bushes - collect bugs from them. It will take one hour to interact with each. After this, the beetles will need to be put on the Peter Dong desktop.
  3. Passion. Learn at home the skill to crack simple passwords. Use Peter Dong's computer to find a letter that he could not send to Emma Hazer. Send it to the whole Ministry and see what will happen.
After that, go back to Legrand and he will give you a letter. There is a third way to return a letter of Hemnitz. You will need to start the task "Deal with the Devil." Read more below, in the description of the side quests of the first chapter.


Return to the top of the building and inspect the shelves next to the policeman. Talk to him and tell him that Rakovich sent you. Take the pass, but the letter will not be here. Take the pass to Rakovich to complete the quest. Reward: 50 credibility points.


This is the main task you must complete in the first chapter in order to earn a promotion. In the future, you will need to perform similar quests on other floors. So, to move to a new floor, you need to earn 15,000 credibility points.

Competitive Environment 1.0.1

This is one of two quests that allow you to earn a lot of credibility points - 10,000. You can take it through the office phone in the working room of the first floor. As for the elimination of colleagues, there are several ways. Peter Dong:
  1. For Peter Dong, you to make fun of the quest Play with Dong’s feelings” and “Big prank”. Convince him to stop shooting. For the latter, you need to spend 2000 credibility points (read the walkthrough of side quests). He will die, but Evan will survive.
  2. You can also help him hit on Emma on the quest Voice of the Ministry. After the task, chat with Peter and select the option with the help on promotion. If you refuse, you will no longer be able to request help. By doing this, you will hear back from Peter that they, along with Emma, ​​refuse to participate in the race for promotion.
Marco Legrand:
  1. Agree to help Marco Legrand, in the quest “Pass the envelope to Legrand”, but open the envelope. So you learn about stimulants and can report them to the ministry. By the way, this can be done only after completing the quests “Deal with the Devil” and “Rise of the Machines” or “Seven Days a week”. Convince guard to help with the introduction of stimulants. The next day, when the stimulants are in the Ministry, Legrand will offer to make money on their sale. Agree to start the quest “Enhancing performance”.
  2. If you delay with the surrender of Legrand (sell stimulants), he will tell Ferguson that you are selling drugs. You can pay 1000 coins or authority points, and Legrand will be executed.
  3. Also there is gun in the table of Marco Legrand. To gain access, you need the skill of breaking locks (make friends with Dong and help with the mother’s debts). Use the gun as evidence against Legrand, or throw it to another employee - Emma or Peter.
  4. If you make friends with Peter Dong, you can help him to make fun Legrand, at the end of which he will be executed. Read the description of the quest "Serve Cold".
Emma Hazer:
  1. If you complete the quest "Enhancing performance ", one of the stimulants will go to Emma. You will convince her to take an item for 500 credibility points. After that, next day, Emma will ask for another portion of stimulants.
  2. Read the second paragraph in the description of options related to Peter Dong.
Additional variants You can plant foreign currency. You can find them in the closet next to the secretary, but it takes 8 hours to search it. Add an hour to the queue. Thus, you need spend all day. Foreign currency cannot be taken out, so hide them in your cart, which doesn’t take time to search. Also, foreign currency can be bought from Nicholas Page. Pay 500 credibility points to trade with a man. He has an unlimited amount of foreign currency, but for each portion you will have to pay 999 coins. Instead of coins, you can throw a foreign watch. You will find them inside the vending machine after you break it with a screwdriver (on the task of Selena or without it).
It is very important! You need to click on the image of the "notebook" (left) during the searching desktops and the placing prohibited items. Only after that, it will be possible to report an offense during a call to the ministry.
Reward: 10,000 credibility points.

Spy games

This task you can take after you complete the two assignments of Pete Ferguson ("Secret Visitor" and "Collector") and proceed for the third - "A Generous Feast." Cunningham finds out about the party. He will call you on one of the evenings and say that you have to hang a camera to collect oppo on Pete. The camera can be bought from the house manager for 1000 coins. Also you can persuade the guard to the lost and found office for 100 credibility points. If you can to take the “Spy Games” quest on the third or fourth day (I don’t remember exactly, but before the second pass of the real house manager), talk to Cunningham by phone, then open the door to the manager and confirm that you saw the cat. You will receive a discount on rental housing. Flatter him so that he lowers the price of the camera to 250 coins. Go to work and hang the camera on the statue to the left of Ferguson’s desk. This should be done when the boss is not in the office. Take a pimp business card from Marco Legrand. Dial it from the house. You will find a pimp and prostitutes the next day at the entrance. Choose two of them (the blonde on the right and the bun on the left), confirm the decision and report this to Ferguson. Please note that to complete the quest "Spy Games", you need to have time to place a camera before the party. May take part in a party or go home immediately. The next day, go to the office and take the video. Go back home and tell Cunningham by phone. Next morning Ferguson will be arrested. You have collected 20,000 credibility points by completing two quest, which will allow you to go to the next level (12th floor). Reward: 10,000 credibility points.

12th floor

After you get a promotion to the 12th floor, go home and talk on the phone with Cunningham. He will report the next goal - you need to get rid of Albert DeSalvo. Begin two new quests - "Investigation" and "Way up".

Cabinet key

First talk with Rose on the floor. Go left and take the key from the cleaner. You will recognize him by the winter cap on his head. Go back and unlock the door to your office. Here you have to filter those forms that come from the first floor. The task is difficult. Process ten forms to get a reward, although this is not necessary. Read walkthrough side quests.

Way up

You get a task automatically. You need to earn 15,000 credibility points to climb the 25th floor. The main sources of authority are quests "Competitive Environment 1.0.12" and "Investigation" (analogous to "Spy Games" from the last chapter).

Competitive Environment 1.0.12

You call the office phone in the working hall and declare your desire to participate in the competition. So, it is necessary to get rid of three competitors - John Smith, Gloria Melfi and Hank Wright. Also you can open terminals and desks that. You can put a prohibited item to each of them. You can also do smarter: Gloria Melfi:
  1. Wait until the third day, when the quest “Win or Die” begins. Rose will have a task for you. Agree to perform. This will be the quiz "Quiz".
  2. You need to find four people. In the Ministry you can meet an old woman and a servant. They are on the first floor. But you will have to spend 200 credibility points to convince everyone. Outside the Ministry, there is a tired person in the square. He will agree without conviction.
  3. Go home and through the door go to the streets to look for people. The agitator will not have to pay. He will give you 350 coins for participation in the quiz. You need to give shoeshiner 100 coins. Choose a police officer and you can take the professor in the team. Together with him get a book with a decrease in rent. If you refuse the professor, you will get a cop. Professors or cop get free.
  4. Collect four people and tell Rose about it. The next day she will be ready to provide new information. Talk and find out that Gloria could not bring her son to the quiz. So begin the quest "The Best-Laid Plans." Talk to Gloria, and then go back to Rose and you will have a chance to get rid of Melfi. Tell Rose what Melfi said.
  5. You can cover for Melfi in conversation with Rose. Then ask for your son, go back home on quest "Call in the archive" and contact them. Pay credibility points to find out about Malcolm, the son of Gloria. He is dead. Call the hospital and tell that you from the Ministry. Talk to the doctor, agree to the experiment.
  6. Quest “The Phantom Pains” will begin. Go to the Ministry, talk to Gloria about your son to find out the necessary data. Now there are several options. Spend 400 credibility points and tell Gloria that her son is dead. She will end her life.
  7. Tell Gloria that you are her son. If you answer incorrectly, then she will die again. If you choose the right options (№0261, cast iron boy, embankment, pride and prejudice), then help Melfi. She will leave the Ministry, and you will receive 1000 coins.
John Smith: At home Cunningham will contact you after your first day. He will say that there is no data on John. Make a request to the archive by phone for 200 credibility points, but you will not find anything. Call Cunningham again and complete the quest. The next day you chat with him and spend 500 credibility points to find out his real name. Go back home and make a request to the archive by phone to another name. This time you have to pay 300 credibility points. Return to work, chat with John and take the new quest "A little help." He asks to find his family. Make a request to the archive, then through the door in the house move to the place of residence of his wife and child John Smith. Go inside the house and pay cops 350 coins. In the hall there is a safe. If you hack, get 980 coins. There is a wedding ring in the bedroom on the pier. Take it. With this information, go back to John and tell about everything to get 300 coins. You will receive an additional 200 coins for the ring. The most interesting begins:
  1. John asks to check the area with the Ministry. The quest “Reconnaissance” will begin. Go outside and find a gangster at the subway. He will offer a deal - 2500 coins or 2500 credibility points if you force Smith to leave the Ministry. Agree to start the quest "Old debts". Go to John and say that there is no one. He will come out and die.
  2. Tell John that the mafia is outside, and he will ask for help with the escape. The quest “Escape” will begin. Refuse to help on the quest (even if you took it), and John will go to the street, where he will die.
  3. If you want to help John escape, then find a dress in the desktop of Gloria Melfi, buy a wig from Nicholas Page for 300 coins, and buy a fake pass for 330 coins from a merchant in the gateway. You will meet the latter if you pay 500 points of authority to Serena Marwitz. You need to go to him from home, through the door (buy cat food, feed the cat). John will run away when you give him three items. More in the Ministry will not appear.
Hank Wright:
  1. Try talk to him, but nothing will come of it. Talk with John Smith about Hank, then buy or find a bottle of whiskey and give it to Wright. Chat with him, because now he agrees to talk. Pay credibility points to find out why he drinks.
  2. In the quest "The Wright Brothers" talk to the guard at the entrance of the Ministry and pay 300 credibility points. Talk to the thin man Otto. He will say that he needs a power unit. You can buy it for 300 coins from a dealer. Give the power unit and find out that Hank's brother is still in the Ministry.
  3. Next, you need to crack the terminal Albert DeSalvo, find out the password and go in the shelter of a psychopath. Learn the skills of hacking this terminal. You find a book in the file cabinet next to Alberto’s office. Hack the terminal and study the password entry menu. Need to know the nickname of the dog. Look at the documents at the terminal Albert DeSalvo and learn about the dog show.
  4. Go home, open the door and follow to the exhibition. Pay the guard 500 coins and find out the dog's name.
  5. Return to the Alberto terminal, enter the password and go down. In the shelter, find the brother Wright. Talk to him, take a scalpel from the couch and use it on his brother to free him.
  6. Alberto will appear. You can agree and torture a man with Alberto. The quest “Mark the Footprints” will start and you will need to talk to Hank. If you say that the brother was not found, then Hank will continue to drink. But if you say that brother died, then Hank will kill himself. Also if you say that you killed his brother, but Alberto made you, then Hank will take revenge and die by the hand of the boss. Finally, if you say that you killed his brother then Hank will kill the main character.
  7. Another option is to offer an exchange. Tell Albert DeSalvo that you came to an agreement on release. He will say that instead of a man you need to bring Hank. Report to all Hank, he will go to the boss and die.
  8. The most humane method is to spend 1000 credibility points in a conversation with Alberto and free a man. In this case, the brothers reunite, and Hank will leave the Ministry.
When you get rid of all, you get 10,000 credibility points.


This quest will be available from the start. You need to find information about the new chief - Albert DeSalvo. Make it easy. First you need to find a book with the hacking skills of the terminals. Go to the left side of the workroom and search the large file cabinet next to the office of the head. Take the book, study it at home and unlock the skill. Return to work and go to Alberto's office so that he is not there. Explore the terminal and learn about the dog. There is also a section that allows you to enter a code. Click on the "question mark". The password is the dog's nickname. Go back home and interact with the door to go to the dog show. You will learn about the exhibition from the same Alberto terminal. Bribe the guard for 500 coins and get the nickname - Spot. Go back to work and enter the password to go down. In the shelter, follow left and find a closed sarcophagus. You need a key. There is a stand on the right. Search and find a biometric safe with a key. Use the key on the sarcophagus and find out that Alberto is killing children. This is enough to call Cunningham and agree on the arrest of the monster. Reward: 10,000 credibility points. Use collected points to go to the 25th floor.

25th floor

As always, you will need to get rid of the boss and colleagues. Meet Amelia Weiss and try to create clones. Choose any options without wasting time to create ten clones. They may be wrong, but you will receive a reward.

How to eliminate colleagues on the 25th floor

Take the quest with a business phone. You can put a prohibited item on the desktop. But we are not looking for easy ways. Stephen Dawking
  1. Talk to Stephen, learn about the Quantum Leap series and watch three episodes. Talk to him about each episode to make friends. He will give the quest "Quota". Go back home, visit the information desk and get certificate for treatment. Give it to Stephen and he will leave the Ministry on his own.
  2. If you take a certificate of disability, you will learn that Stephen is plotting illegal cases against the Ministry. You can turn him in, but if you complete the quest “Help for the Suburbs” (starts after “Quotas”), then you will have to look for more trivial methods (put a forbidden object).
Maria Curie A woman speaks Borean. You need a dictionary, which lies in the drawer of the chief. Look in his office when Isaac is gone and take the phrase book. Go back home and study the book, then talk to Maria Curie. Oliver will ask you for on the quest “Lost of Translation”. Return to Oliver and tell him that guard rapes Maria. Oliver promises to do something, but in the end, the guard learns about the complaint and Maria will commit suicide. Another option is to tell Oliver that Maria simply does not want to work. He will order to arrest and execute the girl. Horatio Newport Meet with him, you will return home at the end of the working day and meet Horatio from the future. He will say he needs help. Agree, then go to Isaac's office and tell him about the time traveler. He will remove Horatio from the case. You may continue to perform quests Newport - "Past Mistakes" and "Epidemic." Even if you do them, then Isaac will find out about it anyway. You will have to pay off points of credibility (1500), and Horatio will be suspended from work. In any case, the old Horatio deceives you. Get rid of everyone, you earn 10,000 credibility points.

Science and crime

You will need to find a reason to arrest Isaac Weinberg. Go to his office and chat on all topics. Take the quest "Beneficial Effect", go through the ministry, find the active points and install different items - amplifiers of patriotism and efficiency. It is not difficult. Two busts you find in the working room on the first floor, another, large - on the bridge of the first floor. After that, perform the quest "Clean experiment". Pass the test on the office phone. Your choice does not matter. Report Isaac, and he will accompany Evan in his secret laboratory with clones. You will learn what Isaac is planning. In addition, if you collect all the information about Carl Stein, you will have to cause emotion. So Isaac will find a weak spot. From Patrick, you talk about the university, the book from Schimmer and Andrea, from Martha about candy, doll and the sun in the stomach, from Anna about the forbidden drug, mine and death. Go back home and tell Cunningham about what you’ve found on Isaac. The next day, he will be arrested, and you will receive 10,000 credibility points.

The final

Collect 15,000 credibility points, request a promotion. Go back home, talk to Cunningham, and climb up to the 37th floor with him the next day. We will not describe further actions, but note that when you choose the ending of the game, you need all the Heimdall codes. You need to collect 250 codes to get the best final: When you walkthrough the first floor, find a total of 8 biometric safes (read above).
  • 12th floor – 8 safes.
  • Find 7 safes when you walkthrough the 25th floor.
  • Thus, you need to collect 23 safes.
The best ending Beholder 2 (read here about 250/250 codes):

The Best Ending of Beholder 2 (We get all 250 codes Poject Heimdalle):

https://youtu.be/R1SpVXnYTnk https://showgamer.com/walkthrough-all-side-quests-beholder-2/



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