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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Downfall Redux

Walkthrough Downfall Redux

Arrival at the hotel

When you will be at the hotel, and then talk with Ivey. To move use the arrow keys "left" and "right." To interact with objects, you need to get around them, so that there was an inscription and arrow image "up". For example, as soon as you will pass control, you can explore the reception. At the top there is a corresponding label. Press the "up" and a dialog box opens. You can either explore the object, or call someone.

You can view the phone to the right, but nothing happens. Go right, the elevator does not work. There is a plaque with the inscription «TAKE GIFT» to the right of the elevator, between elevator and the stairs. Interact with it and take a gift - a magnet in the form of a cat. Go right. The door to the kitchen is closed. Go to the Ivy and talk about everything. Then go to the left, where appears the administrator (near the elevator). Talk about everything, go to the administrator to the left and pick up the key on the administrator's desk. Go back to the ladder and climb up. Climb up for another span.

Go right, go to the door marked "101" and press the "down". So you open the inventory. Now the inventory you have a magnet in the form of cats and room key. Select the arrow key to the room and click on Enter. Select "use" command in the dialog box. Enter in the room, talk to Ivy, until she not goes to bed.


Go right through the field until you will see the building. You will be near the front door. On the building hangs a plaque with inscription «Haven Road». Go inside the building because the door is open. Look at the mailboxes. Try to open them. Try to open by force. It will not work. Go right and see a door in the background. Try to open the door, but there is a failure.  There is a white cabinet to the right of the door. Open the cupboard, then inspect it and find a book.

Open your inventory by pressing "down" to select a book and open it. You will find a screwdriver inside the book. Go to your mailbox, open inventory, select the screwdriver and click on the command to "use". You will open the mailbox. Pick a letter from the drawer. In inventory, open this letter. Inside you will find 10 pounds and is the key. Go to the door on the right and use the key on it. You will find yourself at the stairs. Against the wall is bicycle. Go to the left, until it stops. There is the clock in the form of a cat on a chair. Take the desk clock.

Go to the right where will appear the killer. Run away from it is pointless. Soon you will wake up.

Second day

Wake up, go right and you will see that no Ivy. Perhaps she has breakfast. Leave the room, go left and go down the stairs. Go left to be at the bottom. Take the stairs to the right, where there is a dining room. Talk to the manager.

Chasing the cat

Go back to the reception and you will see a black cat. Move closer, then the cat will swallow your desired key. Run the cat to the right until you see a few doors. Go through the door to the latest, go to the TV and interact with it. Choose «Look At». You will find yourself on TV.

Go right, go outside and follow ahead until you go the house. Enter the house; open the door in the background and go down to the basement, where you have already visited. Cat catch just will not work. Do you see the button in the background on the wall? There is a square oven door to left of this button. Open it, apply here in the form of a table clock cats. Do not close the door! Go to the left, the cat placed on a chair. The cat will run to the right, jumps to the clock and will be trapped.

Go to the maniac of the right. He's gone. Go to the oven, press the right button. Open the door and try to take the key. It is too hot. Apply here magnet in the form of a cat. So you get a key to the room №102.

Suddenly, the light turns off and you will be in a different place. Go right and you will be taken back to the hotel.

Climb up the stairs, go to the door of room 102 and use the key found earlier. Talk about everything a girl in a mask, who is sitting on the bed in room 102. After a conversation, exit the room.

№1 Letter

Go to your room. Here, everything is destroyed. Go left and pick up from the floor the first letter. Look at the short cut-scene.

Second floor

Exit the room. At the exit from the room 102 you could hear the phone ring. Go down, go to the reception and answer the call. Ivey says that someone is waiting for you. Open elevator. Enter the elevator. In total there are five floors, including the Ground Level. You're now on the floor of G. On the first floor there is no sense to go, because there is your room. Rise to the second floor - select Second Level.

Talk to your administrator. Rooms 201 and 202 are closed on the right. Therefore, immediately go to the corridor near the elevator (select the «Go to»). Two rooms here are locked, so go to the end and turn into another corridor. Open the room №206 and pick up at the entrance of the square glass jar.

Walk to the left. In the background, there is some chair and the red lever. For now you do not need. There is a doctor to the left. Talk to the man in spectacles. The doctor will go. You can see the body, but nothing here you do not need to do now. Leave the room 206.

Go down the corridor further, turn the corner. There will be overturned vending machine for cigarettes. Lift it using the command window. Apply 10 pounds, but a pack of cigarettes stuck. You can tap on the machine, but will not work. Go back to the elevator, because on the second floor there is nothing more.

Third floor

Take the elevator to the left. There is a locked door. Return to the elevator and go to the right. Open the door to the bathroom. Go inside and see some fat women. Inspect the bathroom, pick up the syringe from the floor, and look at a woman with a shotgun. Shotgun can’t pick up. Try to include a gas hob, but will not work - the gas turned off. Talk to fat the woman at the right wall - is Sophie.

Fourth floor

Return to the elevator and climb to the fourth floor. Elevator falls down. You can’t go there.


Elevator falls to the lowest floor. Get out of it; go to the side of the dining room to the right, but the climb up the ladder on one span. Do not rush to move up to the first floor where your room is. Between floors the door is now open. Go down to the basement.

Take a bottle in the background. Nearby find a switch on the wall. Use it to turn off the lights. To the left of the switch has a hanger on which is a jacket of chef. Search it, in pockets and find the key to the kitchen. On the left side through the floor is light (you can see it after turn off the lights in the basement). Go there and pick up the hatch. Go down the stairs.

You will find yourself in a room with the body of the girl. In the background there is a gas distribution shield. Use it, and then click «PULL», to activate the flow of gas. Look at the girl's body on the table, remove the skin from her forehead and listen to the conversation of the protagonist and Ivy.

Playing for Ivy

And you control the girl. Go to the mirror and look right into it. Turn off the lights. Go to the left door and try to open it. It will not work. Go back to the mirror, and then go back to the door. Black cat jumps. Follow her to the mirror. Through the mirror you try to grab Sophie. Go away to the left, to the bathroom. Wait, when will come out of the bath monster. Watch the cut-scene and listen to the conversation. Go to the toilet and take a look at him. You will return to the hotel.

Kill the girl in the mask

Try to remove the brain from the head of the girl, but nothing happens. Go to the cabinet on the left side and you will see two bottles of red and blue liquid. On the right will be a girl in a mask and remind you that she wants to die. Select one of the two liquids, examine them and read the description. Apply them on the syringe and fill it. You have in your inventory will be a syringe with poison.

Many say that the color of the poison depends on how the girl dies in a mask (head explodes or just fall asleep), I tried to give her and the one and the other. In both cases, the girl's head exploded. The injection can make you, or you can refuse. Go to the chair and pick up the girl's dress.

Revive Agnes

Go back to the basement. The door is located between floors Ground and "first." Close to the body and to see the brain. In the inventory, select a glass vessel with ice and apply on the brain. So you get the vessel to the brain. Climb to the second floor, go into the room where met with a doctor and apply the container with the brain to the dead body under the sheet. Pull the red lever on the right, near a chair in the middle of the room.

Try to leave the room, but you will call the girl. Go back to the left to display the «girl» inscription. In the inventory, select the dress and click on the command "use" to transfer the clothes to the girl. Move back a little, let the girl will dress. Talk to her about everything, and then try to get out. You will see a maniac. In any case he will kill it seems to be both.

Choose your side to continue playing.

Continue in the role of Joe

Talk to Ivy, and then you find yourself in a coffin. Examine the coffin and knock it. Cry, and then select conversations with the dead. Finally, search the coffin to find the gun. Next, select one of two ways - fast or slow. In the first case, Joe tries to shoot himself, but the gun will not be patrons.


Get down to the first floor, go to the dining room to the right and use the key on the kitchen door. The kitchen has a gas cooker and blender. But you do not need this. Next to the plate on the table is a pig. Look at it and pull out the knife for chopping ice. Go through the freezer on the left. Stay in the freezer and open the door. Use the knife for chopping ice, and then apply the glass vessel. You will have a glass square jar with ice. Leave the kitchen.

Play for Agnes

Go to the door on the right and try to open it. It is close. Soon the door begins to someone knocking. After the control will go to you, activate the radio right of the bed. Pick a blanket, lying near the door. Pick up the linens from the front railing of the bed. Apply it on the clothes of the deer's head. Open the window, go to the underwear, tied to a deer, and apply to it a blanket. Agnes throws a rope to the outside. Go to the open window and then click "get out of the room."

In the courtyard

Walk to the left, toward the door. Take the path to the right until you reach the gate. Gates will also be locked. Go slightly to the left and stop at the car’s boot. Interact with interactive point to change the camera. Open the front driver's door. Start the machine by turning the key. Go right and see a stone statue. Push the statue, and then pick up and rolled the stone head. Go back to the car and apply the head about it. Agnes set the head on the gas pedal and the car goes right.

Labyrinth in the forest

Go to the right side, through a ruined fence. Walk past the car, follow on and find yourself inside the building, like a maze. Go through the maze to the left past the first turn. When you get to the end, and then turn into the corridor. Follow the way to the right, Agnes will turn itself around the chair. Follow the left wall until you see the red line in the form of a door.

Go back in the opposite direction, past chair and turn into the screen. Go all the way to the right and break the pumpkin. Go left from the pumpkins. Deep into the screen does not go away, because there you have come. Go to the left of this turn, to stop and talk with Ivey on the chair.

Go back to the right, turn into the screen, and then follow the left. When you will turn  and will need to go to the right, then you should know that this road leads to the exit. But at the very entrance there is a corridor into the screen. Go there and pick up the doll.

Go back to the broken doll with a pumpkin. Apply the doll on the pumpkin to color hair. Go now to the wall, which depicts the contour of the door. Use a doll to finish to the door. Open the resulting "door".

Salvation of Joe

Try to open the door to the left. At the second attempt is still open and it will be in the room with the old lady. Talk to the old woman. Look at the table and try to take the plug. The woman did not let you do that. There is slightly detached plank to the right of the table on the floor. So it is impossible to examine it. Go to the door and open it to the left. Enter the next room with lots of candles. Look at the candle and try to blow them. After the cut-scene, go into the next room and see the coffin.

Go back to the room, where there was an old woman. An elderly woman is gone. From the table take away the fork, go to the door on the right and check the floor between her and the table. You get close to the floor. Use the fork on the plank of the stock, and then remove the scrap. Go to the coffin in the back room and open it by a crowbar. Talk about everything to Joe.

Go right until you find yourself in a room with several doors. Talk to Agnes, and at the end of the conversation will get from her invitation card. Go to the right, turn into the hallway, into the screen, and enter the room 401. But you will find yourself on the street. Move to the left side until you see the house. Management will return to you, when Joe and Agnes will be near the car. Go to the house and go inside it.

House Joe and Agnes

Enter the door in the background. Pass the refrigerator and remove from the banks kidney. Leave the room and go to the right (you can’t climb the stairs). You will see a huge man, whose name is Sophie (???). Exit the house and go back to the hotel through the door of the room 401. Go to the piano to the right and move it. You can play.

Go through the doorway to the right, where there was a piano and find yourself in the same elevator. You need down on the elevator to the third floor. There is a bathroom on the right. Go left from the elevator and open the door, above which there is an inscription «Function Room A». Go to the left side of the room and talk to Sophie.

Move to the right and see a man. Follow him outside the room. Try to search the pockets, but that you will notice. Stand in front of him face and choose the option " distract". Joe will automatically ask Agnes to distract the man. When control returns to you, go back to the man and search his pockets. You will find the key to the №203.

Go the elevator to the second floor, room №203 locate and open the door key from the inventory. Go inside the room. Go to the mirror on the left, walk up to it. Look at the book and find the page. Examine the drawer and take away everything that is there - duct tape and 10 pounds. All this is done through the menu commands. Leave the room.

Secret room

In the inventory inspect the page in the book. It tells the smiling lady in a hat, which is constantly watching, but something did not notice. Take the elevator to the third floor. There is a bathroom on the right side. In the elevator and the door to the bathroom on the wall hangs a portrait of a smiling young lady with a hat. Look at the picture closer and use duct tape to seal the eyes of the woman in the picture. You will see a secret passage. Go through it.

Go left and use the single door. On the bed in the background take a bottle of gin. Remove the circular saw from the dead man's head in the right wall.

How to blow a bathroom on the third floor

So, you have to blow up the bathroom with thick aunts. Some information: gas cooker is in the bathroom, but to turn the faucets on it not enough. Go back to the basement, where there was a corpse, from which you take the brain, and on the wall to see the gas distribution shield in the background. When the handle points downward, the gas supply is activated. Left - the gas supply is not possible.

Activate the gas up to the second floor and spend another 10 pounds (recently found) in cigarette vending machines. Take a pack of cigarettes. Climb to the third floor and go to the bathroom. Open the burner on a gas stove. Come out of the bathroom, please note that you will be a basement in which the gas valve will be closed again. Inscription «Bring it Back» appears on the wall. Climb back into the basement and automatic conversation Joe and Agnes discover that the body from which you take the brain apparently needs it back.

Go to the kitchen on the floor Ground and enter the freezer, where is the pig. Use a circular on a pig. After that, pull out pig’s brain from the head. Go back to the basement and use the brain to the body. Now re-activate the gas supply. At this time no one will block!

Climb to the third floor, go to the bathroom and open the gas on the stove. Get out into the corridor, go to the left Harrison (you take the key to the room №203) and offer a cigarette (select beside him on cigarettes «give» team). He agrees and will go to the bathroom. Go to the room and hear a loud explosion.

Hell cocktail

Go to the bathroom after the explosion. There is a hole the wall to the right - move there. After talking to Agnes, look at a man's head on a pedestal on the right. Take the recipe from the head, and then take away the very head. Go to the bathroom and pick up a piece of bacon from the floor near the hole.

Go down to the kitchen. Go through it and go to the blender. Throw head in a blender, a kidney, a little castor oil and gin from a bottle. Next go to the left the gas stove and pour it in castor oil. Turn on the stove to boiled oil. After that, let down a piece of bacon (fat). Next, try to get it, but nothing happens. Agnes come to you and will offer to do it with a fork. As a result, the inventory would have boiled bacon on a fork. Throw it in the same blender. Start the blender. While preparing a cocktail, talk with Agnes. Go back to the kitchen and take the resulting cocktail.

Climb up to the third floor, and go to the room on the left, where there was Sophie. Sophie will not be here. Maybe she went to Harrison's room, which exploded in the bathroom. Go down to the second floor, get a room №203. Along the way you will see the ghost of Ivy. Sophie will be inside the room. Walk up to her and offer a cocktail. Girl dies. Is it another death?

How to find admin

Exit the room and talk to the administrator. Follow after talking to the fourth floor, walk along the corridor to the left and find Manager’s Office room. It is at the end, in the background. Go through it and talk to the administrator. Then, talk with Agnes. Exit the room and go right. There will be shoes near one of the numbers.

Go down the elevator to the Ground Level. Go to the kitchen, go to the freezer and see that refrigerator is open. Drive through it into the screen, go to the left and open the door. In the role of Agnes, go right past the mirror, until she says that front too dark. Go back to the door and see the killer.

In the role of Jo, talk to the administrator and decide who to kill - the real Agnes or administrator. Kill administrator. Leave the room and go through the door to the third floor # 401. Go through it and go left until you see the same house where Sophie remained. Log in and follow to the right. Sophie will be gone. Break the door.

On the street go to the right until you see a house on Helen Road. Go inside, go to the gifts under the table and open it. You will find a chainsaw.

In the role of the new girl just go right and go through the door.

You will manage Joe again. Go to Sophie and apply it to a chainsaw. Walk left to the mirror and enter it. Follow the left until you find Sophie.

Female go right, past the room with the hole in the floor. In the new room, you find the rope to the right. Take it.

In the role of Joe, you need carry Sophie to the elevator, go up to the fifth floor - all the buttons are there.

Female, go left to the hole and apply it on the rope.

You will again manage Joe. Just follow the left, talk with his father, and go forward. Put Ivy on the operating table and socialize with who came into the room doctor. Go to the red lever and pull it.

Again, you will play for a woman. Walk to the right, into the corridor and take the dummy’s hand. Move into the screen in the bathroom. Inspect the sawed-off pipe and remove it from a piece of cloth. From the hand of the dummy in the foreground of the screen pulled out a knife. Go left, go past the windows and the floor, and take the stick. Go into the room to the left, where are the scattered parts of the dummy.

Open the oven gas stove and pull out the skull. Approach the bench on the left and place it on the skull, knife (blade) and a stick. You get spit. Exit the room to the right and go down the stairs. Go to the right.

You will again manage Joe. Talk to Agnes, and then pull the lever. In general, look for the final stage of the game.



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