Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 3: The Bologna Incident

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Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 3

Run away from the monster. If you want to unlock a secret diary, then interact with the levers along the way. It will be necessary to raise or lower the blocks.

Do the following with blocks: first, lift it all the way up, second – down, third – up, fourth, set in the middle. You will know the code from the ghost – 9687 96753 47 663 63 6269. Enter it indoors, move from right to left. So you get an achievement and a diary.

Walkthrough Sally Face Эпизод 3
Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 3

Talk to the journalist. Get down on the notebook sheet until you find the oracle. Talk with Travis, Ashley and Larry. Talk to people in the cafeteria. Chat with Kim, but the woman will not be friendly. Go to room 104 and pick up a clip from the floor on the right. Find lockers in the corridor, break them. Take away the camera from the locker of Ashley.

Go to the science lab (room 201), pick up the blue clay on the left and chat with Todd. Go out into the corridor and find Ash on the right. Help her break into the pantry, use clay from the laboratory on a clip. Go out into the yard, find a tree with a tennis ball and shake it. Pick up the ball, throw it out the window.

First, you need to talk to Larry at the left end of the corridor. By doing this, you distract the teachers. Enter the corridor through the nearest door, talk to Larry and find out that he did not have time to remember anything. Give him the camera from Ashley’s locker.

By doing so, again go outside and throw the ball out the window. Return to the corridor. Larry photographed Kim’s resume. Go outside, go to the tree to the right of the window and apply a camera on it. Lift the camera almost all the way up, and then move to the left to find a red bird among the leaves. Take a picture of it, go to the dining room and hand over the photo to Kim. She will give you bologna.

Прохождение Sally Face Эпизод 3
Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 3

Before you go to the dining room, go to the men’s room. Read the note (near the urn). Go to the far booth and talk to Travis. You will need to choose the right phrases: ask him why does he hate Sally so much? Is his father pushing these beliefs on him, choose the phrase “Yeah, but …” and then sympathize.

Follow the lab where the rest of the friends are. You together with Larry will find yourself in office 104. Interact with the teacher’s desk and enter the code “3141”. Take away the metal gizmo.

Go to apartment 402, go to Sally’s room and pick up the Super Gear Boy. Enter the code 491145 to crack the father’s computer. Follow apartment 202, chat with Todd and get into the Packerton apartment.

Go left and talk to Larry. He will start breaking the lock on the freezer. Go to the bedrooms on the right, interact with them. Larry should call Sally. Go back, look in the freezer and see a deer head with the numbers 1047.

Follow the radio and tune it to 104.7. Now, set the clock between bedrooms 12:12. Enter the first bedroom, talk to Mr. Packerton using the console, and decide his fate.

Enter the bedroom with Ashley and Larry, look at the freezer in the foreground and enter code 1413. Communicate with the journalist as you did before.

Chat with friends, go down to the basement and enter the secret apartment. Go to bedroom number 2 and look at the torn carpet. Down in the basement, go left and pick up the green light bulb. Twist it into a metal stand nearby, and then apply the console. Go to the right and find the same stand with the lamp. Use the console to make it catch fire.

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