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ShowGamer.comWhere to find all the memories in GRIS

Where to find all the memories in GRIS

Memories are individual collectible items that you can find while you play the game. They are scattered on different levels.

Why look for all the memories?

In addition to the achievement, you unlock a secret scene. You will know who the little girl is and what a huge statue of a woman is.

Where to find all collectible items in GRIS?

The characters are scattered throughout the levels.

First level

There are two memories here. The First you can take at the very beginning of the game. When you collect two points of light to form a bridge, then you will go left for the third. But do not go up, go all the way to the left and fall down. There will be a collection item. The second luminous point you will find only after you complete all levels and unlock the possibility of swimming under water. When that happens, you will return to the main point (where you give away the stars), go down and to the left. Jump into the pond (you swam earlier at it) and dive into the depths to find a memory.

Second level (desert, cube form)

Go on top of the building, where a huge GRIS inscription appears. Go down and go left. There is the first memory inside the cave. When you find yourself inside a huge stone, move to the right on stilts, climb up and jump onto the slope. Roll down and take a memory. When you unlock the ability to turn into a cube, then you will go left from this place. Climb up, jump up and destroy the floor below you. You fall down and catch the memory. Enter the building, where you will need to destroy the floor and fall down, do not rush to do it. Move to the right and see a small stone with legs. Move to the ledge to the right using it. Go outside and jump on the platforms up and to the right and move on top to the left. Take the memory. When you will be in the hall with rotating platforms, you go left for the luminous point. You will see a mill. Hit the metal structure with the help of a cube. Align the construction and go to the mill. Use the blades to go up. Jump on top of the mill, and then - on the blade to the right to get on top of the structure. There is a memory. See the screenshot below. In this place you jump in the direction of the wheel to the right direction. You need to lower the balloon, turning into a cube. Lower the ball all the way down. Then quickly run inside the building and climb the stairs up. Jump to the top of the ball. Move left on it. Destroy the lump under yourself so that small fragments are formed. Jump on it to the left and take the memory.

Third level (forest, double jump)

You will be in the place, where some cubes disappear, while others turn into a triangle. Jump to the right and go even higher to find a memory. This memory you can find in the same place where you will get the second luminous point on top of the tree. You need to jump on the cube to the left, go down to the cube even to the left (without a jump), and then jump to the left to remember. A cube will appear, and you can take the item. Jump up and use red birds. Go to the right side and destroy the vase. Other birds will fly out of it. Jump up and take the memory. Once in the rounded hall with a huge tree, you move to the right side. Use cube to destroy the floor. Jump down and take the memory. Destroy the vase with the red birds on the left. So, you can use birds. See the screenshot below, go left. You will need to jump from the cube to the ledge on the left. Jump up quickly using a double jump. The wind will take you to the ledge on the right. There is a memory. Once in the place shown in the screenshot below, you jump to the left side of the tower. This place is where the way up leads through three flocks of red birds. You need to use the second and top. Fly through the tower on the left without stopping. If you fall on the tower, then roll to the right. It starts raining when you unlock the new color. Move to the right. You will see two trees in the water, and then jump on the water platforms. Use red birds and other platforms to get to the right place. Destroy the floor. You will fall on the water platform. Jump right to the memory.

Fourth level (depth, under water)

When you get to the place in the cave with mushrooms, you need to jump up to the leftmost mushroom. Hit it, turning yourself into cube. Red birds will appear. Jump up with their help and take away the memory. When you learn to swim, go down and find the place shown in the screenshot below. Swim to the right, where there is a hidden passage to find a memory. When you will be in the hall with a turtle, and then swim to the right and down. Get to the room with the ruins, go down and swim to the luminous point through the reflection. Reach the point; follow down and to the left. Soon you will find a passage on top with red algae. Under the algae there is a path to red fish. Lure them with you, swim up through the algae and pay attention to the passage even to the left (above). Follow it, use red fish to climb higher. You get to the memories on the ruins. When a huge black monster attacks you for the first time, swim through the cave to the next meeting point. You see big black leaves, turn away from them to the left. There are luminous leaves. There you will find a memory. The screenshot below shows the black leaves, from which you need to move to the left. Where you need to approach the cube In a dark room, you will find a ledge on the right. Jump on it and find red birds. Jump up with their help, but go to the right side (not left). So you will find a memory.

Fifth level (temple in heaven, singing)

When you find the first yellow birds, and then climb up on the building. Use the second yellow birds and climb the dome, inside which is hidden red birds. Wait until the building disappears and jump up with the help of the birds. There you will find a memory. Once in the water in the shape of a hemisphere, you jump up and fly over the tower on the left side to find the memory. You need to find two luminous points. And you start switch between floor and ceiling, changing gravity. You will find yourself in the place shown in the screenshot below. Pay attention to the lanterns in the middle. Change gravity to create a ghostly bridge. Run to the left, use the red birds and find a memory. When the main character can sing, then you go to the left side. Use singing to open flowers near the tree with the luminous cube. Climb up and jump to the right side. The tree catches fire; platforms will appear on top. Jump on them to find the memory. When the main character can sing, move to the next luminous point to the left. After you collect the first of the two on the left side, you need to jump to the right side, down (see screenshot). When the main character can sing, then you go to the right side, where you have been before. This time you will go for two more points of light. Jump right behind the wall. Screenshot shows this place. When you learn to sing and collect both stars on the right side of the central building, you will need to swim underwater to go back. See the screenshot below and go down to the depth and swim through the tunnel to the right to find the memory. Read full walkthrough GRIS. https://showgamer.com/walkthrough-gris/  



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