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ShowGamer.comHow to Get All the Endings of Beholder 2

How to Get All the Endings of Beholder 2

Where to find all biometric safes...

You will make different decisions that will affect the fate of many characters throughout the walkthrough of the Beholder 2. However, the only thing that determines the finale is the number of collected codes that you find inside biometric safes.

16 safes are hidden on the 1st and 12thfloors, and 7 safes - 25 floor. If you collect all 23 safes and open them, you will get 250 codes. In our guide we will tell you where to look for them.

Where to find all biometric safes on the 1st floor

  1. You will find biometric safe in one of the three bushes on the bridge, where the screen is located and the Landscaping service employee walks. You will find a safe with 5 codes (5/250).
  2. Another biometric safe is hidden in the desktop of Magda Rakovich. You need to learn the hacking skills of the locks and Patriot terminals, and only then give Magda the secret folder on the quest “Clearance Level”. The fact is that Magda leaves her desk once per game: when you return a folder with secret documents to a woman. Search her desk to find a biometric safe. You will receive 10 codes (15/250).
  3. The third safe you can get from Marco Legrand by story quest. You can either make prank of Dong, or pay 2000 credibility points. Also watch the movie “Walking Boreans” and make friends with Legrand to pay 1000 credibility points. You will receive 20 codes (35/250).
  4. Destroy the vending machine using a screwdriver (lying in Peter Dong's desktop), then inspect it and take 10 codes (45/250).
  5. There is another biometric safe with 15 codes inside the safe in the office of the chief (60/250).
  6. This safe is located in the desktop of Pete Ferguson. You need the skill of breaking locks. Peter Dong has this book. You need to make friends with him and complete the quest "Debthttps://showgamer.com/walkthrough-all-side-quests-beholder-2/s" in any way.
  7. Look the workplace of the hawker. You find safe with 5 codes (75/250).
  8. The last safe you can find in one of the carts in the working room, next to the cabinets of Emma and Marco. Also you can find folder with secret documents. In the safe are 5 codes (80/250).

Where to look for all biometric safes on the 12th floor

  1. In the file next to the office of the chief. In the safe are 10 codes (90/250).
  2. Hack the desktop of Hank Wright, you will find safe with 5 codes (95/250).
  3. Another safe with 5 codes (100/250) is in the desktop of Gloria Melfi.
  4. Finally, the fourth safe is inthe desktop of the third colleague - JohnSmith. You will find 5 more codes (105/250).
  5. Learn the skill of breaking cylindrical locks. The book is in the desktop of John Smith. Hack the desktop of the chief and take away the safe with 15 codes (120/250).
  6. When you find the way to the shelter of Alberto DeSalvo (read the walkthrough), then inspect the cabinet in the left edge to find a safe with 25codes (145/250).
  7. There are a scalpel and a safe with 10 codes near the couch next to Hank Wright's brother (155/250).
  8. Finally, the 8th  safe will appear in the Lost and Found office. You get 20 codes (175/250).

Where to look for all biometric safes on the 25th floor

  1. Inspect the cart with documents near the office of the chief and take the safe with 10 codes (185/250).
  2. Go to the office of the chief that he was not there, and inspect the cabinet in the center. There is a safe with 10 codes (195/250).
  3. In the same room there is a drawing table. You spend 5 hours to inspect it, but there you will find abiometric safe with 5 codes (200/250).
  4. Search the Maria Curie desktop. There is a safe with 5 codes (205/250).
  5. Next, inspect the Stephen’s desk, where there is a safe with 5 more codes (210/250).
  6. Inspect the table of Horatio Newport. There is a biometric safe with 15 codes (225/250).
  7. There is a safe with 25 codes in the desk of the chief (250/250). It will be necessary to learn the skill of hacking code locks. The book lies in the desktop of Stephen.

So, if you've collected all the safes and received 250 codes, you will be able to choose absolutely any version of the ending, including the latest one, which requires 250 codes. You can see it in the video below.




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