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Death's Door: How to Kill Gravedigger Coffin Slab

The Coffin Slab is one of the NPCs that you will encounter during your playthrough in the Lost Graveyard. He laments his immortality and desire to die. Well, let's help him!

Update . Ghosts don't need to be lured. They are needed in order to open the door on the left side of the lost cemetery, where another ancient tablet of knowledge is hidden! And the door to the Coffin Slab will be opened after you find the secret amulet, and only at night!

You can only kill him at the end of the game. After defeating the final boss, return to the Hall of Gates and where the tables were, you will find a rusty key. After that, use this key to open the gate to the bell tower at the top of the Lost Cemetery, to the left of the place where the Gray Crow was. Having done this, climb the bell tower and strike the bell.

You change from day to night. To return everything to its original form, repeat the steps (hitting the bell). Go down and walk around the Lost Cemetery. You will find pink ghosts. Near them in the wall there is always a huge figure of the Lord of the Gates with a key in his head. Lure ghosts to these figures to activate castles. In total, you need to activate 5 or 6 locks.

Once you've done that, be sure to find the "mysterious huh" trinket."fly away". Again, this can only be done at night. Move to Betty's Lair, go outside and break the ice on the right. Climb up and go to the wall to open a secret passage (only at night). Take the mysterious amulet located inside.

At night, head to the Lost Cemetery. If all the ghosts were lured to the statues, then the entrance to the crypt in the cemetery will be open (where the gravestone stood and the dug grave is located). Get inside. The graveplate will see the mysterious amulet and remember that it was on his dog. This will start the boss fight. Dodge his attacks, avoid clouds of dust and be sure to kill small tombstones, which are still splinters in one place ... After the victory, you will receive an ancient tablet of knowledge . Exactly the same tablets are needed to get the True Ending of the game!


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