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ShowGamer.comResident Evil 8 Village Guide - How to Survive the First Werewolf Attack on Hardcore

Resident Evil 8 Village Guide - How to Survive the First Werewolf Attack on Hardcore

At the very beginning of the game, dozens of werewolves will try to tear you to shreds, and if there are no problems on the easy difficulty level, then you will have to sweat on hard. But there is a solution!

To begin with, you must understand the very purpose of the mission - you need to survive the attack of the werewolves within approximately 6 minutes! Once you last long enough, the target will be marked as completed - after that, you can let any werewolf attack Ethan. Also, you must understand that killing werewolves will not lead to anything. It is much better to conserve ammunition and avoid collision with opponents.

Enter the first house in the village. Barricade the door behind you and collect everything in this house. Then wait for the enemy to jump off the roof. On hard, he may not be alone. Kill him, then move the rack and deal with the rest. If they are. Then you will see that a passage has opened on the left. Follow there.

Follow the bloody path to the next house. Take the shotgun lying on the table. And do not forget to push the wooden rack at the entrance. In the back room there are bags of flour and a hole with a ladder going under the house. Take the pistol ammo and gunpowder. Wait here as long as you can, don't fight the werewolves. The main thing for you is to take the time. When the werewolves get close, shoot the bag of flour. Get down quickly. Wait downstairs until youone of the werewolves will go. After that, exit the underground through a hole in the wall.

We will assume that you have reached the third phase of the attack. Run to the last house opposite, go inside and block the entrance with a wooden rack. Grab the Shotgun Shells, but don't linger indoors and instead climb up to the roof using the ladder. This will be your last bastion. Use a pistol, and in extreme cases, use a shotgun. Try to hold out as long as possible until Uriash (a huge werewolf with a hammer) appears. If you hold out for about 6 minutes, a tooltip should appear.

As a rule, if you last the required time, any werewolf attack will trigger a cutscene. On a lower difficulty, any attack by Uriash with his huge hammer would lead to this. Maybe on hard this option does not work.


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