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ShowGamer.comGuide Resident Evil: Village - where to find master keys

Guide Resident Evil: Village - where to find master keys

We tell you how to find the master keys hidden in the game. To open every locked drawer and locker, each of them will come in handy!

Completed the game on PC. Special thanks to the Russian publisher "SoftKlab" for the key.

You can buy the game on Steam , PS Store and Microsoft Store .
  1. The first lockpick can be obtained inside Dimitrescu's castle. Kill the first daughter of Dimitrescu and look for the master key on the cabinet in the second room in the kitchen. In the same corridor there is a case with an improvement for a pistol.
  2. When you rise from the studio with five bells to the attic, look for a master key on the boxes around the corner to the left, where the dead man is lying.
  3. Another lockpick is hidden in the armory, where you kill the third daughter of Dimitrescu.
  4. After returning from Dimitrescu Castle, you will move under a tractor with a jack. Kill the armored werewolf and knock the lock off the blue gate on the left. You will find yourself in the courtyard of the violin maker's house. In the cubicle of the street toilet on the right is a master key.
  5. When will you receive the wheel for the stakeElse, explore the village and find the courtyard next to the DO NOT ENTER gate on the right. There is a well here. Raise the bucket and find the lockpick.
  6. Inside the gardener's house, located on the way to Beneviento's house. But you can get inside the house after the destruction of the puppeteer. Look for the item on the windowsill.
  7. In the village building with a water wheel, where the grenade launcher lies. The master key lies on the windowsill.
  8. Ride the boat behind the lowered drawbridge between the Duke and the ritual site. You will return to the house behind Dimitrescu Castle. There is a well behind the house. It has a staircase. Climb down and look for the master key in the water.
  9. The last two lockpicks are in the Heisenberg factory. At level B4, the lockpick is on the operating room table, to the left of the entrance.
  10. At level B3, you need to get to the mine with a rotating drill. The master key lies in a metal locker.

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