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ShowGamer.comGuide Resident Evil Village - all crafting drawings, recipes, animals

Guide Resident Evil Village - all crafting drawings, recipes, animals

Everything about the crafting system in the game - how to unlock new recipes, where to find blueprints and crafting materials, quality meat, juicy poultry meat, excellent fish and much more

Completed the game on PC. Special thanks to the Russian publisher "SoftKlab" for the key.

You can buy the game on Steam , PS Store and Microsoft Store .

Let's start with the fact that the first crafting recipes will be available to you by default. Throughout the game, you will be able to create both cartridges for various weapons, as well as other items. For example, mines.

All game guides:

Blueprints for crafting

  • Medicine - available by default. Composition: 1 reagent and 1 herb.
  • Pistol ammo - available by default. Contents: 2 Rusty Scraps and 2 Gunpowder.
  • Shotgun shells - can be bought from the Duke at the first meeting for 3000 Lei. Contents: 1 gunpowder, 2 rusty fragments, 1 reagent.
  • Sniper rifle - can be bought from the Duke at the first meeting for 4000 Lei. Contents: 2 gunpowder, 1 rusty fragment, 1 reagent.
  • Mines - can be bought from the Duke at the first meeting for 3500 Lei. Composition: 1 rusty chip, 1 metal chip.
  • Homemade bomb - can be bought from the Duke after visiting Dimitrescu Castle for 2500 Lei. Composition: 1 gunpowder, 1 piece of metal.
  • High explosive shells - can be bought fromDuke after visiting Beneviento's house for 3000 Lei. Ingredients: 1 gunpowder, 1 piece of metal, 1 herb.
  • Lightning projectiles - can be bought from the Duke after visiting Beneviento's house for 3000 Lei. Contents: 1 reagent, 1 rusty fragment, 1 herb.

How to get quality meat

  • Three fish swim in the pool in the cave through which you return to the village from Dimitrescu Castle. X3 Fish .
  • After returning from Dimitrescu Castle, when you pick up the tractor in the village, go forward and to the left. Enter the familiar courtyard with two buildings. A black pig has spawned in the barn on the left, dropping regular meat. X2 Meat .
  • When you open the grate with the symbol in the village and climb over the roof of the building on the yellow stairs, you will find yourself in a courtyard with three chickens. X3 Poultry Meat .
  • After returning from the castle of Dimitrescu, go to the temple, where they found the coat of arms with the maiden. Behind him there is a gate with a mark. Open them with the marked key and kill two chickens. X2 Poultry Meat .
  • After returning from Dimitrescu Castle, go to the house where Elena and her father were found. Get out through the window and kill the white pig. This is one of the three rare animals. The pig will drop X1 Quality Meat .

How to Get Juicy Wild Bird Meat

  • After returning from the castle of Dimitrescu, go to the field with tall grass, through which they walked whento Louise's house. Go to the near right corner in front of the field to find two chickens. X2 Poultry Meat .
  • Whether you find a photograph of a blue bird or not is irrelevant. Go to the center of the village and go up to the closed crypt with the broken slab. Above him, a blue bird sits on a branch. Shoot it down to get X1 Juicy Wildfowl Meat .
  • Return to the village from Beneviento's house, and then go back. A black goat will appear in the garden near the house on the left (where the shotgun was). Kill him to get X2 Meat .
  • When you are at the mill, following to Moro's laboratory (you need to destroy the slime and climb over the fence), kill two black pigs to get X4 Meat .
  • When you go to Moro's laboratory and exit the room with the dam control panel, pay attention to the blue pickup truck in front. Three roosters run to his right. X3 Poultry Meat .
  • Before passing into the room with Chris (behind the curtain), go to the right. This is after the boat trip. This path leads to a pond where two catfish swim. Each drop two portions of fish. As a result, you will receive X4 Fish .
  • When you defeat Moro, go back to the place where you boarded the boat. Please note that if you leave this place on the elevator, you will not be able to return here again. So, there will be a shoal here. A shallow path leads to a chest on a boat (with a treasure), as well as a pond with two catfish. X4 Fish trong>.
  • After the battle with Moro, return to the part of the village where you met the first shaggy monster and found the grenade launcher. There is a chicken paddock here. Kill them by first opening the door with the handle from the mill. X2 Poultry Meat .
  • After you return from Moro, two goats will appear in the cemetery in the center of the village. X4 Meat .

How to get excellent fish

  • When you go to the werewolf fortress, after opening the gate with six wings, go forward and turn left to Otto's mill. Go through the water, break the lock and find a black pig. X2 Meat .
  • Inside Otto's mill, after killing the giant, open the red door with three locks. There will be a lot of meat behind it. Here you can find X3 Meat , X1 Poultry and X1 Fish .
  • Three more fish can be killed in the pond near the bridge leading to Dimitrescu Castle. Go to the village and go through the gate, which was opened with the coats of arms of the maiden and the demon. Fish will jump to the left of the raised bridge. X3 Fish .
  • When you return from Moro, go to the place of the ritual and turn right from the bridge. At the bottom there is a place for the handle. Turn it to lower another bridge and go to the boat. Get in the boat, turn around and swim in the opposite direction. This path will lead to a place with a small pond, where there is an excellent fish and two ordinary ones. You will receive X1 Superb Fisha and X2 Fish .

Recipes from the Duke's shop (how to improve Ethan)

  • Fish baked with herbs - 3 Fish and 2 Poultry. Slightly increases health permanently.
  • Pilaf with Poultry and Meat - 4 Poultry Meat and 1 Meat. Permanently reduces damage while blocking.
  • Mititei with three flavors - 4 Fish, 2 Poultry, 3 Meat. Permanently increases health.
  • Tochitura de puy - 4 Poultry Meat, 3 Meat, 1 Juicy Wild Bird Meat. Greatly increases health permanently.
  • Chorba with Pork - 1 Fish, 5 Meat, 1 Quality Meat. Permanently greatly reduces damage while blocking.
  • Sarmale de Peste - 6 Fish and 1 Excellent Fish. Permanently speeds up movement.

So for ALL Ethan upgrades you will need:

  • One serving each of juicy wild poultry, quality meat and excellent fish
  • 14 Fish / We found 17 fish! Read above.
  • 12 Poultry / We found 13!
  • 12 Meat / We found 17!


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