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ShowGamer.comHow to start the GreedFall: The De Vespe Conspiracy expansion

How to start the GreedFall: The De Vespe Conspiracy expansion

On June 30, 2021, the only story add-on for the action role-playing game GreedFall called The De Vespe Conspiracy was released. Players are waiting for new locations, enemies, tasks and items. We tell you how to start the passage of the DLC!

During the passage of GreedFall: The De Vespe Conspiracy, the main character will go to the hitherto unexplored lands of Tir Fradi. Here he has to unravel a mysterious conspiracy that threatens to upset the balance of power in the world.

Explore an uncharted region of the island, fight strange new beasts and take on a sinister new enemy.

  1. To start the expansion, play through the main game's storyline until you get access to the Quests "Quest for Constantine" and "On the Path of the High King".
  2. After that, find any camp in the game and look for a letter in it that you can interact with. After reading the letter, you will start the storyline of the add-on.

Oh yes! If you have already completed the base game (or its final mission), you will need to load the latest story autosave. After that, you will have access to the add-on.


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