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ShowGamer.comHow to get all Erica endings - game guide

How to get all Erica endings - game guide

We tell you how to get all the endings in the game. Erica's game allows players to choose their own path, as each decision can change or destroy the entire game. Here's how players can unlock each ending.

How to get all Erica endings

We tell you how to unlock all 6 different types of endings.

  1. Not alone . The player must save Toby. After that, Lucien will appear, the player needs to hover over the gun. Select "Kill him". Give the option to play a cutscene, then choose "Burn Delphi" to unlock the ending.
  2. Happy family . Players should not kill anyone during the passage. Don't shoot Lucien and choose these dialogue options when they appear. Green > Girls > Lies > I'm Not Crazy > Bottom Gun > Trust.
  3. Prisoner . The player needs to kill at least one person other than Lucien. Don't kill Lucien under any circumstances. Select these conversation options. Conspiracy > Mother > Lies > I'm Not Crazy > Bottom Pistol
  4. Butterfly . Kill Lucien at the end of the game. Erica will grab the diffuser and open the back door. Be sure to select the "Inhale" option and select "Accept" when the butterfly mask appears.
  5. Moonlight . Should the player be killed?? Toby. When Toby heals, kill the doctor. In the medicine fridge, select Lidocaine or Oleandrin. Kill Lucien, then select Burn Delphi.
  6. Final . Similar to the final, the previous ending. Although, Erica needs to kill Kirsty. Choose Lidocaine or Aldeandrin and choose Kill Him while talking to Lucien. When Erica lights up the diffuser, select Inhale, then select Reject.


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