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Diablo 4 received a patch with buffs to some classes

Lucky for the barbarians and sorceresses.
Diablo 4 received a patch with buffs to some classes

The developers of the Diablo 4 action game have released another patch numbered 1.1.1, which was aimed at balancing changes in the hero classes. Based on player feedback, barbarians and sorceresses have become more effective in fighting demons.

In addition to strengthening abilities and increasing the damage dealt by characters, there have been other changes in the game. For example, the chance of legendary items dropping from bosses has increased, the number of elite monsters in Hell Onslaught and Nightmare Dungeons has also increased significantly. Completing quests and closing activities now gives more rewards, making spending time on these things more motivated.

You can read more about the patch changes here .

Edward Dmitriev
Date of publication
10 August 2023

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