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4X strategy Distant Worlds 2 gets a massive addition

Two new Frances have been added to the game.
4X strategy Distant Worlds 2 gets a massive addition

The developers of the 4X strategy Distant Worlds 2 have released a massive addition to their new game, called Quameno and Gizureans. As the name suggests, the patch has added two new factions to the game, boasting unique armies and ambitions to achieve dominance in space in different ways.

The Gizureans race is focused on maximizing the extraction of resources, which are constantly in short supply due to the rapid growth of the population and cities of the empire. Quameno are focused on scientific achievements; their main goal is to unravel all the secrets of the universe through scientific analysis.

All owners of copies of Distant Worlds 2 can evaluate Quameno and Gizureans today. The game is available exclusively on PC on the Steam digital platform.

Edward Dmitriev
Date of publication
11 September 2023

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