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Overwatch 2 celebrates one year anniversary of release

In honor of the holiday, new and old events are being launched.
Overwatch 2 celebrates one year anniversary of release

The developers of the shooter Overwatch 2 have announced the start of celebrations for the first anniversary of the project's release. As part of the celebration, the authors plan to launch several events that we have already seen before.

The anniversary celebration will last for three weeks. Each week, a new event will be launched that will allow you to earn different cosmetic rewards for participating. Currently, the game has modes with the Olympic Games and a winter event, for which, however, the current time of year is not very suitable.

Let us remind you that not so long ago the first story missions with paid access appeared in Overwatch 2. The next pack of tasks is expected in 2024.

Edward Dmitriev
Date of publication
21 September 2023

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