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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Cartel Tycoon - game guide

Walkthrough Cartel Tycoon - game guide

In this guide, I describe how to complete all the story and side missions of Cartel Tycoon drug lord simulator.

Questions about the game

How to Reduce Terror and Increase Loyalty

The best way is to build buildings in the city and pay for various events. For example, in a salsa club, you can run a salsa festival. After increasing loyalty to the level of "Loyalty", contact the mayor of the city and ask to reduce terror. You will lose all loyalty, but terror will also be reduced to zero. However, the star will not disappear!

How to launder money

Through the various buildings that can be built in the city. Remember to designate them as an additional departure point for the residence (so that dirty money is delivered from the residence).

How to hire lieutenants

Take advantage of the residence. Click on it and you will see a button there. Some lieutenants are free, while others have to pay a rate right away.

How to pick up a region

Start negotiating with the mayor of a city in that region. He will give you various assignments. You can immediately capture all the buildings led by enemy gangs. Behind?Do all the mayor's orders. The latter is a bribe on an especially large scale. Deliver the money from the residence.

Simple Gardening I

The first thing to do is to build 3 farms and a warehouse in the residence area. The residence is located to the left of the city of Amado. At the bottom of the screen, select the "hammer" icon to open the building menu, then click on the farm and build three of them in the green area of the orange circle. Green zones give 100% farm efficiency. Build a warehouse next to them. Connect each farm to a warehouse. Also connect each farm and warehouse to a residence so dirty money can be delivered. Wait (you can speed up the time using the scale at the top of the screen).

Simple Gardening II

Now we need to deliver the opium to the airport. Click on Cesar's icon, select the main order "Drive" and point to the warehouse. When he arrives, select the order "Deliver" and specify the opium. Click on the airport and Cesar will go there. Having delivered the first cargo to the airport, you can stop Cesar. Click on a warehouse and select an additional destination. Click on the airport. As soon as you add it, trucks will move from the opium warehouse. And this will happen automatically (keep Cesar in the warehouse so that he adds a bonus to the number of trucks). But ifthe warehouse is not connected directly to the paved road (but only to the residence), the trucks will not go anywhere! That is, for starters, be sure to build a sandy road that will connect the warehouse and asphalt.

Simple Gardening III

Do absolutely nothing. Wait. The farms will produce the required amount of opium themselves, and the machines will continue to deliver it to the airport, from where, once in a while, planes will take off with the goods.

Reward : $10,000 in cash.

Clean hands

After that, click on the city of Amado and select the "Buildings" menu. Start building a taxi depot. I do not recommend investing pure money. Instead, choose to build with dirty money - $15,000. To deliver them to the taxi depot, click on the residence and select the taxi depot as an additional destination. Move the money for construction and some more money to launder the dirty money after the construction is completed and get a clean $1800. When you do all this, the task will end. If you suddenly need to deliver the money personally to Cesar, in this case, order him to go to the airport, and when the plane arrives with the money, order him to transport the money to the taxi depot.


Furtherselect the destination for the Residence and the Taxi Park, and the Aerodrome. And then wait for $3600 to be laundered. Everything will happen automatically!


I suggest clicking on the Residence and hiring all four available lieutenants. Although one is enough for this quest. Two of them are free, the other two require $170 each, with the same clean and dirty money. Naturally, it is better to choose dirty money. Then click on the paid lieutenant and select his rate increase in the box on the right. At least for a small amount. The video will start. You will be joined by Miguel, who has been in contact with Cesar all this time.

New chapter

Choose a couple of lieutenants with a high level of strength and send to the indicated port. If everyone is hired, you will have Tony with 4 strength. And the strength of the port is 3. That's enough to capture!

False cargo

First, build a workshop and connect it to the road and the residence. When it is completed, convert one of the farms to grow vegetables. Then deliver 40 opium and 14 vegetables to the workshop using any lieutenant (from the warehouse to the workshop). However, as soon as both vegetables and opium are in the warehouse, he will automatically deliver all this to the workshop. Of course, provided that the workshopbuilt in its area. Otherwise, use lieutenants. Wait. When the required number of containers for vegetables with opium has been produced, use the services of any lieutenant to send these items from the workshop to the port (20 at a time, in the "Deliver" menu, select the icon with two vegetables, these are disguised boxes of opium) . Wait for the ship to take the cargo.

Restoring control

When this quest appears, just ignore it. Be sure to leave 1-2 lieutenants in port.


Talk to the mayor of the city where the port is located and find out what needs to be done so that it comes under your control. First you need to increase the loyalty to "Devotion" in Amado. Build a Salsa Club there and then hold a Salsa Festival. As soon as you earn the "Loyalty" level on the loyalty bar, the first task will be completed. By the way, then you can spend all your loyalty to reduce the level of terror. But the cops will not stop the constant investigation, because you will not get rid of the star. But you can avoid getting the second star of terror.

The next task is "Domination". Send the same Cesar alternately to two red objects that are captured by an enemy gang and are located on the territoryTorii Puerto Roja. And then it will be necessary to raise money and deliver $50,000 dirty to the mayor of Puerto Roja! And the city will be yours.

To be continued…


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