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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Castle Flipper 100%

Walkthrough Castle Flipper 100%

In this guide, we will tell you how to complete the Castle Flipper game, all tasks, collect every note and all treasure chests!

ruined camp

Collect debris outside and inside the main building. Everything is simple. Pay attention to everything, including piles and hay cubes. Use the ax on two trees in the corners of the location, and then break the stumps with a hammer. Chop the fallen trunks with an ax and pick up the logs. Use the small boards on the right to fix the fence around the two wagons. Use large boards on the palisade from above, to the left and to the right (climb the stairs).

One palisade leads to a large cube, which must be broken with a hammer. Behind him will be the first chest . There are also stones and a hole in the corner. Crouch down on CTRL and get to the second chest . One note lies near the first chest, another note is on a table under a canopy on the left, where you need to install 3 columns (they are lying nearby), look for the third note inside the main building, on a support, and the fourth note is on three barrels near the warehouse, on which you put three pillar.

I talked about the three columns before. The task will be completed. Can you get 1000 gold for completing the quest, 2000 from two chests and another 200 zo??ota as a reward for 100% completion of the Castle Flipper quest.

Own piece of land

Press T and buy the Overseer's Eye skill. Now you will easily find debris and stains. Get rid of them. Break the cart, building and shop with a hammer. Ready!

The kingdom is calling!

The building on the right has all the trash and both stains. There, look for three notes (easy). There is also a toolbox here. One tool will be on the barrels in the corner, the other on the drawer where the note is, a little lower, and the third on the shelves of the cabinets where the other two notes are. To repair a trebuchet, apply planks from the building and outside the building (six pieces outside) on it.

Construction of a small house

Press I, select Buildings/Houses and the first item. This is the foundation. Place it, then alternately press the keys "2", "3" and so on, as the game prompts, and place walls, doorways, walls with windows, windows, roof (make sure that it is turned in the right direction, otherwise demolish) and the doors to where the game shows. Everything is very simple. After that, press TAB, select CHANGE and point to wood. Build the outer walls and floor inside the building. Set up furniture. Look for one chest by the lake behind the house, on the edge of the territory, and the other - go to the ob??atnuyu side of the house and to the left along the fence. There will be a small, lonely shed with hay and a chest.

To be continued...


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