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Walkthrough Resident Evil Village (100%)

There are still a few months left until the release of Resident Evil Village, but a lengthy demo of the game is already available. We'll tell you how to get through it.

Updated. Full walkthrough Resident Evil 8 (Village) Biohazard

Completed the game on PC. Special thanks to the Russian publisher "SoftKlab" for the key.

You can buy the game on Steam , PS Store and Microsoft Store .

At the beginning of the game, you can agree to watch a video that tells about the events of the previous part, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. Then select the desired difficulty level. Three are available, and Spooky Village is unlocked after beating the game for the first time on any difficulty.

All game guides:

Ethan, Mia and Rose Winters' house

Taking Rosa in your arms, go up to the second floor and enter the bedroom with a crib. Put Rosa in this crib.

The game has an achievement and a test related to reading all the notes. The first three are in the Winters' house. In the office behind the bedroom, there is Ethan's notes on Mia's strange behavior on a laptop. Also in the drawer is a certificate from the hospital about Rosa's health. In the back room of the second floor there is a newspaper with an article about the events that took place on the Baker plantations in the seventh part. More details about all the notes will be described in a separate guide!

Go downstairs and approach Mia. ?Watch the video.


Waking up in a snowy location, read the note with the objectives of the operation and move along the snowy path. There are footprints in the snow that are easy to follow. You won't get lost here! In the end, you will find yourself inside the house. Go to the back room and go down to the basement. Look into the far wardrobe closet, where traces of blood lead, and then return upstairs. Loud noises can be heard upstairs. Crawl under the closet and leave the house through the hole in the wall. This path will lead you to the village.


Go to the nearest building. There is nothing interesting inside, but outside you will find a well, for which you need a special wheel.

What to do with the well? You will find the wheel later, according to the plot of the game. We will point this out in the walkthrough.

Move along the streets of the village. You can not look into the buildings, because so far nothing can be found. Turn right onto the street with the tractor. Go past the gate with the yellow tape and lock, and the gate with the round symbol on the right. You will find a key for doors and gates with this symbol in Dimitrescu Castle. Later in the game. Enter the house with a lamp hanging over the porch. Pick up your first weapon - a knife . Turn around and immediately break the wooden box with yellow stripes. To do this, it is not necessary to pick up a knife: just go to the box and press??b on the F key to interact. There will be medicine inside. Move the curtain in the back room and watch the video. The old man will give you another weapon - a pistol .

Having fallen into the basement, get out of there, pushing the dead out of the way. Once outside, shoot the werewolf's head until it dies. Be sure to search the corpses of each enemy, as each will have some useful item on it - ammo, crafting components or money (lei). After destroying the enemy, return to the house and look into the niche where the old man was hiding. There you will find a bolt cutter - one of the regulars of the Resident Evil series! Use it to cut the chain on the gate near the house. In the barn you can find the first crafting ingredients - a reagent and a herb. They can be used to make medicine. In the future, the reagent will be needed for shotgun shells. For the first craft of something, you will receive the achievement "Journeyman" .

Go into the house behind the gate and slide the shelving behind you. Search the barn below and above. You will be surrounded by werewolves, and one of them will get inside. Kill the enemy, after which the rest will disperse. Remove the rack and get out. Look to the left - there is no fence here now. By the way, if you approach the radio inside the shed where the werewolves attacked you, you will hear a message from a certain Louise, who offers shelter to the villagers.

How to survive in vrname of the first werewolf attack

Now, when you go deep into the village, be prepared for a massive werewolf attack. You need to shoot back and run from them for a while. Until one of them attacks during the cutscene. I have not been able to understand at what point and under what conditions this happens. That is, you definitely need to show at least some resistance. Just getting up and being torn to pieces by werewolves is not an option. In the house on the left, where the trail of blood leads, there is a new weapon on the table - the M1897 shotgun . If you don't pick up the weapon now, you will be able to buy from the Duke in the future. In any case, after getting rid of these werewolves, you will have a pause and you can search all the houses in the area. Pay attention to the red barrels - you can shoot at them to destroy the werewolves. There is a separate achievement that can be obtained if you kill a huge werewolf right now, at the first meeting. In this case, the rest of the werewolves will immediately disappear.

Go through the red gate and listen to the old woman. You will find yourself in the location from the demo version of the game. Search the house on the left, where, among other things, there will be a note and a locked box. In the center of the village there are statues with a sword and a shield. There is a sparkling object on the shield - this is a treasure (a fragment of a crystal). Shoot him so that the fragment falls to the ground, and then pick up??rite.

There are about a dozen locked boxes in the game. Each one opens with a lockpick. For each box you need 1 master key. Once used, the item disappears. You will find master keys in different parts of the game world. More about them in a separate guide.

Go to the altar a little higher and to the right to find the first goat charm . There are several such charms in the game, and all of them are associated with individual achievements. For destroying the first one, you will receive the achievement "Cynic" .

Ravens can be seen on the tombstones. The game has a separate achievement for killing several crows. Various loot falls from them, so you can shoot now.

Also among the tombstones you can see a small crypt with some kind of object. This is a plaque from a monument. Now you can't get it. Don't worry, you can later (and we will definitely tell you about it). Go through the metal gate to the right of the cemetery and look into the temple. By the way, on its top is another goat amulet . Enter inside and take away the coat of arms with the maiden . On the chair next to it is a diagram with the location of Louise's house. And next to it is your first typewriter. As always, such machines allow you to save game progress (it is also saved automatically, but only in some places and in one slot, huh?The machine allows you to make many separate cells). Also in one of the paintings, a fragment of a crystal shines.

Exit the temple and go through the hole in the stone fence to a field of tall grass. In the houses on the left you can find resources. They are also along the right edge of the field. In one of the houses there may be a gun if you did not take it earlier. use the bags of flour to stun the werewolves. There are three of them, and everyone will have to be killed. The grass is too high, so I recommend quickly running through it to the opposite edge of the location, and then turn around (Q key - turn 180 degrees) and shoot the opponents. One of them will drop a crystal skull. This is a treasure, and there will be several varieties. Monster treasures drop randomly. That is, the skull may or may not fall out (instead of it - lei, cartridges, crafting components, and so on). At the end of the field on the right there is a house in which you will meet a kopeck piece with his father.

If you exit through the door, you will encounter even more werewolves in the field. Therefore, get out of here through the window and climb over the fence with the boards covered with blue cloth. Open the gate for Elena and her father, enter the house and wait. Read the note, and when Louise comes out, follow her to the others. Watch the video.

Go to the back room and find the kitchen area. Read the note and from vydv?in the chest, take out the key with the key fob. Examine it up close, find an interaction point and open the keychain to get a pickup truck key and a screwdriver . Go back and interact with the pickup truck. Get out of the building the only way. To the right of the gate there is a closed altar. Open it with a screwdriver and take the emblem with the demon . Go back to the cemetery and examine the gate with two holes. On the left, set the coat of arms with a maiden, on the right - the coat of arms with a demon. Adjust them to make a solid drawing, and go ahead. Eventually, you will find an elevator. Try to pull the lever and watch the video.

Path to Dimitrescu Castle

You will be introduced to all the antagonists of the series, led by Mother Miranda. Once in the caves, run away from the werewolves until you fall down. Break the boards on the side to find a hole in the wall and get out of the room with the ceiling dropping down. When you get into the room where the spikes will move towards you, turn around and look for a niche in the corner of the wall. Hide in it, and then the spikes will not hurt Ethan. Go through the corridors, get out into the room with the elevator and still lower the lever.

Very soon you will meet the Duke for the first time. Three sections are currently available (later the kitchen will appear):

  • Supplies - here you can buy ammunition, weapons, upgrades, blueprints.
  • Armory - here you can improve the parameters of weapons?I'm for the money.
  • Duke's Purse - Sell treasures and everything in your inventory. You can even sell weapons, but keep in mind that Ethan must have at least one firearm left. Sold weapons can then be redeemed.

Dimitrescu Castle

Enter the castle through the nearest door. You can break the glass cabinet on the right with a knife to collect loot. Do the same with high and low vases (empty). In the room on the right is a broken elevator. You can also find 500 Lei there.

Here's a great tip for you: while exploring the map, rooms that you have not been to are marked in gray, rooms that you have been to and have not collected all the loot are marked in red, rooms that you have already visited and fully explored, having collected everything, are marked in blue, what is hidden in them.

Take the only path to the castle hall and look into the room on the left. The Duke isn't here right now, but he'll be here soon. But you can use a typewriter. Read the note. It talks about Norstein's labyrinths. In total, there are four such mazes in the game. You see one of them in front of you - a model of the castle. For each labyrinth, you should find a metal ball, then apply and deliver to the goal. Having done this, you will open a cache with the remains of one of the master's four wives. These remains are treasures that can later be sold to Hertzooo. Go to the main door, on which there is some kind of inscription, and watch the video.

When Ethan says to get out of here, look up at the right hand and interact with it. On a nearby table is a scarlet goblet, another treasure. Go into the next room and open the fireplace shutters to get through it into the corridor. Interact with the stone wall engraved with a woman with a child. You will receive a burgundy eye ring . You can immediately open your inventory and examine this ring to get a burgundy eye . Pass through the opening, go to the right and open the door leading to the room where you were held. Go to the hall and look into the room opposite, where the Duke appeared.

Go up the stairs in the hall and unlock the door on the right to create a shortcut. Climb even higher up the stairs to the living room with fireplace and look into the wine room ahead. A bottle of wine should be placed on the stand on the right, but now you don’t have it. Read another note , go outside and search the entire floor. On one of the doors is a maiden. Insert a burgundy eye into it. The first of Dimitrescu's daughters will appear. Run forward along the corridor and to the left. Break the boards in the room and jump into the basement.

How to kill Dimitrescu's first daughter

Read the note nearby, go down a little lower and find the answerhole in the wall. Make your way into the next room, from where Lady Dimitrescu will come out. Swing the fire bowl to light the other two bowls on the stands. Go to the dungeon with cameras. There is a note on the table in front. Go further through the side chambers. The dead will start attacking you. If there are enough supplies, finish them off. There will be two groups of 3-4 zombies. Move up from the dungeon. Ahead will be a door with a familiar symbol. So far, you do not have such a key. Keep running through the dungeon. If Dimitrescu's daughter appears in front of you, shoot her so that she disintegrates into insects. Break the boards and watch the video. Break both windows and run from Dimitrescu's daughter. You don't even need to attack her - just wait until she becomes stiff from the cold. Although, there is not much space here, so I still recommend shooting back to stun the enemy.

After defeating the daughter, the door to the next room will open. Take the bottle from the basin, which is signed as "Virgin's Blood" . There is a note on the shelf to the left. In the next room there will be a case with an improvement for the LEMI pistol. And on the pedestal by the door is your first master key . Climb up to the wine room and place the bottle on the stand. A secret room will open, and inside there will be a chest with a key to the courtyard . Run to the dining room by the kitchen and open the doorto the courtyard.

Search the courtyard, break the jugs and collect the loot. The door on the left does not open, so look for another door on the right. Climb up after Dimitrescu and remove the castle map (main) hanging in the corridor. Enter the room on the left. There is a sign on the wall ahead. This is a clue to solve the puzzle.

How to rotate the statues in Dimitrescu Castle (Blood Pool)

There are four statues in total. The statues of a lady with a glass and a woman with a bottle should be directed at each other. The statue of a man on a horse should be directed at a woman with a bottle. The statue of the hard workers should be directed at the man on the horse. If you do everything right, the blood in the pool will go down.

Go down to the basement, destroy the goat charm and move through the flooded catacombs, killing the dead. Take the elevator up and enter the room on the left. There will be a typewriter here. After saving, move to the adjacent balcony and eavesdrop on Dimitrescu. Enter her room, read the diary lying on the sofa ( note ), and remove Dimitrescu's key from the wall. Open the nearest door.

After falling down, go to the next chamber and crawl through the hole in the wall. Pull the lever, move through the corridors and pull the other lever. When Dimitrescu appears, run away from her, and then return and raise the lever all the way up.Wait for the passage to open and follow to the exit. Go downstairs and open the door with the coat of arms, again using Dimitrescu's key. Behind it will be a room with a statue. Remove the mask of sadness from her. There are four statues in the castle hall. Four masks should be installed on them. You just discovered the first one!

You will return to the courtyard. Kill the dead and open the side door with the coat of arms using Dimitrescu's key. On the wall in front, by the stairs, there is a map of the castle (extension) . After that, go upstairs and read the note on the cabinet in front. On the right, there will be another door with the symbol you saw in the village. But it needs another key. Go a little further and read the new note . Kill the zombies on the second floor. In the far left corner there will be a room with zombies and a broken Norshtein maze. And next to him lies a ball with a flower and swords . This ball must be applied to the labyrinth in the Duke's room in the castle, near the hall. If you move the ball to the right place, you will open the labyrinth and get a treasure - a scarlet skull (8000). You will also unlock the "Get out of here" achievement . Go down to the first floor and read another note (in the diary). It just says that the insects that make up Dimitrescu's daughters are afraid of low temperatures.

How to play the piano correctly

Interact with the piano and sy?Write notes. If you do not understand the musical staff, the game will tell you if you are pressing the key correctly. I can advise too. You need to press only the white keys. Accordingly, number them from right to left from "1" and so on. And then click on the following:

  • seventh
  • Tenth
  • eighth
  • ninth
  • ninth
  • sixth
  • seventh
  • sixth
  • Fifth
  • Fifth

According to the notes, it sounds like this: up to the second octave, salt, si, la, la of the first octave, re, do, re, mi, mi of the second octave. In total, three octaves are distinguished - lowered, first and second. When you press any key, an orange spot appears on the music sheet. It indicates which key you have played. For this you will receive an iron key marked with .

How to kill the second daughter of Dimitrescu

Now that you have the marked key, go upstairs and open the door with the symbol and the bars. You will enter a small library, and here you will be attacked by the second daughter of Dimitrescu. Shooting at the glass on the ceiling won't help. Look for a lever on one of the posts. Lower it to open the dome and send frost into the room. The girl will take damage. You must lure her to the center. Shoot to stun the enemy. she eventually crystallizes, just like her sister. You will receive another crystalline torso. After the victory, go through the next door and take the mask of joy from the statue on the right.Open the regular door opposite to create a shortcut to the castle.

Where to look for bells (what to do in the studio)

Then open the metal door to enter the atelier. There is a note here that says five bells. You need to shoot at each of them. The first bell is at the very bottom, at the bust of a man. Then look at the wall opposite and on the cabinet you will see a second bell, a little smaller. Climb up the steps and shoot the chandelier under the ceiling. It will begin to swing, and you will be able to notice the third bell. Look for the fourth one outside the window, on the roof of a distant house. The fifth one is behind the wall on the left, where the gears rotate (it swings).

What to do with the treasure map

When you activate all five bells, Dimitrescu's painting will open. Go to the niche and go up to the attic. Immediately turn around and see a goat amulet . Around the corner on the left there will be a master key , and in the center there is a table with a destructible box and a treasure map . This card points to the treasure in the dungeon. To find him, return to the kitchen, where Dimitrescu's first daughter was killed, and go down to the dungeon. Go past the cells where Dimitrescu's daughter appeared and find the grate with the symbol. Open it with the marked key. Blow up the wall with a crack on the left by throwing a pipe bomb at it. Swing the nearest cup to set it on fire, then use it to light the second one. Take awaythe treasure is the azure eye.

In the same attic, there is an F2 sniper rifle on a chair. Make your way across the rooftops, killing the flying monsters, until you reach the bell tower. There is a cable here that you need to slide down. After doing this, you will see a statue with a mask of anger in front of you. Take her. This is the third mask of angels. Use the elevator at the beginning of the roofs and you will find yourself in the castle. Run to the Duke to save and sell treasures.

How to kill the third daughter of Dimitrescu

Return to the living room and go up to the second floor. Go to the right of the wine room and open the door where the burgundy eye was inserted. Straight ahead, look for a door with a symbol that can be opened with Dimitrescu's key. Behind this door you will find a mask of pleasure . But when you take it, the door will slam shut. Make your way through the hole in the fireplace and move the shelving against the wall on the left, in the armory. You are attacked by the third daughter of Dimitrescu. There is a crack behind the shelving - blow it up with a pipe bomb. The bombs are on the table in the corner of the room. Then avoid the opponent and wait for her to harden. Remove the animal skull on the board from the wall above the fireplace. In the inventory, disassemble this skull, and then return to the previous room and place the skull in the place where you removed the mask of pleasure.

How to kill Lady Dimitrescu

Install all four masks in the hall and go outaruzhu. Take the dagger from the sarcophagus and watch the cut-scene. You have to fight with the head of the castle. While she is riding a huge monster, fire a shotgun. Aim for the torso on the monster. If the boss moves away, use the sniper rifle and again aim at the torso on the monster. Repeat the process until the video starts. Run upstairs and finish off the enemy. After the cut-scene, you will receive Crystalline Dimitreska . Take the flask and go outside. There is a typewriter and a note in the house on the side.

Return to the village

Go through the cave, where you can kill the first animals for cooking at the Duke. It will be a small pond with three fish. For killing the first animal (in this case, fish) you will receive the achievement "Hunter" . Get out of the cave and talk to the old woman. Get the winged key from the box and use it to open the nearest door. You will find yourself at the place of the ritual.

Cross the bridge and go down the stairs on the left. There will be a bridge that is lowered by a handle. But now you don't have it. But in a niche under the bridge you can find a goat amulet . Behind the bridge, in one of the side rooms, there is a box. It opens with Louise's key. You can find the key itself near the woman's burnt house upon returning to the village. Go a little further to meet the Duke, who tellswhat to do next.

So, you need to get to the house with the red pipe. For now, you can stay in the village to explore additional locations. By the way, pay attention to the suspended cells - they can be knocked down, and there are always some supplies inside. In the center of the village there is a broken wagon, and to the left of it there is a passage to the courtyard. It was previously blocked. Enter inside this house. There is a note on the table, and in the back room you can find a wooden beast (body). This is one of the five collapsible treasures. The silver ring and the azure eye from Dimitrescu Castle is the first such treasure. Exit to the courtyard through another door, unlock the gate and move the wooden rack in the nearest shed.

Ahead will be a tractor on a jack. You need to find the handle from the jack. On the left there is a gate with a red sign DO NOT ENTER. Shoot the lock, look into the house on the left and examine the photo. Look at the text on its back - "Look out the window." You need to look through the window next to the doorway. There are numbers on different objects. Make up the code from them - 070408. Inside the pedestal with a combination lock, you will find an M1911 pistol and a jack handle . Kill all the werewolves and use the handle on the jack under the tractor.

Crawl under the tractor to get into a familiar area. Keep walking past another tractor and hanging goat heads. Kill brontrained werewolf. You can throw a homemade bomb at his feet. But in general, getting into the head, sooner or later you will tear off his “muzzle”. On the left hand there is a blue gate with an inscription that the owner is not at home. Break the lock and go into the courtyard. The house on the left is locked, you need the violin maker's key. You will find him later in Beneviento's house! After inspecting the yard and the barn, exit here and open the grate with the symbol with the key with the mark.

Inside the barn, behind this grate, there is a wheel from the well. Now you can pick up buckets in each well and collect useful loot!

Climb the stairs to the roof, jump down to the courtyard and kill the chickens. Knock the padlock off the barn and open the bolt on the gate to create a shortcut to the center of the village. But don't be in a hurry to leave. This is the house with the red roof. Climb up to the roof with the fire escape on the side and climb inside through the hole in the attic. On the table is a box with a note that says about the composite key. There is another note nearby. Return to the center of the village. You can pick up the bucket in the well to find the head of the wooden beast (treasure). Combine to get a complete beast. You will unlock the Restorer achievement . Can look inside the church, where they found a coat of arms with a virgin. Here will be the equipment of Chris and his team, as well as a typewriter.Return to the Duke to learn about the remaining lords.

House of the puppeteer Beneviento

Open the door on the right to go towards Beneviento's house. At this point, you should already have a key with four wings. Keep going the only way until you find a red door. Throw a family photo into the letter hole. Ride the elevator up and get to Beneviento's house. Go inside and look on the first floor, at the end of a long corridor for an elevator. Climb down and enter the back room to find the doll. She will steal all your equipment.

Save on the typewriter. Look around the room. The path to the right leads to a door that is missing a round panel. The door on the left is locked. The door behind you is locked with a combination lock. And in the middle there is an operating table with a large doll. Examine the doll's hand, move your finger to the left and find the point of interaction. Ethan will discover a silver key . Go to the radio on the left, and then use the key to open the nearest door. There is a wash basin with water. Remember this place.

Return to the large mannequin and examine Mia's photo. You can examine the eye and turn it to see a clue to the far door. There is a film in the mouth, but you can't get it with your bare hands. The bandages on the chest need to be cut with something. Examine the left hand and remove the wedding ring . Wash offit is in the side room, in the washbasin, and examine in inventory to see the date of the engagement of Mia and Ethan - 052911. Enter this code on the lock of the main door. Also, be sure to inspect the left leg and look for the winding key in it. You can open your left hand to reveal another clue for the round slab door. We will return to it later.

Open the door with a combination lock, go back and look into the pantry on the left (the door will open by itself). Find a note and a music box here. Swap the components of the box, focusing on the cracks. When everything is ready, run it on "Space".

You will receive tweezers . Return to the mannequin and remove the film from the mouth using the tweezers. Go back down the corridor and enter the room on the right with a movie projector. Apply film to it. Nearby is a note with a hint in what order to place the film:

  1. Plush toy
  2. Fairy tale
  3. Rose
  4. Music Box
  5. Wedding ring

How to cut bandages

The secret will open. Go there and take the scissors . Cut the bandages from below and crawl through the hole in the wall. Walk past the phone, turn around and answer the call. Go back to the mannequin and cut the bandages. You will find a copper medallion . Install it in the far door. Now turn the other two honeys??yon. On the small one, a raven should be depicted looking to the right (with spread wings), on the middle one - three closed eyes. All these clues are on the mannequin. Go through the door, go down into the well and take the key from the electrical panel .

How to hide from the monster

Go back and run down the corridor until you see a monster. Run back through the room with the washbasin and the hole in the wall. So you will bypass the monster and you can open the electrical panel at the elevator. Having done this, you will understand - you need a fuse. Inside you will also find a bas-relief with a child . You have probably already seen a locked door with a picture of a woman. Install a bas-relief with a child on it, go to the back bedroom and pull the fuse from the shield. Go back, and when the monster appears, run back to the bedroom. Climb under the bed on the far side and wait. When the monster crawls into the room and passes by, get out from under the bed and run to the elevator. Set the fuse and get out of the basement by calling the elevator. Might have to run away from the monster for a bit.

Where to find the bride's doll

Return to the main hall for a cutscene. You will need to find the doll in the bride's dress three times:

  1. In the back room of the second floor, on the floor.
  2. On the ground floor to the left of the white fireplace.
  3. At the barricaded storage room on the ground floor, on the right when facing the entrancenew door.

For defeating the boss, you will receive another part of the key. Combine it right away. also pick up the treasure - Angie's doll. Run back, take the elevator and go past the house on the right. There are graves with a box in which there is a ball for the labyrinth. The house has a new shotgun and a lock pick. A little further there is a turn to the left. Climb up to the gardener's house. In the toilet stall, look for a photo of a strange bird (a clue to the location of a rare bird). From the well you can get the head of Madalina (the second part of the treasure), and in the house there is a Norshtein labyrinth , a note and a violin maker's key .

Return to the village and sell everything you have accumulated to the Duke. Go to the violin maker's house and open it with the key you found earlier. In the back room there is a closet with a combination lock. There is a picture hanging in the kitchen with the date of birth - 270917. Enter this code to find the Steel Hrösvelg treasure and the rifle upgrade (large magazine). If you can’t loot at home, look on the side of the bed, there is a barely noticeable purse hidden there.

Moreau laboratory

Open the new door near the Duke. You are attacked by a huge monster. Run into the house and drive it away with a couple of shots. Read the note next to the man's corpse. This is Louise's husband. This part of the village should be familiar to you. Run along the river to the house with the water wheel??. Open it with the marked key. There is also a red gate nearby, through which the insane old woman passed at the beginning of the game. Inside this room you will find a new weapon - the GM 79 grenade launcher.

Kill the monster and go along the stream to the other side. This path will lead you to a thick green slime. Destroy the slime on the right by shooting with any weapon. Preferably a grenade launcher. Walk forward and get rid of the slime on the right to go up the yellow stairs. You can immediately open the gate leading back. Inside the mill, on the barrel is a photo of a rare animal . This is a white pig, and it is located behind the house of Elena and her father. Ride the elevator down and go the only way until you find Moro himself.

Go back and turn left, where the boards are now missing. Don't rush to go ahead. Turn right onto the wooden steps. Hit the beams with yellow tape to create a path further. This path will lead you to a werewolf cave. Kill everyone and find the boat key hanging on the wall in the annex on the right. Go back and exit the cave through the passage on the right. Kill the enemies, read the note in the house and ride the boat forward.

Get to the only dock at the very end, in another cave, and go through the curtain in front to see a cutscene of Chris. Run away from the water monster until you see?You are on solid ground. Climb up to the house on the right. Read the instructions on the wall. You need to turn on the power before the pump starts working, which is able to pump out all the water. The Duke will be sitting in front of the door. Exit through another door. There is a note on the seat of the pickup truck. Turn the crank on the mill. It breaks, so you have to look for a new one. Enter the mill and go down. Run on rooftops. Shoot the beams with yellow tape to create bridges. In the second case, there will be two such beams at once, so you need to stand on the edge to see both. Climb up and push the wagon into the water. Jump down, open the shield and lower the lever. Next will be a series of colored levers:

  1. Lower the blue lever and go right.
  2. Lower the orange lever and go even further.
  3. Immediately lower the blue lever and go forward.
  4. Pull down the white, orange and blue lever on this platform. Run back.
  5. Be sure to pull the blue and orange levers along the way!!!
  6. Turn right. If everything is done correctly, then you will have time to run across the bridge.

Keep moving and push another wagon into the water. Climb up and push down another wagon. Jump on it and go into the building ahead. Destroy the green slime, go upstairs and lower the lever. Jump down to the ship, go through the cabin and destroy the slime. INgo inside the windmill and shoot the lock on the stairs to lower it. Climb up the windmill and pull the lever on the big gears. There you will find the handle you need. It will have to be inserted into the gear. Climb even higher and go down the cable. Insert the crank into the other gear on the first mill and turn it until it stops. Return to the control room. Visit the Duke if you wish. Then set up the color bar at the lever as follows:

  • Top row - blue, yellow, orange
  • Middle row - yellow, orange, black
  • Bottom row - orange, blue, blue

Go back and see a huge fish. Follow her down. You will have to fight the monster. Lure him to the red barrels and shoot them with a pistol. If the enemy starts to scatter slime, hide under any roof. It is very important! And if there are high-explosive shells, then shoot at the enemy with a grenade launcher. And be sure to shoot Moro himself, who periodically appears from the monster's mouth. But before you go down to the boss, in the house along the way you can find a weapon upgrade and a note . In addition, a lot of crafting ingredients are scattered around the location with the boss. For victory, you will receive a Crystal Moro. Go to the exit where the game itself will direct you. Before opening the door ahead, go into the room on the left. Pick up eone more part of the key and combine it with the previous ones. Talk to Heisenberg. There is also a note here. Take the elevator up and go back to the first mill where there were two pigs.

To the side of the mill stands Norshtein's labyrinth. There is also a door with a hole nearby. Insert the handle into the hole and go to an additional location. Along the way, you can shoot a few crows. Climb up the slope on the right and go through the small bridge to the altar, where the ball with the mermaid lies. You can also continue searching the village. Get into the house with the treasure. But instead of him there will be a revolver . Also one of the routes leads to the well. There will be stun guns. And there will be a shaggy monster.

werewolf fortress

Return to the village and open the gate with six wings near the center. This path leads to the werewolf fortress. Before going there, there is a turn to the left. Otto's mill is located there. In separate guides, we indicated that there you can find a goat charm, a pig, several pieces of meat, two treasures (one drops from a werewolf giant). As for the plot, you need to go forward along the steps in the covered passage. Rise higher and higher, killing enemies. Pull the lever on the left to make a ladder appear on the right. On it rise to the right lever and activate it. go inside the fortress.

Rise higher and higher, killing werewolves. ?? one of the places will need to go down the cable. Then go through the door above and go down the spiral staircase. At the very bottom of this staircase, on the railing on the right, there is a goat charm. Go left, along the narrow wall, read the note and jump down. Fight the huge werewolf seen in the village. Use improvised bombs and high-explosive or flash-noise shells against him. For victory, you will receive a crystal hammer.

Go to the next room. There will be many valuable stones here. Shoot them and pick them up. Walk forward, ride the boat and turn into the room on the left before the stairs. There are several cameras in the corridor. One of them contains a photo of an elusive fish . There is also a note . Climb up the stairs and return to the Duke. If you wish, you can explore previously inaccessible areas. For example, the handle will allow you to lower the bridge near the bridge leading to the ritual site. There will be a boat on which you can sail in BOTH directions! Install all four flasks in the holes at the Duke and go to the place of the ritual, where you need to insert the Giant's Chalice. Watch the video, enter the factory and listen to Heisenberg.

Heisenberg Factory

Run away from the propeller monster. Climb through the rubble and kill the goggle-wearing zombies. Climb even higher for ventilation. In the room on the right is Norstein's labyrinth. you needen ball. Behind the door on the left is an elevator with the Duke. You are now on floor B4. You need to proceed on foot to floor B3, and after - B1. The elevator will then be able to move between those floors.

Go through the elevator door, down the corridor and shoot the red light on the door. Go further. The remote on the right does not work because there is no power. Go further and down the stairs. This path will lead to a room with a smelter. It needs templates. On the right in the wall there is a hole for some object. Go to the left of the smelter, past the door with the red light (again, it needs power). Go to the back room and take the bas-relief template from the large chest. Walk back. The cyborg will come to life. Shoot the red dot near the heart to finish it off faster.

Return to the smelter and apply the bas-relief template. When it is crafted, insert it into the hole to the right of the smelter. Take a new route. Along the way there will be a door that requires a special key. Climb down, shoot the enemies and the red dots on the spinning gears. At the end of the path, go up the stairs and through the grate. Go down the cyborg corridor and open the door on the left to create a shortcut to the smelter. A little further than this door there is a crack in the wall with yellow paint. Blow it up with a homemade bomb and take the spare part (cylinder) from the suitcase. This is one of the abbreviationsvegetable

Go past the exploded wall and the backup generator. Climb the stairs, shoot the orange lights on the door and enter the room. There is a note on the table to the left. Inside the suitcase you can find a gear template . Open the door at the end to create a shortcut to the cyborg corridor. Go forward, to the room with the smelter, and create a gear . Once you have it, take it to the backup generator and apply power.

Climb down and go through the opened grate. Kill enemies along the way. Climb up in the back room and destroy the 5 orange lights on the next door. Climb up the steps at the far end. A container with a cyborg with a protected heart will fall from above. It's hard to kill him. To the left there is a door with five red lights. Break them all. Go through the opened door and click on the remote control to create a bridge in front of you. This path leads to another similar door and monster. Escape from the enemy with the propeller and call the elevator. Now you can move between levels B4 and B3.

Exit the elevator at B3 and go up the stairs on the left. Get to the room with the drill and open the grate. Follow the ventilation, go down and blow up the wall near the stairs. There will be treasure behind it. Move up the stairs and kill the enemies. A propeller rotates at the very top. Explode three reds?? seals on the sides and shoot at the core, stand under it. You will probably have to go down a little. Climbing a little higher, find the map of the factory (upper floors) on the wooden boxes behind the door. Move the wagon with the yellow handle and make your way through the hole into the room. There is a suitcase with a balloon template here. Rise above. You will be sucked into the screw. Shoot the red lamp. Go behind the screw, along the pipe to the right and climb up the yellow stairs. Ride up the elevator. Open the chest ahead and take the key template .

Get to the elevator and call it. Now you can move between all floors! A little further down the elevator on B1 is a door that requires a key. It must be crafted from a template in the smelter at B4. There are no railings next to the door. Jump onto the pipe and run along it. Go down the rope for the treasure. Create a key and return to B1. Open the door, examine the documents and fight the propeller monster. Dodge and let him crash into the walls. And then attack the vulnerable point on the back. For victory, you will receive a Complex Crystal Heart.

Move on, examine the note and take Heisenberg's cigar. There is a hole in the control room leading to a secret room with loot and a goat charm. Keep going the only way and watch the video. Get to Chris and listen to him. look around and get into the transport??e remedy. Ride the lift and fight Heisenberg. Everything is quite simple. For victory, you will receive a treasure - Crystalline Heisenberg.

Chris Redfield

Watch the video. Controlling Chris, move through the village and kill different opponents. Everything is quite simple and clear. When necessary, switch to the laser pointer and point it at the roots or the monster. Examine the many records in Miranda's lab and open the far camera. Watch the cut-scene.

Mother Miranda

Then you need to get to Miranda and fight her. Use any weapon and aim at Miranda's torso. The rest is nothing new. Watch the lengthy final video. THE FINAL!


Resident Evil Village

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