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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Muck - a guide on how to play the new survival game

Walkthrough Muck - a guide on how to play the new survival game

Let's explain what's going on in this game.

What is this game about?

Hello dear, this is my first guide, please do not judge strictly, I tried very hard, in this guide I want to tell you a little about the Muck game.

Let's start with the fact that this is a survival-roguelike (survival roguelike), the game is quite difficult after playing it for a while, having tried most of the modes, I'm ready to say the game is really difficult.

Here you need to survive, it is possible to build houses (which are generally not needed, they quickly break), craft and mine.

Where to start?

First, it is worth finding a stone, they are on the ground in different places.
Secondly, you need to get a tree.

Thirdly, create a workbench, it needs 10 wood to craft. When we got 10 wood, press Tab, the inventory opens and there we craft a workbench.

With the help of the workbench, we can already move on. After creating new tools, bake an anvil.

What do you need to play with a friend, if he is not in the incentive as a friend?

It consists of several items:

  • In the main menu, you need to click Host Lobby/ugc/1749066229313095767/CA73CCA6C690283E3F10D99A317DD6C48FE038C1/">
  • Copy ID, located in the lower right corner
  • Send it to a friend
  • Your friend should paste it in the main menu, in the field under the Join Lobby button and click on it
  • Voila, your friend is in your lobby.

General crafts (I'll write what I know) Well, for all this we need rock (stone). We are looking for the first stone, then we get an ordinary brown tree in the amount of 10 pieces.

We go into the inventory, it opens on Tab, from the 10th tree we create a workbench. After that, we have a sufficient number of crafts, of the important ones are items for crafting tools, the tools themselves, an oven and something similar to a fire, food is cooked on it.

To begin with, tools will come in handy, we extract a tree with a stone, we create Bark, we need 5 wood, from it and 5 more wood a pick and an ax are crafted. With the help of a wooden ax we can already get birch, which will be useful for creating a more advanced workbench.

The pickaxe will help you get iron and stones to create an anvil, better tools, armor and a sword.

Having accumulated 15 stone, we create a furnace in an ordinary workbench, melt it with wood or coal that fell out when mining stone or iron. Having melted the iron, it opens to??aft anvils also in a regular workbench. We need 15 stone and 5 smelted iron for it.

Next, we have the choice to craft tools, a sword or armor. To begin with, I advise you to make a sword, crafting consists of 7 ingots of metal and 5 birch wood, then we craft tools. They have the same crafting ax and pickaxe, Bark, 5 ingots and 10 birch wood.

How to make armor in Muck

  • Helmet 5 iron ingots
  • Chest piece 20 iron ingots
  • Leggings 15 iron ingots
  • Slippers) 5 ingots of iron

Having created iron tools, better ores are revealed to us, which should be immediately mined, tools and armor are crafted from gold, but as for me, it is worth mining only for coins. Continuation of general crafting. To begin with, we run and look for Mithril such blue pebbles, we get them. Tools, armor, sword are also created from them. The craft is the same, but instead of birch, you need a new Fir tree and ingots are changed to Mithril. For armor, only the type of ingots changes.

Further, a new type of ore and wood is revealed, Adamantite ore is characterized by green color. The Oak tree The tree is gray in appearance. A new bow is crafted from wood, ingots also give tools, arrows, armor and a new sword. There is a chance to knock out ore from the Big Chunk boss, armor is crafted from it.

RI wrote down the most important crafts, I know I missed a large number of them, but I gave you the basis. With the extraction of these ingredients, other crafts will open.

How to create a bow in Muck

Creating a bow will consist of several points and actions:

  • First you need a workbench
  • Secondly, we craft an ax with the help of Bark and wood.
  • Thirdly, we create a pickaxe with the help of Bark and a tree in a workbench.
  • Fourthly, we extract birch in a quantity of 25 pieces.
  • Fifthly, we extract stones, from them there is a chance of a drop, you need 10 pieces of Flint (silicon)
  • Sixth, craft on the Fletching Table workbench
  • Seventh, we need to get something like grain, located in different places on the map, in the amount of 10 pieces.
  • Eighth, on the workbench we create a rope (rope), after its creation in the Fletching table, the craft of the bow will open.
  • Ninth craft bow consists of 10 ordinary wood and rope (rope)
  • Tenth, your first bow is ready)

Ps arrows are also crafted in the Fletching Table, from 4 wood and 1 flint (silicon) HP, food, stamina?

The main elements of the game are Bars stripes (bars).

There are 3 lanes in the game:

  1. Health . If the health bar runs out the player dies, the world is deleted, in multiplayer mode the player respawns on the trail?the next day.
  2. Hunger . If the hunger bar runs out, stamina is not restored.
  3. Endurance . If stamina runs out, the player will not be able to run or jump.

Mobs, monsters, enemies

There are only 8 types of mobs (enemies) in the game

  • Dino (Dinosaur, small green monster). Easily killed by a stone.
  • Fire Dino (Fire dinosaur, a small green monster with fire). It is more difficult to kill because it costs fireballs and deals more damage, it is easier to kill with a bow.
  • Electric Dino (Electric dinosaur, small yellow with electricity). Just like the fiery orb coster, only in this case electric, the way to kill quickly and easily is with a bow.
  • Water Dino (Water dinosaur, a small blue monster with water). A brother of the previous ones, but costing water spheres, the method for a simple kill is no different is a bow.
  • Goblin Goblin well, or the same zombie (Green man from the cave). The best way in the common people is a carousel, we twist and beat because he will not have the opportunity to hit you.
  • Rock Monster (Stone monster big and stone heh). Tactics as well as with the goblin twist and beat. Able to throw stones with his back (Thanks to Zero Two)
  • Dragon (Dragon green and large). The most difficult enemy of all, but is not a boss. Flies and cuts electric balls, the easiest way to kill is a bow, or is it?? rocket power (rocket power up)
  • BIG CHUNK (Big Chunk). Considered a boss and the hardest enemy you can encounter. Here, as in other cases, you can kill with a bow by shooting from afar, well, or if you have steel balls, we run up under the enemy’s feet, jump up and hit between them, it turns out we inflict damage on two legs, torso and possibly arms.

Bonuses, abilities

There are 4 types of bonuses:

The first type is attack bonuses:

  • Orange Juice (Orange juice) gives + to attack speed.
  • Dumbbeli (Dumbbell) gives + to base strength.
  • Horshoe (Horseshoe) gives an increased chance of a critical hit.
  • Crimson knife (Crimson knife) restores health when damaged.
  • Bulldozer (Bulldozer) gives a chance to knock back enemies.
  • Sniper Scope (Sniper Scope) gives a small chance to deal huge critical damage.
  • Adrenaline (Adrenaline) with a drop in health below 30% of the maximum damage increases.
  • Knuts Hammer (The translation is the literal Hammer Whips, more like the visual effect of the hammer Mjolnir) deals additional electrical damage.
  • Wings of glory deals additional damage when dropped.
  • Berserk (Berserk) the lower your level of health, the higher your damage.

The second type is health bonuses:

  • Broccoli (Broccoli) restores health.
  • Red Pill (red pill (pill)) increases the maximum amount of health.
  • Blue Pill (Blue pill (pill)) adds a shield, with each tablet increases the amount.
  • Danis milk (Danis' milk, also literal translation) adds damage.
  • Dracule (Dracula) increases maximum health, increases only when killing a monster.
  • PS When killing cows, the maximum hp also increases

The third type is movement bonuses:

  • Janniks Frog (Frog Yannix) double jump.
  • Sneakers (Sneakers) add movement speed.
  • Jetpack (Jetpack) higher jump.

The fourth type is different:

  • Peanut butter improves stamina.
  • Checkered Shirt increases resource damage.
  • Piggybank (Piggy Bank) improves loot in chests.

Game Tips

After playing this game, I will give a couple of tips.

  1. Firstly, during the night it is better to run away from buildings or houses, mobs spawn near the player and if the player is far from home, they will definitely not break him.
  2. Secondly, the night starts at 00:00 by this time it is worth preparing, crafting at least a pickaxe or an ax something aboutfight.


In conclusion, I want to say that the game positions itself more as a time killer, for me personally. I definitely recommend this game. Especially fun to play with a friend) (I did). I wish good luck to those who have not played yet, and to those who have played, I hope that I gave at least some advice) I would be grateful for your comments and criticism. Good luck to all!


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