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Treasure of Nadia walkthrough - game guide

Passage of an erotic game with a full disclosure of the plot, the search for all contacts, scenes, and so on
Treasure of Nadia walkthrough - game guide
Andrey Pavlenko
Date of publication
5 November 2021

Walkthrough Treasure of Nadia

Watch the introductory video, and then the Mother Superior will come up to you, who will hand over the will of her father. Then the events will move to the house at Cape Vadra. Climb the stairs to the second floor and click on the note lying on the bed. To move and interact with something, use LMB. Leave the house and follow to the library located in the upper left corner of the map.

Go inside and talk to Diana. She will tell you where to look for the Soul Stone, and then she will give you a rusty shovel. Leave the library and go to the island of Estero. Meet Aliya. When she leaves, interact with the glowing dot by the gray rocks. You will receive a Soul Crystal. Chat with Evie, complete the desired settings and agree to go on an adventure.

Leave the house and go to Estero Park, to the right of it. Talk to Michael. Interact with the glowing dot and pick up the stone talisman. Leave the park and return to Diana's library. Show her the talisman to get $10. Go to the cemetery and dig up the same stone talisman. Don't rush to sell it. Go to the salon and go to the backyard. On the left is a recipe for crafting a silver talisman - 3 stone t??lisman and one silver ore. Find the shovel handle there.

You can go to the supermarket to meet Emily. Here you can buy things for home improvement. You can meet Albert at the lighthouse. He will give binoculars if you bring him alcohol. You can visit the bar. In the left corner of the bar lies the key to the room . The bartender Tasha asks for documents. The picked up key approaches Janet's room. Go to her house, go up to the second floor and open the room on the upper right. Pick up documents with photos from the floor. Pay attention to the password hanging on the wall - 123.

Return to Tasha at the bar and talk to her. Naomi appears. You will receive dark rum . Moreover, Naomi will buy it for you. Go to the lighthouse to Albert and give him dark rum. You will receive binoculars . Head to the public beach to see the first bed scene. For this, binoculars were needed. You can also visit Estero Island to watch Naomi. You will earn the first Naomi's Heart .

Return to the park, go left and pick up the chest key . Go to the island of Estero, right behind Naomi's house and open the chest to get the Kama Sutra page with Aliya . These pages allow you to choose new options for intimate scenes with girls. Collect more mascots in the park, sell them to Diana and buy manuals in the supermarket.?about the search for rare treasures. You will be able to find jade talismans . One such talisman costs $140. Sell it to Diana and buy a metal detector from the supermarket. From now on, gold coins will appear on the locations. Collect them.

If you have $60, go to the salon and book a massage. Pay $30. Go to Estero Park and talk to Claire. After that, go to the mansion on the map and talk to Sophia, standing to the right of the gate. After that, talk to Janet in her house. Climb up to the second floor and enter Janet's bedroom, where the woman has gone. There are shoelaces in the bathroom. Go to Kaylee's room. You can look at it through binoculars. There is an empty bottle of beer in the cabinet.

Go to the island of Estero and chat with Alia. Follow her to the right to get an unknown treasure . Return to Aliya to get Aliya's phone and Aliya's first heart . Go to the supermarket and chat with the photographer Ash. He will give a photo of Dr. Amor . Buy a lighter at the supermarket. Buy insurance there to visit Dr. Amor. Go to the clinic and make an appointment. Near the clinic is the photographer Ash. If you talk to him at the supermarket, he will let you know that he wants to take a photo of Sophia. To do this, he needs the key to the chapel of the church. There will be another sex scene in Dr. Amor's clinic. Waw Intelligence increased. This increases the chances of finding rare treasures. But after you find two such treasures, the bonus will disappear.

Find the jade talisman and give it to Prizia at the massage parlor to see the sex scene. Thanks to this, you will increase the indicator Attention . You will also receive the first heart of Pricia . Attention increases the speed of finding treasures. Return home and call Aliya. It is important to buy at least something for the yard. Aliya will agree to come and there will be the first bed scene with a girl. You can call her again, but only one scene will be available to you, which was found earlier in the chest behind the house on the island of Estero.

Go to Estero Park, turn left and eavesdrop on the conversation of the thugs from the bar. The thugs will divert the caretaker's attention. Gather resources and a shovel handle . Light the first torch on the left and head up to find a chest key . Go right through the park and enter the cave. Pick up the blueprint of the Jade Shovel - the canvas, the handle and handle of the shovel, the jade talisman. Also in the center of the cave is a small screwdriver . And you will also see naked Claire. Return to the temple and open the chest to get a scene with Naomi .

Go to Janet's house and chat with the woman. Go into the house, to the second floor and open the bedroom door using a small screwdriver. Then take a lookto the bathroom to catch Kaylee. As a result of everything, you will receive Kaylie's first heart .

Go to the library. Talk to Naomi, who is sitting on the bench on the right. She will ask you to find a cool book and a cold drink for her. Enter the library and talk to Diana. Ask for the section of erotic books. Find a paint book and a sinful novel on the left. Give the last one to Naomi. Head to the bar to find Janet's car. Buy a Sex on the Beach cocktail and bring it to Naomi. You will see an erotic scene and get Naomi's contact . You will also earn a second Naomi star . Photographer Ash will appear at the library. Chat with him. You can buy Diana's photo from him for $250.

Go to Estero Park to meet Alia. Follow her into the cave on the right. Follow Claire and the thugs. Watch the erotic scene with Alia. You have activated a local shrine. By making offerings to the gods, you will receive useful items. In fact, this is a workbench on which you can craft different items. Light the second torch on the right. Also pick up a silver talisman . Leave this place and listen to Sam. Return to the library and talk to Diana. You can sell her a silver talisman for $1000.

Go to the supermarket. A guy will run out of there. Go inside and learn from Emily that it was a thief. In the shopYou want to buy silver ore, a wrench and a shovel blade . Now collect 1 jade talisman and 3 stone talismans, and then go to the cave to craft a jade shovel (jade talisman, stalk, linen and shovel handle) and a silver talisman (silver ore and 3 stone talismans). Go outside and go to the salon. Follow the backyard, talk to the thief and return to Emily. You will see an erotic scene, get contact and Emily's first star . The jade shovel will allow you to dig much faster. And the silver talisman can be sold to Diana for $1000 or given to Prizia in the salon. This is the preferred option to see the new Prizia scene . As for the silver talisman, you can buy silver ore from the supermarket every time and craft it.

Go to the clinic and scare away the bird to distract the secretary. Go inside and pick up the key to the MRI room . Open the door on the left, pick up the chest key and take a powerful magnet from the shelf. You can use the key to open the chest in the cave of the park. You will get a scene with Emily . Return to the library to Diana and give her a powerful magnet. You will receive Diana's first heart . Head to Estero Island to find Sam, Naomi and Alia. Follow Aliya to the right of the house. Light a torch toscare mosquitoes. The lighter is sold in the supermarket. There will be a sex scene and Alia's second star .

Go to the library and talk to the guard at the entrance. Go to the bar and talk to Naomi. Buy a wrench in the supermarket and go to the back room of the bar. To do this, go upstairs and find a pipe with water. There is also a book in the corner. There is a chest to the right, but the path to the key is blocked by spiders. Go downstairs and follow Naomi to the toilet. Watch the cut-scene. You will earn Tasha's first heart .

In the men's room there is a recipe for berets - leather gloves, laces, torn shoes and shoe glue. Talk to the photographer near the supermarket and go to the library. While he distracts the guard, go inside. Return to the supermarket and talk to Ash. If you pay him $100, you will get a photo of Sophia. Go to Janet and go upstairs. You will see a scene with a woman. Go to the library and talk to Ash. Pick up a broken camera , a key to the church and a silver talisman.

Head to the church and open the small silver door on the left. The key that Ash dropped. Go inside and search the cabinet on the left. You will receive a key to the cell . Light two torches (4 in total) and use the new key to open the door next to them. after the cut-scene, go to the park and talk to Madeleine. You will receive a map of the caves and Madeleine's first heart.

Go to the left side of the park, where the caretaker ran away. Pick up the scene with Tasha (striptease) . Take the ginseng and read the recipe sheet for camera repair - broken camera, loose screws, camera base, small screwdriver. Go to Jessica at the clinic, but first eat ginseng. Ask her to help with the pressure and you will see a new scene. Examine the car in the lower right corner, and then go outside. Ride with Jessica. You will receive Jessica's heart . Pretend to drink when Tasha turns away. You will see a striptease from her. She will also give her number (Tasha) .

Go to the MRI room in the clinic and pick up the camera base and screws . Fix the camera in the park and get Claire's photo. Go to the supermarket, return the camera to Ash and chat with him at the church. Wait. Enter inside the supermarket and talk to Emily. She asks for ginseng and weed. Go to the park, collect ginseng and follow to the left side to meet Claire and her thugs. Follow them up and pick up the weed (blue) . Move the rock to get a cockroach . You can collect all cockroaches. Collect them, find Naomi's profile on the right. Also pick up the thrashing fish . Pass the weed and ginseng to Emily and watch another p??stelnuyu scene. You will receive Emily's second heart .

Go to the library, where the released rats crawled. Talk to Diana and go to Albert at the lighthouse. If you collected cockroaches, then the task is simplified. Follow Albert to the library. If you didn't collect the cockroaches, go back to the jungle and do it where you found the weed for Emily. Place 5 cockroaches in the box next to Albert. Go to the beach to Diana and give her a massage. On the beach near the lower umbrella you can find the key to the chest . Return to Albert and talk to him. You will receive Diana's second heart .

Talk to Ash to take a photo from the lighthouse. Go to the lighthouse, go down to the basement and take the broken boots . There is also a recipe for a high-speed shovel here: cast shovel blade, ultra shovel handle, carbon shovel handle, silver talisman. There is also a chest with the second scene with Alia . Go upstairs and if you pay Ash, he will hand you a naked photo of Naomi. Go to the supermarket where Prizia will be. Talk to her, find ginseng in the park and go to the backyard of the salon. You will receive $250 and leather gloves . Then plant the ginseng and go inside the salon to Prizia for a new scene. You will receive an Attention boost, which will last until you find the Golden Talisman ! Prizia will also give her phone number.on the. You will receive Pricia's second heart .

Go to the library, where you will find Janet and Albert. Then Naomi appears. Follow Janet's house to the backyard and talk to her and Kaylee. Naomi and Aliya will be here soon. They all go to the pool. Go to the house. There is iced tea in the fridge and alcohol in Janet's room. If you bring both, you'll see a scene with Naomi.

Exit to the courtyard, then return to the second floor and knock on Kaylee's room. You will receive Kaylie's second heart .

Council . You don't need to give Prizia the Golden Talisman, as she will do exactly the same thing as the Silver Talisman.

Go to the supermarket to meet Ash and Emily. You will receive a photo of a girl. Follow the lighthouse and talk to Albert in the basement. You will receive a locked chest and a mysterious Idaho note. The church has 6 candles on the altar, the cemetery has 4 Celtic crosses, and the library has 8 columns. It turns out code 684. Open the chest to get a guide to rarities . Go to the store and buy shoe glue . Follow the cave in the Estero Park and create berets - torn shoes, laces, shoe glue and leather gloves. All this we received earlier (read above). Now you can crush insects!

First, let's stop in the park. Go left and up where the insects are. Pass the top ones and go up where Claire went with the thugs. Are you at??go naked girl. Read the diary until Claire appears. Then the girl leaves. Between the trees lies the recipe for a pickaxe - electrical tape, a wrench handle, an adjustable wrench and a grappling hook. Pick up a thrashing fish (unlocks new lures in the fishing shop) and an ultra shovel handle .

Walk down and to the right after killing the insects. There will be a swan guarding the chest. Buy a pink pill from the store and give it to the bird. Nearby you can find silver and gold talismans, as well as a blueprint for a golden talisman - 3 stone talismans and 1 gold ore. Go to the bar, go up to the second floor and kill the spiders. Pick up the carbon handle from the shovel and the key to the chest . There is also a chest here that you can open. Hidden inside is a scene with Naomi .

Go to the library and talk to Diana. Then visit the store, which will be closed. Return to the library where Emily went. Talk to her, collect the books on the shelves on the right, and give Emily the Cape Vader Perennial Book. The girl needs red ginseng. Go to the park to help the girl find the plant. You will be in the hospital. Take the base container and strong cord .

Travel to Estero Island to see that Janet and Kaylie have come to visit Naomi, Sam and Alia. Together withKaylee and Alia you will go to a secluded place. After the love scene, you will notice Claire. At the end, you will receive the third heart of Alia . Go to the park and go to the rock with red ginseng. In inventory, click on the strong cord and select the metal hook that you can buy at the supermarket. You will receive a grappling hook . Use it to climb the rock and pick red ginseng . Don't leave the park. At the location on the right, climb the rock and take the electrical tape , and in the cave, take the wrench handle from the rock.

Pass the red ginseng to Emily and watch the love scene. Now go to the park and craft a pickaxe : a wrench, a wrench handle, duct tape and a grappling hook. Go right and break the vase to get a base container . Walk left and up the park. Break the loose earth where Claire was observed and get fossilized seaweed . Go down and to the left, to where you found the cockroaches. Smash the ground with a pickaxe and take the quartz . Go to the island of Estero, go right behind Aliya's house and destroy the cracked wall. Enter the cave, use the poke method to get to the torch and light it (a total of 5 torches are lit). Pick up the shaman's staff . Claire will appear. Don't settle for $5,000 and get $10,000 . You will also earn Claire's first heart .

Break ku?Tire at Janet's house and get a base container. Break the jug near the library and take the key to the chest . you can open the chest on the beach where the swan was and get a Prizia scene . Visit the church and pick up the chest key that appears. it appears after you light 5 torches in the game. There was also the number "5" on the ground. Enter the church itself, into the room on the left where the Madeleine is. Go to Prizia in the salon and get her photo from Ash. Eat the red ginseng found in the park and go to Jessica's appointment. See the new scene. Intelligence is increased until you find 4 rare treasures.

Go to the park and follow Claire inside the cave. You will see a half-naked Claire. She will blow up the rock on the left. Follow along, take the encyclopedia 1999 from the chest. The girl will leave. Examine the drawing below. This is a drawing of a pirate shovel : a cursed shovel, a pirate medallion, a jade talisman and a golden talisman. Then move the small stone down, right, right, down, down, left until it stops, up and into a round place. A chest will appear. Take away the unknown treasure from there. If there is a silver talisman, create a high-speed shovel : a silver talisman, a handle, a stalk and a sheet of a cast shovel. Give Diana the unknown treasure.

Go to the park for Tasha and talk to the girlscoy. Then you have a hot scene with Naomi and Tasha.

Exit the cave and watch the cut-scene. Go to Janet's house and talk to the woman in her bedroom. You will earn Janet's first heart . Go to the bar and get Tasha's photo from Ash. Enter inside and get a prescription from the park ranger. Break the jug near the bar with a pickaxe and get silver ore . Follow the library and listen to Diana. Take Diana's note and the secret key lying on the table.

There are switches on the left and right at the bottom of the screen. The left one should be off (red) and the right one should be on (green). Go outside and go right and up from the library. Click on this place to find a chest. Apply a secret key. Return to Henry's house and find Diana naked. Go to the church and talk to Madeleine. Break the three columns on the right with a pickaxe. Move the stone to the round slab on top and pick up the chest key that appears. Go to the secret room on the right and open the chest, which will contain a scene with Emily . Pick up the broken key and examine the blueprint for the chest key . To make it, you need four parts of a broken key. Take $950 from the table. The door is closed. In the vase you can find a silver talisman.

Go to the clinic and talk to Jessica. Go to the park. Go left, up, and double?You are to the right, past the chest, which was guarded or guarded by a swan. Previously, you could not enter here because of the caretaker. Pick up the broken key and examine the blueprint for the bomb : base container, jade charm, silver charm and nitroglycerin. There is a scene with Tasha in the chest. Return to the clinic, enter the MRI room on the left and take the nitroglycerin from the box. Go to the park's cave and create bombs (as many as you can). Go left. Use the first bomb on the rock below. If there is a second one, then apply it to the stone from above. Walk down, move the stone opposite the entrance down once and go left. The snake will follow you. Lure her into the barrel and take the barrel with the snake . The stones at the bottom have Emily's profile . Push the same stone up and to the left, onto a round slab. Take the key to the chest . Go up, if the stone is blown up, go to the torch and light it (6 torches are lit in total) . Collect the gold and open the chest with Kaylee's scene . Return to the clinic and give Jessica the snake in the barrel.

If you have lit 6 torches, go to the lighthouse and find a base container inside. Break the jugs inside and out to get the base component and talisman. Talk to Janet's house with Janet herself. She will give a photo of Naomi and Alia . Go to the island of Estero and talk to the girls. You'll get Naomi's third heart. Go behind the house and meet up with Kaylie and Alia. If there is no bomb, make one and blow up the rocks. You will find someone's remains. Go to the cave and talk to Naomi. Follow the clinic, talk to Kaylie near it and go inside. Here you will find another intimate scene. You will also receive Jessica's second heart .

Go to the cave in the park, talk to Kaylie and follow to the left and up, behind the rocks destroyed by the bomb. There will be a new scene with Kaylie. Then you will find a pirate medallion . Leave the cave and get Kaylie's contact . Show Diana the pirate medallion. Return to the cave and pick up the pirate diary where the medallion was. Show it to Madeleine in the church. This will be a mini-scene with Madeleine. Go to the library and talk to Prycia. Go to the island, talk to the caretaker and follow to the store. Chat with Emily, buy a test and take it. Information about kayaks is in the library. You should have read it. Perhaps only after this is the sequence available.

Choose the correct answers:

  • Sunscreen
  • Wind from the west
  • Beer
  • South

Give it to the caretaker. Go into the jungle, all the way to the left and up. Get in the kayak. Avoid rocks. Go to Diana, who is waiting in the same place where you boarded the kayak. First move the stone so that it stands on the round slab??. Go up and pick up the golden talisman, old map and poppy on the right. This is the plant Emily wanted. Move the stones so that you can go up. Diana will appear. Take the rusty key and go down. Break the jug and take the electrical tape . On the right there is an ant killer blueprint: quartz, rusty key, alumina and fossilized algae. There is also a chest. You will receive the Tikpakov artifact. Go to Emily and give her a poppy. You will receive Emily's third heart and see an intimate scene. Ash will give the photo to Janet.

Buy alumina from the store and create an ant killer. Talk to Diana, ask to be delivered to the island and kill the ants a little higher and to the left. Return to the island. The kayak stands in the park on the shore. Use the ant killer, take the plant and take it to Pricia. See the intimate scene and get Pricia's third heart . Go to the mansion to meet Sophia. Tell about meeting Diana.

Go to the bar and talk to Tasha. She needs help. Go to the backyard of the bar and take everyone's orders. On the left there is a drawing of a rat trap : cellophane, electrical tape, a cockroach and a basic container. The base container can be found in the vase. Grab your drinks at the bar and head back to the backyard. Give the guy on the left a whiskey, Albert a rum, the guy on the right a beer, the guy at the top a mojito, the last one at the center table a margarita. Go for peanutsom to the store and return to the bar. You will unlock a scene with Tasha and Tasha's third heart .

Go to the cave in the park and talk to Diana at the altar. Follow her. You need to make a rat trap. You can catch a cockroach in the bar toilet. The drawing of the rat trap is described above. Cellophane buy in the supermarket. Connect the cellophane, duct tape, cockroach and base container on the altar. Give Janet the rat trap. Talk to Janet in the house and then return for the captured rat . Watch the video. As a result, you will receive the third heart of Jessica and her phone .

Create a bomb and blow up the dilapidated wall in the basement of the lighthouse. Destroy the crack in the floor on the right and take the key to the chest . Read the diary on the left. Go to the store, then - to the library to Diana. Claire will take the book. Go to the park cave and follow Claire. You will save her. Move the stones to the right and go up, out of the cave. Pick up talismans and fish. Use the pickaxe on the crack to get white sand . On the left lies a drawing of cement : white sand, stone talisman, ash and dolomite. Light the torch (lit 7) . Hidden inside the chest is a scene with Tasha . Return to the cave and solve the puzzle (hint in the adit on the left, on the wall): top, top, bottom, top, bottom, top. Insert the Tikpakov artifact. You will receive Claire's second heart .

Go to the adit on the left with traps and a pick of ra?hit a crack in the ground. You will receive dolomite . Get the ashes from the barbecue in the backyard of the bar. You have to fire it up first. There is a scene with Jessica in the chest behind the bar. Create cement in the cave and go to the hole behind Sam's house, on the island of Estero. Pass him the cement. Collect red ginseng, maca and weed (where the puzzle with Claire was, outside) and return home. Pass the plants to Emily. You will receive Alia's fourth heart .

Eat a poppy and go to Jessica's reception to see a new scene. Next, show Madeleine the second pirate diary to watch a cutscene. Go to Janet's house, to Kaylee's bedroom and spy on Naomi with Janet. Go to the lighthouse and talk to Kaylee and Albert. Naomi will send a photo of Janet . Go to the supermarket, talk to Aliya and inspect the back room. Take a small screwdriver and a broken key (third part) . Go to Janet's house and open Kaylie's bedroom with a screwdriver. Watch the scene. You will receive Kaylee's third heart .

Talk to Diana in the library. Take her to the cave in the park and go to the beach behind the place where they solved the puzzle for Claire. You will receive the third heart of Diana . Return to the jungle and go left past the jaguar when it turns right. Pick up scorpion venom and camera . Light the eighth torch . Stand on the button by the torch toWe open a shortcut to the other side. The scene with Alia is hidden in the right chest.

Go to the library, behind it and look behind the scene with Vlad. Get Diana's contact . If you lit 8 torches like me, look at the pillar to the right of the library and destroy it with a pickaxe. Push the stone there and take the broken key (fourth part) and the key to the chest . Go to the church, to Madeleine's chambers and blow up the stones on the right (if you haven't already). Pick up the cursed shovel that appears when 7 torches are lit. Open the door from above with a Gothic key (make four parts of a broken key). Go right and scare the rat until both it and the snake are gone. You will fall into a trap.

Go to Janet's house. At the supermarket, take your share from the safe. Go to the bar, then to Janet's house, through the gate on the left. You will receive Janet's second heart . You can look into the phone (code 123). Go to the salon to see the scene with Naomi and Prizia and get their photo. Follow the supermarket, talk to everyone and go to Tasha's bar. Follow Tasha to the mansion and jump over the fence at the moment when the guard and the camera are directed to the right. Pick up a feather , run to the right and break three jugs. You will find a golden talisman, quartz and fossilized algae. Find the hidden key in the purple plant pot and open the door near Tashi. Watch the intimate scene. You will receive Sophia's first heart and Tasha's fourth heart .

Go to the supermarket. Albert will appear and give you a rusty key . Buy a dart and alumina . Create an ant killer - alumina, algae, quartz and a rusty key. Kill the ants in the jungle, to the left of the jaguar.

Walk up. On the right is a drawing of an air gun: a dart, bamboo, scorpion venom, a feather. Move stones and birds to go up. Pick up bamboo . There is also a plate with the number "9". Place a rock in front of the white bird and push it towards it. Go around the stone the other way and break the jug. Inside is the key to the chest . Also light the ninth torch . In place "9" there will be a portal to the beginning of the jungle. In the chest at the location below you can find a scene with Naomi . Don't forget to pick up the weed. Return to the cave and create a blowgun : dart, bamboo, scorpion venom, feather.

Return to the store and give Emily the weed, maca, and red ginseng. Go outside. By the way, there is a broken key on the beach to the left of the jaguar. Another part I found in the church. Go to the beach and view the scene with Emily. Drink the love potion that is sold in Emily's store and go to the doctor. Go to the supermarket, follow Albert to the salon, bar and clinic. Go to the park, come back?? to the supermarket behind Aliya and wait. Stunning Albert will give you a Love Potion . You will receive Emily's fourth heart .

Go to the cave in the park where Claire is. Follow left and down. Claire opened the passage. Along the way, pay attention to the drawing of the Great Talisman: 3 gold ores and 1 fake talisman. Block the path of the snake and stand on the button. Get on the second one. Pick up fake talisman and pirate diary . Walk to the right and take the great talisman . To the right is some old wood . Bring it to Claire. Leave the cave with her.

Go to the church, take the key from the cabinet and open the door on the right. Take the bathroom key and go to Madeleine. By the way, you can find the base component in the jar. You will receive Madeleine's second heart . If the Great Talisman is sold, buy 3 Gold Ores and add the Fake Talisman to them. Show Pricia and watch the scene. Read the text message from Emily and go to the Squallmarket where Kaylee went. Go to the cave behind Aliya and Kaylie, to the reservoir. You will receive Kaylie's fifth heart .

Follow the girls downstairs after Joey. Go to Janet's house, to her bedroom, and look at the phone (123). Then go to the island. Take the duct tape from Aliya's attic. Go to the cave to the ice water pond and catch the cockroach under the rock below. Unitecellophane (buy at the store), duct tape, base component and a cockroach to get a rat trap . Catch a rat inside the Albert Lighthouse. Take the rat to the jaguar in the jungle. Break the jug and take the base component . Walk to the right and pick up the pirate medallion . Light the tenth torch . Move the two stones to the buttons behind the trees on the bottom right. You can feel them while moving around the trees. Collect the Tickpak Treasure and the Weed . Show the treasure to Diana.

Drink the love potion and go to Jessica. You will receive nitroglycerin. Create a bomb in the cave, go left, up and right where you solved the puzzle for Claire. Blow up the passage on the right. Examine the loaded musket blueprint : cleaning oil, old cartridge, silver ore, and old musket. Break the jug, pick up the base component and create a second bomb. Also, if you lit all the torches, go to the cave with the waterfall where you went through the water with Claire. Here will appear the key to the chest . And the scene with Emily is hidden in the nearest chest. Once you solve 20 puzzles in the temple, get a photo of Evie (the girl who helps you through the Soul Crystal).

Head to the bar and meet Jessica. In the backyard of the bar, a Jessica scene is hidden in a chest. You can find the key to the chest if you follow the cockroach in what?There is no cave where you solved the lever puzzle for Claire. Go to the beach and catch a fish for Jessica. You will earn another Jessica heart and see an intimate scene.

Go to the church and blow up the fragile wall with the bomb. On the right is a drawing of a pirate key : a pirate medallion, 2 parts of a broken key and a great talisman. Break the jug and take the base component . On the left is electrical tape . Find the diary and the broken key . Also pick up thrashing fish and spiked ankle boots . With these berets, you can walk through traps with spikes! Go to the cave and find the chest key to the left of the workbench . On the way back to the location to the right of the entrance to the park, I found the key to the attic , which was highlighted in the same way as a regular talisman. You can use the chest key to open the chest in the church to get a scene with Diana .

You can return to the beach where the castle for the scenes with Jessica hangs and pick up another squirming fish . Create a pirate key at a workbench. If you need a great talisman, make it from a fake one and three gold bars. The fake talisman always appears in the same place. In addition, you will receive a great talisman for solving puzzles in the temple from 31 to 40. Go back to the cave where you blew up the rock to the right of the place with Claire's puzzle. Lure two snakes up andle open the chest with the pirate key. You will receive an artifact . Show the Tikpakov tablet to Diana. Go to Sofia Vesper's mansion. You will receive a second Sophia heart .

Exit to the map and receive a text message from Alia. She will send a photo. Go to the library and chat with Diana and the caretaker. Diana will give you an adventurer's outfit . You are not afraid of the bites of flying insects! You can pick up the key to the chest behind the library. You can open the chest at Sofia's mansion by climbing over the fence. Inside it lies a scene with Jessica .

Go to the park and go kayaking. Follow up and break the jug at the insect to get a great talisman. Use the teleport at the beginning of the park to move to the right place. Break the jug on the left and get another great talisman. Head up past the flying insect to meet Claire.

Soon you will meet Ash. Then there will be an intimate scene with Claire. You will receive Claire's third heart . Go to Janet's house to wash up. You will find Janet's dirty panties on the second floor, in her bedroom. You will receive Janet's third heart . Go to Alia's island, where Kaylee ran away. Then there will be an intimate scene with Alia. You will receive a love potion . Return to Janet's house and go to Kaylie's room. Buy soy sauce for Janet at the supermarket and return to her.Then there will be a scene with Naomi. You will receive Naomi's fifth heart .

Go to Diana and get a satellite phone . Talk to Aliya on the island. Go to Janet's house, go through the backyard (gate on the left) and go inside. Then there will be a scene with Kaylie. Drive to the cemetery where Janet is. You will receive a whip . Go to the jungle. Get the weed from the cliff on the left, not far from the location with the leopard. Go to the leopard, left and up past the flying insect. See the glowing dot? Get Diana's profile . Also pick up a part of the blue key from the Tomb in this place. On the location on the right there is another weed and an old cartridge . In addition, jasmine grows in the middle of the location. Below is a drawing of a rope ladder : a guide to knitting knots, 3 thin ropes. To the right is a chest.

Remember, there is a peacock on the shore of the jungle? Give him peanuts to follow you and take him to the library. You will receive a chest key . open the chest at the location where they found the old cartridge and the naked Ash, and get the scene with Prizia . Go to the left of the jaguar and up to the location with the flying insect. On the right is a lit torch, and just above it there is an old musket . Take it with the whip. Examine the old musket in inventory and use the small screwdriver, what?You get gunpowder . Go down to the secret room under the lighthouse and use the gunpowder on the cannon. Go left and pick up the key to the crypt . Here is a drawing of jasmine massage oil : jasmine, rose moss, base container, love potion. Pick up the old map and examine the chest and diary. In a chest on the beach to the right of the jaguar is a scene with Caylee . The key for it can be found in the second location to the left of the beginning of the park. Use the old map found earlier (not the one under the lighthouse).

Go to the cemetery and open the crypt with the key found under the lighthouse. Pick up the broken key on the right. At the top there is a moss rose . Break the container and get the golden talisman. There is also a red eye caulli . Combine the container, moss rose, love potion and jasmine in the cave. Get massage oil . Give it to Prizia in the saloon. You will see a scene with her and get the fourth heart of Pricia .

Go to the park where the thugs are waiting. Korn will crush the snake in the place where you solved the riddle for Claire. The thugs will fall into the trap. Pick up the dropped machete . First, go left, cut the bushes and take the Tikpakov artifact . Now go up to the stop, where you met Ash, and cut the bushes. Claire, Diana and our hero will stay by the fire. There will be a scene with Diana and Claire. Go back to where you were with the girls.Light another torch. Take jasmine. Go to where the jaguar was, cut the bushes and take Claire's profile . Return to the thugs. They will leave. And you will install the tickpak artifact in the stone on the left. You will get a real tickpak artifact . Contact Diana via satellite phone. Tell her about the artifact. Go to the jungle where you were with Claire and Diana to meet the thugs again. Go home to meet Claire. You will receive Claire's contact and Claire's fourth heart .

Follow Sofia's mansion, jump over the fence and show the woman the artifact. You will receive the third Sofia heart . Visit the store where Jessica is. Buy cellophane and a base container. Catch a cockroach where you found the last Tickpak Artifact. Create a rat trap with these ingredients and duct tape. Catch a rat near the jaguar. Take it to Emily. Go to Jessica so that Henry will automatically drink Bankfort's serum. Watch the scene with Jessica. Go to the library, go behind it and break the crack in the ground with a pickaxe to get the key. Get inside. Now go to the store and buy rust oil . Talk to Michael outside. Also buy silver ore. Go to the cave and craft a loaded musket : old musket, ammo, cleaning oil and silver ore.

Go to the forest and scare away the jaguar. Go up andreceive Diana's photo. Pick up a camera with a motion sensor , a broken key , a pirate medallion and gunpowder . Also hidden behind the rocks on the right is Jessica's profile . Go to the store and return the camera to Michael. Enter the store to chat with Alia and Emily. After the library, you will receive the fifth heart of Alia . Go to a bar with her. In the bar you will find Naomi and Tasha. There will already be a scene with three girls . Janet will appear soon, but then you can go to her house, where there will be a new scene.

Go under the lighthouse again and use the gunpowder on the other cannon. Go to the room above. Pick up the broken key and the gothic chest key . Go to the cave, go to the left of the workbench (create a chest key along the way), up and all the way to the right, into a cave with two snakes and a pirate chest. Here was the plate "11". If you lit 11 torches, like me, you can pick up the key to the chest . The exit from here leads to a chest behind the spikes, and inside is a scene with Tasha . If you go back and open the chest behind the palm trees on the left at the location where you were sitting by the fire with Claire and Diana in the park, you will get a scene with Claire .

Go to the church and enter Madeleine's bathroom. To the left of the bathroom is a white note, it says about the key lost in the cemetery. Go to the cemetery and click on the dots under the right palm tree. Apply ??irku and get the key to the chest . in the far chest under the lighthouse is a scene with Prizia . Head to the church and go through the door to the right of Madeleine's bathroom. Use the Gothic Key on the nearest chest. Then there will be a scene with Madeleine. You will receive the third Madeleine heart .

Exit to the map and listen to Diana on the phone. Follow the library and talk to Vlad. Go where the thugs in the jungle have gone. They will open a path to the left. Follow and pick up the bamboo . Pass under the palm trees below and quickly run to the bush, which the hero will immediately cut with a machete. Next will be the scene with Diana. You will receive the fifth heart of Diana .

Enter the park and go all the way to the left and up, where there will be a river bank on which Claire is standing. Meet Claire at the bar. After the scene, you will receive Tasha's fifth heart . Go to the jungle where you were with Diana and Claire. Claire and Tasha will distract the thugs. Claire will blow up the stones. Go outside and pick up the broken key . Also on one of the trees to the left of the entrance to the cave hangs a clover leaf . Nearby lies a drawing of an air dryer : a broken air dryer, a small screwdriver, a golden talisman and silver ore. Pick up the broken key inside the cave.

Now you need to move the girls. Depending on which side you approach them from, they will go toopposite direction. First ask Diana to go: left, up, left, left, up, left. She will stand on the button on the left. Then ask Tasha to go up to the golden treasure, to the right, up to another treasure, right twice and down to the second button. Stand on the button to the left of the closed passage yourself, in a niche. You will go below. When everyone leaves, stand on the round button near the chest. Collect gold. Hidden inside the chest is a scene with Kaylee . You can get it if you find the key. Return to the bottom of the cave where the round button has appeared. Get on it. Go to the room on the right and stand on another button. Go even more to the right and stand on the fourth. A chest key will drop.

Visit the store, then go to the fish store and buy a broken air dryer. Repair it according to the drawing above. Give the device to Emily. Leave the store and return to it to talk to Kaylee. Watch the scene. Go to Jessica's appointment to get nitroglycerin tablets. Now buy basic containers from the store and craft three bombs . Go under the lighthouse and destroy the stone on the left, in the basement. Examine the Aloe Lotion Blueprint : Aloe, Ginseng, Shea Butter and Base Container. There will be another chest here.

Go to the jungle where you were with Claire and Diana by the fire. Explode the rocks from above. Here you will find aloe and cha??be the key to the Tomb. There is also a drawing of a royal shovel : a canvas, a handle, a stalk of a royal shovel and a Caulli coin. At the bottom right, look for a clover leaf . Go to the cave to Claire and Diana so that Claire uses the third bomb and blows up the stones. You will discover the Tickpak ship! Watch the scene with the appearance of Sophia. Examine the blueprint for the Tomb Key : 3 pieces of the Tomb Key and the Tikpak Artifact.

Talk to Prycia in the saloon to get Shea butter from her. Make a great talisman (3 gold ores and a fake talisman where Claire got wet in the cave), then combine with two pieces of a broken key and a pirate medallion found recently. You will receive a pirate key . Open the chest for them in the cave with the ship. You will receive the Tikpakov artifact . Return to the cave, combine Shea butter, ginseng, aloe and base container. You will receive an aloe lotion . Give it to Jessica at the clinic. Go to Janet's house to see the scene with Alia and Kaylee. You will receive Kaylie's fifth heart .

Go to the mansion where Diana is waiting for you. There will be another scene with Sofia. Talk to Diana in the library, and then go to Prizia's salon, where Jessica went. There will be a scene with Jessica and Prizia. You will receive Jessica's fifth heart . Follow Jessica to Squallmart. Exit to the map to get the text?Howling message from Janet. Head to Janet's house to see the scene with the woman. Then Henry and Kaylie will go to Jessica. After that, go to the bar to Tasha. You will receive an old cartridge . Examine it in inventory and click LMB to load the musket. Go to the cave that leads to the ship. Follow it to the left to run into a cheetah and scare it away.

Examine the peacock and pick up the feather . Take the third piece of the Tomb Key and pick up the Fan Palm Leaf . Also under the rock above and below are two broken keys . There is also grass hidden behind the palm tree on the left. Create a pirate key, if you haven't done it before, open the chest by the ship and get the Tikpakov artifact. Combine it with the 3 Tomb Key Pieces and return to Tasha. Open the entrance with the Tomb Key . Catch a cockroach in the bar toilet. Create a rat trap (tape and cellophane are in the MRI clinic room). Give it to Jessica. There will be a stormy scene with three girls.

Head to the church to meet Judy. Go deep into the church to see Madeleine and Joey. There will be a scene with Madeleine and the fourth heart of Madeleine . Go to Sophia and show her the photo of the tomb. While the guards are not looking, destroy the pillars and move the two pots. Take the hidden key , go outalready and open the door on the left. Outside, above the door, there is the number 980. Enter it on the laser trap inside the utility room. You will receive Claire's fifth heart .

Pick up a thin rope and find a purple manual on the left. It will increase the value of the found talismans. On the left, Tasha's clothes can also be found, and below, Caulli's eye . And in this place there is the number "12" on the floor. Go to the bar and give Tasha her clothes. Visit Jessica as you have been poisoned by a snake. As a result, you will get Janet's contact . Follow the library and insert the two eyes of Caulli into the mask on the right wall. Pick up the Gold Ore, Caulli's Coin, Old Map, 3 Fake Talismans, and Thin Rope . There is also a drawing of the Royal Talisman: 3 great talismans and a Caulli coin. Create 3 great talismans from the components and combine with the Caulli coin to get the Royal talisman . Go to the clinic and talk to Prizia. Go to Prizia's salon.

Follow the thugs to the park. They are at the very beginning. Go to Prizia's salon. Give Prizia another Royal Talisman. One you got earlier and the other one you just crafted from the components under the library. See the scene and get the fifth Pricia's heart . Your attention is raised forever! Buy a manual for knitting knots in the store. Return to the tomb andUse the broken key and thin rope . Use three ropes and a guide to make a rope ladder. Go left past the cave with the ship and go down the cliff where the peacock is standing. There will be a scene with Diana. Then she will leave, and you will receive the sixth heart of Diana .

Kill the scorpion on the left to get scorpion venom . Pick up the broken camera and the broken key down behind the rocks. Light 12 torches . Remove poisonous thorns from the rock on the right. Walk to the right and pick up another broken key . Enter the cave and examine the drawing of the deadly whip: a whip, poisonous thorns, shoe glue and a royal talisman. A scene with Claire is hidden inside a chest nearby. You should already have enough broken keys to open this chest. Return to Sophia's mansion and in the treasury you will see a dart that will appear in place of the tile with the number "12". Combine the dart, bamboo, scorpion venom and feather and take the blowgun to Michael in the jungle.

Pick up the memory card and venison . Go to Albert at the lighthouse. The scene with Claire is hidden in the chest on the far left of the lighthouse. Go to Espero Island and give Emily Ash's broken camera, motion sensor camera and memory card. Pick up the broken key and go?and girls. There will be an intimate scene. Follow Alia to the lighthouse. Go to Emily's store. You will receive Emily's fifth heart . Chat with Madeleine at the church. Watch the scene. Go to the lighthouse to Albert. He is not here. Visit the clinic.

Every sixth girl's heart allows you to buy her nude figure for a profile in a supermarket .

Follow the bar where Albert went. Buy some glue from the shop and craft a deadly whip out of it. Go to the park and you will immediately find the royal talisman (if you don't have one). Create a whip. With a whip, go to the cave where there are two snakes, kill them and climb higher. On the left is a drawing of a golden bear: a bumpy candle, gold ore, white sand, a teddy bear. Go back and meet Aliya and Tasha along the way. Watch the scene with the girls. You will receive the sixth Alia heart . Follow to the house of Janet, whom Albert sells the potion. Go into the house, into Janet's bedroom, and you will see Kaylie. You will receive Kaylee's sixth heart .

Enter the house on Espero Island and see Albert, Naomi and Janet. Go under the church, into the secret corridor, kill the snake and find a teddy bear in the room on the right. Find a candle in Naomi's house. Combine both items, gold ore and white sand, to get a golden bear . Give it to Ash at the clinic. Go to the park and to the left, behind Michael and Ash. You will receive a grappling hook . One ?the alm leaf you found. Two hang on the rocks near the cave with the ship. Next, you need to go to where they found a palm leaf and a peacock with a feather. Climb up the rock using the grappling hook. Pick up the fourth palm leaf and the mysterious key from the crack in the ground on the right. Give the fan leaves to Michael.

Talk to Sophia in the mansion, and then go to Emily's shop. Go to the lighthouse to Albert and Emily's father. Tell me about the interior of the lighthouse, go inside and tell me about the view from above. Then go to the library to Emily. You will receive Madeleine's contact . Examine Emily's equipment. Go to Jessica and get a permanent intelligence upgrade. go to the island to see Michael and Sam. Visit Naomi. Here will be the first intimate scene with Janet. Leave the location and meet with Madeleine. Then leave the mansion. Use the arrows on the floor to direct Claire to the pressure plate on the upper left by the waterfall. You need to go through the tunnel from right to left. Stand on the plate at the bottom right. Follow the girl.

After the scene, go all the way up and to the right. Save Sam from the snakes. You will receive Naomi's sixth heart . Make your way to the church through the graveyard and find Madeleine above the bedroom. You will see the price and get the fifth Madeleine heart . Go to the park and visit Ash. Walk up and right twice from the tent to find a boombox , stlying under the palm trees. Give them back the boombox. Go to Sophia's mansion, go upstairs and look at the drawing of the metal stairs: 3 parts of the stairs and silver ore. Break the wall with a crack with a pickaxe. The laser on the left will turn off. Go through the opening on the left and watch the scene with Sophia. Take part of the ladder and inspect the drawing of hacking equipment : UL recorder, encryption scanner, key card and BIOS system. Leave the mansion and go to Madeleine at the lighthouse. Go to Emily's library and then visit Prizia. Follow the salon, then go to the park and enter the cave in the north. Past the table, go left, up, right and up, where the thugs are stuck. There will be rose moss here. Collect it and talk to Albert. Make jasmine oil from a potion, moss, jasmine, and a container. Take it to Pricia and Emily. Watch the scene. From now on, you can sell all herbs, oils and potions to Prizia. Go to Emily in the library. You will receive Emily's sixth heart . You can now buy potions in bulk from Emily's lab.

Go to Janet's house. Catch a cockroach in Sofia's treasury, follow to the lighthouse and climb up with a grappling hook. Return to Janet's house, go inside and distract the rats in three places. Rescue Janet, who is in her bedroom. Ask Albert at the lighthouse to get rid of the rats in Janet's house. Go to Sofia's mansion. Rise upto the second floor and open the door on the upper left. Both Janet and Kaylee will be in the bedroom. Exit to the general map and talk to Diana. Go to Janet's house, take clothes from her bedroom, a toothbrush from the bathroom. Take Kaylie's toothbrush from the next bathroom. Take it all to the pool in Sophia's mansion. Watch the long scene.

Go across the pool down to Kaylee. She is in a room near the treasure room. Exit to the corridor, go right and into the room above. Take the second part of the stairs . Janet and Kaylie's bedroom in Sophia's mansion has a chest with Tasha's scene . A nearby chest under the lighthouse contains a scene with Jessica . Go under the lighthouse and open the door in the far left room using the mysterious key found earlier. Take the third part of the ladder . There is a blueprint for penetrating oil here: nail polish remover, aloe, base container, transmission fluid.

Go to where you and Claire are locked under Sophia's mansion. Follow right, create a ladder and go to the other side to light 13 torches . Go to the basement under the church, use the stairs and pick up the key to the chest , which will appear in place of the number "13". There are scenes of Diana and Madeleine in two chests under the mansion, in the sewers. On the left side of the same place, Sofia's profile is hidden behind the stones. Can you also go through the channel in the middle??, smash the cracked floor and get the Queen's Spade Sheet . In the room under the lighthouse, where part of the stairs was found, a Madeleine scene is hidden in a chest. In the chest of the tomb is a scene with Diana .

Climb over the gap at the top of the jungle. A snake will bite you. Go right, down and left to the kayak. Go to Sofia for antidotes. You will receive a box key . You will receive Janet's sixth heart . Take the antidote from the box in the far right room and go to the park where Janet is waiting for you. Go left and see Prizia dancing. Pick up an old cartridge and a key card at the location on the left. Go to Sofia's mansion. In the room on the left, use the key card to open the safe.

Load the musket by selecting the cartridge in the inventory and go to the jungle where the peacock was. Climb up with the hook to the top where you found the palm leaf. Chase away the jaguar and pick up the clover leaf . Walk to the right and open the treasury entrance for Claire and Diana. Pick up the last clover leaf along the way. Follow the girls to the Kaulli temple. To the right of the entrance to the temple lies grass .

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You can now make a four leaf clover using the 4 leaf clover in the crafting area. It might bring you good luck. The Viper on the left moves slowly and is very easy to dodge without getting bitten. Vipersand the one on the right moves fast, but if you look at her path, you can also avoid her bite.

Once you have the items, use the crowbar on the temple door to open it. Once inside the Temple, you will talk to Claire and Diana. After Claire leaves, you can choose Philvid (12th). It is guarded by a viper and you have to bite it, but don't worry, you have the antidote. (you can also chase the rat towards the Viper and avoid being bitten). Now go to the library. Along the way, you can open this crate with a crowbar.

Now keep going to the library. Enjoy Scene 92. Now go under the Library to get Cowlly's Coin. Head to the bar to find out what Kaylie and Alia are up to.

Follow the girls to the graveyard. Enjoy scene 93. You also get Tasha's 6th heart. Head to Sophia's mansion to find out what Joey, Korn, and her are talking about. Go inside and talk to Claire and Sofia on the 2nd floor. Head to the spa pool and talk to Sophia. You will receive her contact information. Return to the church and you will open the box to get the royal spade shaft.

You can now craft the King's Shovel, but using the following items: King's Shovel Head, King's Shovel Handle, King's Shovel Shank, and Cowlly's Coin. Now go to Deep Jungle and find another onea chest that you can open with a crowbar to get the 1st Sophia Chest Key. Now return to the temple to unlock the 1st Sophia Chest and get the 1st page of Sophia's Kama Sutra (34th place). You can also go to the Tomb located in the park at the top of the mountain and use the Crowbar to open the Tomb and find the Talisman of the Gods.

Be sure to check out Squallmart for Sofia's Loot Summon Outfit ($400) and Diana's Updated Profile ($1000). Head to the mansion to see if Diana is there. Go to the mansion and to the second floor to see where Dukan is going. Use your crowbar on the security panel. You will receive a system BIOS. Go to the bar to talk to Tasha. She will give you an ID Card Writer. You will need one more thing from Squallmart, when you enter Squallmart you will talk to Emily's father, Naomi and Alia. Before you leave, buy an Encryption Scanner ($43,000), you can also buy Emily's Updated Profile ($1,000). You can now craft a Hacking Tool using the following items: Card Key, ID Writer, System BIOS, and Encryption Scanner.

Head to the park to find out what's wrong with Ash and Prisia. Walk north twice to find Claire. Enjoy scene 94, get Claire's 6th heart. Head to the mansion to catch up with Naomi and Aliya. Head to the pool to talk to Jane?? and Naomi. Enjoy scene 95. Go to the doctor's office and the examination room to talk to Jessica. Enjoy scene 96. Use the hack tool to open the door to the doctor's office. Take Nitroglycerin. You can then exit this room to the east to go outside. Take the 3rd key from Janet's chest.

You can now return to the mansion and use the hack tool on the security panel to gain access to the third floor. Climb up the stairs and then go through the dark area and use the pickaxe on the weak section of the wall. Head down the stairs back to the second floor and then down the other stairs to the dining room. Grab some more Viper Antidote from the smaller chests and you can also unlock Janet's 3rd Chest and get Janet's 3rd Kama Sutra Page Pussy Sex (35th).

Go to Squallmart and talk to Emily. Before leaving, buy a basic container ($300), you can also buy Kaylee's upgraded profile ($1000) Make a rock bomb (Silver Talisman, Jade Talisman, Basic Container, Nitroglycerin). church. Use the rock bomb on those rocks. Go through the stone puzzle to the blue spark. Use your crowbar on the big rock. After the surprise, exit the Lost Dungeon. Enjoy scene 97. Get the sixth heartMadalin.

As soon as you return to the main map, Diana will call you. Head to the bar to find Tasha. Head to the park to meet Tasha. You will take her to the Temple. Enjoy Scene 98. Head west to meet Claire. Learn the movements of the snakes, if done correctly, you will be able to pass them all without being bitten. Go to the pressure plate, which is located at the bottom in the middle. After clicking, get to the table on the left side. There is also a hidden pressure plate in the lower left corner, then approach the table. You can also break the vase with the Talisman of the Gods. When you're done, go to the east side where Diana and Tasha went. Do the same here. Learn the movements of snakes and you will be able to go through them all without getting bitten. The pressure plate is at the top left. The hidden pressure plate is at the top right. There is another vase with the Talisman of the Gods.

When you're done, leave the Temple, if you've done everything right, you'll be able to pick up Sophia's 2nd Chest Key when you leave. Go to Aliya's house to talk to her. Go to Squallmart. Head to Sofia's mansion to find Kaylee. Follow Kaylee to the library. Enjoy Scene 99. You can now head to the Lost Dungeon where the stone puzzle used to be, head east from there. Now you can unlock Sophia's 2nd chest and get a recook time??a on the 2nd page of the Kamasutra Sophia (36th place)

Head to the living room to find out what's going on. Head to the park to meet Jessica and Pricia. You will then be transported to the Temple to meet with Diana, Claire and Tasha. Enjoy scene 100. Notice the blue stripes on the temple wall. In this room, the first thing you need to do is step on the pressure plates in the correct order. Bottom right, top left, bottom left, then top right. Don't worry about the snakes, they won't move when you step on the pressure plates.

After you step on the pressure plates, it's time to block the snakes. Snakes only move side to side, you can be above and below them without getting bitten. This way you can move around and between the columns without the snakes moving to bite you. To do this, you need to move both lower stones one position up. Then you want to move the innermost stones up one position. Now, to complete the puzzle, you need to move the middle set of rocks up to block the last two vipers at the top.

If you solved the puzzle correctly, it should look like this and you can take the temple key segment. There is also Filweed (13th) (this will fill a bucket in Squallmart with Filweed) and a vase with the Talisman of the Gods. To grabtit these items, you should be bitten by vipers. (there's no getting away from it), so I hope you have some antidote left.

After you take the temple key segment, you will be transported to the park and then to the doctor's office, where Jessica will give nitroglycerin. Exit the doctor's office and head to Squallmart to see what's going on. Before you leave Squallmart, buy Super Goggles ($30,000), you can also buy Tasha's Updated Profile ($1,000). Now head to the church to find out if everything is okay with Janet. Along the way, you will have a memory. Enjoy scene 101.

Head to Sofia's mansion. After exiting the Mansion, you will run into Naomi at the gate, after talking to her head with Estero Key and at Alia's house. Go to Sam and Naomi's bedroom. Pick up the Artist's Mask, Pirate Medallion, and Old Map. There are also two newspapers that you can read for some information.

Now go back to Kazula's temple and find old wood that can be burned and collect fly ash. You can now craft an Arcane Gas Mask out of the following items: Painter's Mask, Flying Ash, Power Points, and Great Talisman. With the gas mask on, you can go into the blue like gas on the left side to open a small chest with viper antidote.

Now go under the library and use the mystical gas mask, h?You can get to Sofia's mansion using the tunnels you used to travel with Claire some time ago. Along the way, you can pick up the third key to Madalyn's chest. Now continue down the tunnel to Sophia's Mansion. Once inside Sophia's Mansion, go to the second floor and you should find Alia standing in the hallway near the bedroom. Enjoy scene 102 and you will get Sofia's 5th heart. Go back to the corridor where you found Alia a few minutes ago and talk to Sophia again.

Go to Estero Key and talk to everyone, after which you will move to Janet's house. If you have solved the first 30 temple puzzles, you can open the first of the three chests there to get a special photo, and you can also go to the Squallmart parking lot and talk to this guy to get another special prize, but it will cost you money. ($200,000) You can now return to the Kazula Temple to unlock the 3rd Madaling Chest and get the 3rd Madaling Kamasutra Page (37th). Head to Squallmart to talk to Emily. Before leaving, you can buy Claire's updated profile ($1000). Head over to Janet's to find out how she and Kaylee are settling into their home. Kaylie went to a bar to meet Alia. Head to the park to meet up with Kaylee before heading to the Temple. Will you be moved to the temple for the next p??tual. Enjoy scene 103.

It's time to solve another puzzle by moving the girls. There are four pressure plates that you must step on at the same time to solve the puzzle. 3 girls plus you. To do this, do the following. Move Diana down, left, and up twice. Move Claire to the right, up, right and up again. More Kaylee Up, Left, Down , Left and Up again. If you did everything right, all the girls should now be on the pressure plate and you can go and step on the empty one to solve the puzzle. You will talk to the girls that you need a key to open the door. Kaylee will receive a text message from Janet, you and Kaylie will run out of the temple and meet Janet in the park.

At this time, you will drive Kaylee home. Head to the Lighthouse to find a very drunk Janet and Albert. Then you will take Janet home. Enjoy Scene 104. The next morning, head to the Living Room and give Prisia the Talisman of God for a new massage scene. You will receive the sixth heart of Prisia. You can now return to the temple and use your whip to pick up the second segment of the temple key. There are also four small chests in the top right corner that you can open. You can open them as many times as you want, but it will cost you money. Each chest contains the following and will cost the following

(Left to rightO.)

  • Great Talisman - $12,000.
  • Royal talisman - $36,000.
  • Talisman of the Gods - $144,000.
  • Rock bomb - nitroglycerin

Since you must have Nitroglycerin with you at this time, take the rock bomb from the chest. Then head south and blow up the wall to reveal a new Temple area. To solve this puzzle, the first thing you need to do is push the rock to the far right in the top row down as far as possible. Then wait until the viper is at the top of its path and quickly push the stone down to the left, catching the viper. As such.

Now push the middle rock down when the viper is on its left, trapping it in its area. As such. From here, move the stone to your right and the stone to the right of the key down. And you will be able to pick up the third segment of the temple key. Don't forget to collect all the money and read the book, it has a clue where the key to the chest is located. More on this below. You can also smash vases for some talismans and two smaller chests for more viper antidote. If you're fast enough, you can do this without getting bitten. Now go straight to the temple to find the 3rd Sophia Chest Key.

sex pussy pages Kamasutra Sophia (38th). You can also go to the Ancient Temple to take another photo ??vee in pin-up style if you have completed enough temple puzzle mini-games. Head to the bar to find Albert. Jessica will give you nitric acid. Go to the rest room in the doctor's office to get some soap. Head to SquallMart to buy a basic container. Head towards the Temple of Kazula entrance to find a yellow cloud, click on it and collect sulfuric acid. Use the following items: soap, main container, sulfuric acid and nitric acid to craft two nitroglycerins.

Go to the doctor's office, talk to Jessica and give her nitroglycerin. Exit the break room and talk to Jessica in the lobby of the doctor's office. Enjoy scene 105 and get Jessica's sixth heart. Head to Kazula's temple and open the chest that requires nitroglycerin and take the rock bomb. Use a rock bomb to blow up the west wall of the temple that leads south (or east if you've done a recent update on that side, see above for the east side)

The west side is pretty easy, cockroaches are safe places to avoid the Serpent. So go downstairs to pick up the temple key segment. Small chests in the upper corners also have more Viper Antivenom. You can also break the vases lining the bottom to pick up various talismans. Now you can use h??Three Temple Key Segments for crafting Kazula's Temple Key. Use the Kazula Temple Key to open the gate and open the way to the next room.

To solve this puzzle, you must move three MCs to each of the three pressure plates in the room. To do this, the left and right MS will remain stationary. The middle one is the one you can control by moving normally. Move to the pressure plate at the bottom. Now depending on which direction you look when you stand on the plate, it will determine which direction the other two MSs will move. While you are standing on the cymbal, the two MCs will keep moving. Thus, you must enter and exit the plate at the right time.

First you need to approach the plate from below and step on it facing north so that the MCs move up. Until they are in the position shown below. Now move so that you approach the plate facing west and move the MC west until the left MC is below its pressure plate. Seen below. Now approach the cymbal from below again so that the MCs move up again. One MC should be on his plate now.

Now move and stand on the plate facing east and move the MCs until the MCs are in the next positions. Now stand on the bottom of the plate again so that the MCs move north. Both MCs should now be to the right of the cymbals. Now get up?If you are on the dish facing west, both MCs should move to the plates and you should be back in the same MC.

Go to Janet's house and talk to her about the rituals. Travel to Estero Key and talk to Naomi about the rituals. Go to the Mansion and talk to Sophia about the rituals. Meet three beautiful ladies in the park. You will be transported to the ritual room of the Temple of Kazula for the ritual. Enjoy scene 106.

Go to the Mansion and on the 2nd floor, find one of Sophia's guards, whom he will take to the room where Sophia is trying to perform a ritual to cure her. Go to Aliya's house and talk to Naomi and Sam and see if Sam will help. You will take Sam to Sofia at the Mansion. You can now travel to the Ancient Temple and open the third chest to get another photo of Evie. You can also return to the last ritual room and pick up all the money and Talismans, as well as light the Torch (14th). At the entrance to Kazula's temple, you can pick up the 4th Key to Naomi's Chest. Now you can go back to the last ritual room and open the 4th chest of Naomi and get the 4th page of Noami's Kama Sutra with anal sex (39th place).

Go to Squallmart and talk to Emily. You can also buy Jessica's updated profile ($1000). Go to the park and talk to Ash. Find Caylee in the park, go west, north and east twice and you will see Caylee on a rock. Click on thisnear the common area and use your grappling hook to climb up, then use your metal ladder to cross the chasm to get to Kaylee. After Kaylee leaves, you can go back and find page 4 of Claire's Kamasutra with anal sex (40th). Go to your house to find Tasha inside in the living room.

Find Tasha's clothes in the following locations.

  • Shorts Tasha
  • Top Tashi

Enter the bar and talk to Michael.

  • Tasha's Boots

Once you have all three of Tasha's clothes, go back to your house and give them to her. Go to the doctor's office. Enjoy scene 107. Head to Sofia's mansion to talk to her. You can find her on the 2nd floor. Follow her to the 3rd floor and go north again to Sophia's bedroom. Enjoy scene 108 and get Sophia's sixth heart.

Head to the Squallmart to find Alia standing outside. Go to Janet's house to find her and Kaylee outside talking to Albert. Return to Alia's house to regroup. You will all find yourself in a fort under a lighthouse. You can now access the teleport in the Ancient Temple. To get Evie's profile, you must solve this new temple puzzle.

Head to Squallmart to talk to Emily and some others. Enjoy Scene 109. Before you leave Squallmart, you can buy an updated Pricia profile ($1000), there is also a new oneitem for sale by Snake Idols. They cost $200,000 but can remove the snakes from the temple puzzles to make them a little easier for you. Also buy a basic container ($300), you will need it a bit later. Leave the Squallmart and collect the transmission fluid from the car.

Find a bottle of nail polish remover. You can find it in many places like bathrooms or girls' bedrooms. You will also need an aloe plant. You can now use the following items: Aloe Planet, Transmission Fluid, Base Container, and Nail Polish Remover to craft Penetrating Oil. Use penetrating oil on the gate in the crypt. Enjoy scene 110.

You can read the book for some information and also open the sarcophagus with a crowbar to get the priest's compass. Head to the Lighthouse and find the first of four hidden valves. Head west to find the second one. Head north to find the third one. Head south, then west again to find the fourth one. Now go north, to where everyone is waiting. Now go through the stone puzzle to the blue pressure plate. Like other puzzles in the past, if you don't solve it right away, you can leave and come back and it will become easier.

Once the puzzle is solved, click on the gate and use the priest's compass from your?? inventory to open the gate. Enjoy scene 111. You can find the compass part after it falls apart. Parts are located in the following locations

  • Lighthouse
  • Squallmart
  • Church
  • And Estero Kay.

Once you have all four pieces, you can combine them to make the Golden Compass. Now, every time you withdraw money, you will receive a Golden Talisman instead of 5$ or 100$. In addition, you will have better luck in finding treasures in general. Now head to the park to find a blue pressure plate for a clue to something.

Follow the clue to the second plate.

Then the third.

And finally, the fourth.

If done correctly, Madalyn's brother will drop the 4th Alia Chest Key. Return to the new area of the cave under the Lighthouse where the 4th chest of Aliya is open and get the 4th page of Aliya's Kama Sutra with anal sex (41st). Go under the Lighthouse to check on the girls. A lot will happen, just follow it. Enjoy scene 112.

Go up the stairs to the treasure room. After the cutscene with Joey, click on the backpack. Then go back down to blow up the stone. There's a lot more to come, just keep going. Enjoy scene 113. When you regain control, you will be in the park, leave the park and head towards Janet's house.

Then head to the 2nd floor of Sophia's mansion. Then go to the doctor's office totalk to Jessica. Head to the beach and talk to Jessica again. Return to Sofia's mansion on the 3rd floor to find the 4th key to Emily's chest. Go back to the Fountain of Youth by going through the treasure room, now there is a lot of money to collect in this room as you can see. You can open the 4th chest of Emily and get the 4th page of Emily's Kama Sutra with anal sex (42nd place). You can also step on the blue plate to get the Talisman of the Gods.

Head under the church to where we recently found Father Matthew, go east to find God's Spade Handle. Go under Sophia's Mansion and through the mysterious gas to get under the Library and climb inside the Library to find the God's Spade Head and another Broken Key (21st).

Go to the Lighthouse, you will stop and talk to Albert for a bit. After that, go under the lighthouse, pressing the four valves again to drain the water. Find the broken key (22nd). Head west again to find God's Shovel Shaft. You can now use the handle, head and shaft of the Divine Spade, as well as the Talisman of the Gods to make the Divine Spade.

You can head over to Squallmart and buy Sofia and Janet's updated profiles. (1000 dollars). Now head to the beach to meet Jessica on a date. Jessica will ask you if you will fuck a girl with a tummy, you can say yes or no.Depending on how you answer, it will be decided if Alia and Sophia get pregnant in the final scene. From here, just follow. Enjoy the final scene, scene 114.

After the scene, head to the dock area. (It's located above the lighthouse.) You can choose Floppin' Fish, and there's a hint note for the chest key. Head to the beach and catch the tuna, you should find the 4th key to Jessica's chest. Once you get it, go back to the dock, now you can open the 4th Jessica Chest and get the 4th Jessica Kama Sutra Anal Sex Page (43rd). Congratulations! You have successfully completed the main story of Nadia's Treasure. What follows is a guide to bonus content.

Bonus content 1

Welcome to the first section of the bonus content walkthrough in the Treasure of Nadia Guide. You will continue with this chapter after completing the main story. (2 pages KS, 1 photo, 1 scene with Evie)

Start by visiting Squallmart. You can buy an updated Madalyn profile ($1000). Now buy flippers ($150,000). If you haven't already, you can craft another Pirate Key using a Broken (x2), Pirate Medallion, and Great Talisman. What you should have with you. Once all this is done, go to the pirate ship that is in the cave. (Use the northernmost entrance.

Along the way, you should see a blue pressure plate. Step on it and you will find the 4th page?? Kama Sutra Kaylie (44th). Go west to the pirate ship. Now jump into the whirlpool and swim with your flippers. Once underwater, you will see two chests. Pirate chest (top left) and normal chest (top right). Use the pirate key to open the pirate chest and get Nadia's photo.

Now let the timer run so you drown and die. You will travel to Limbo and meet Evie again. Enjoy the bonus scene with Evie. (To respond to this scene, just kill yourself over and over again). After the scene ends, you are going to walk around the Limbo area. Take the 4th Janet Chest Key in the upper left.

Now leave the area of uncertainty by moving towards the top of the gate and out of it. Now you can jump back into the whirlpool and open the 4th chest of Janet and get the 4th anal page of Janet's Kama Sutra (45th).

Bonus content 2

Start by looking for four locker keys in the following locations.

  • Beach (1st locker key)
  • Bar (2nd locker key)
  • Cemetery (3rd locker key)
  • Park (4th locker key)

Once you have all four keys, go to the break room in the doctor's office and open the four lockers. You will find the following four items.

  • Photo of Pricia and Jessica (Extra 1)
  • The fourth key to Sophia's chest.
  • Photo of Jessica in calleje (Extra 2)
  • Royal offering token

Now head to the Temple of Kazula and go to the last room where the last ritual took place in the last room. Along the way, you see a blue pressure plate. Step on it to find Pricia 4th KamaSutra Page Anal (46th). Now go to the last room. Stand on the golden pressure plate and use the king's offering token. Enjoy scene 115.

After the scene with Madalyn, the key to the skeleton will drop. Take the skeleton key to this room under the church and use it on either of the two doors, you can also step on the blue pressure plate to get the Talisman of God. In this room, light the Torch (15th) and open the 4th chest of Sophia and get the 4th Anal of Sophia's Kama Sutra page (47th). You can also click on the item between the torch and the chest and see what it is.