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ShowGamer.comLocation of all upgrades in Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition

Location of all upgrades in Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition

In Metro Exodus , you can upgrade your gear by finding new gadgets. They are scattered on the Volga and the Caspian. Some items that you did not find on the Volga can be found on the Caspian.


  1. Here you can find a night vision device . You need to visit the station where the trolley is located and open the room to the right of the gate (where there is also a lever that clears the way for the trolley). Or you can save the captives in the house next to the Prince (where he watches everything) and get the key from one of the men. With this key, you can open the room from the other side and get a night vision device at the very beginning of the level.
  2. The enlarged filter is hidden in a container northeast of the Prince, on the edge of the land. Beyond the river is the church.
  3. The fortified helmet lies in the ruined building, which was occupied by the bandits. This building is located just above the station with a passenger car, which you will secure with a railcar.
  1. Charge controllerlook for battery poison on the island located at the bottom of the map, closer to the middle. You need to go there from the land on the left, aground, where sticks with white cloth stick out.
  2. Ammo pouches are in the same building where the bandits and prisoners with the key to the room with the night vision device are located. That is, a little north of the Prince. Look near the door.
  3. The Throwing Weapon Harness is hidden in the gas station, which you will find next to the pier and the boat. On this boat, you still need to get to the station with a trolley.
  4. The metal detector is hidden in a locked building (you need to knock it down), located to the west (not far) from the tower with a teddy bear that Nastya needs.
  5. Look for the compass inside the crashed plane to the north (and slightly west) of the Aurora.


  1. The armored glass is located in the upper left corner of the map, where the thugs settled in the canyon. Kill everyone to oha rope ladder was launched, go upstairs and see a suicide (a shot was heard). Take the item.
  2. The high-brightness lantern is hidden on a rusty steamer, which is located west of the cave through which you went to the Gulnara lighthouse. Between this cave (beacon) and the previous place where armored glass was found.
  3. The NVD signal amplifier is located in the lower right corner of the map. Anna will point to this building when you meet her in the story. Climb to the top floor where the light was on.
  4. The vest for equipment is hidden in a cave next to the real Baron. To do this, from a rusty ship with slaves inside (Anna will point to it), go east along the coast. The Baron will sit on the cliff, and there is a cave nearby.
  5. The motion detector is located on top of a rusty barge, near which slaves work. Examine the map and pay attention to the left road, which goes from bottom to top. In its middle, a barge is depicted (crossing the road).
  6. If you did not find a reinforced helmet on the Volga, then visit the rusty ship that Anna points to. In addition to freeing slaves using the lever next to the command room, you can climb into the container in the middle compartment. There will be a helmet.
  7. Cartridge pouches , if not found on the Volga, can be found to the north-west of the black puddles, pic.Slightly below and to the left of the middle of the map (if you take into account the water). Look inside the container at the top.
  8. If you didn’t find a compass on the Volga, then visit the Gulnara Lighthouse and find the item there. That's where you'll be in the story.


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