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ShowGamer.comAnother update for Crossout called Dronapocalypse has been released

Another update for Crossout called Dronapocalypse has been released

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of update 0.12.50 “Droneapocalypse” in the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout . Players are waiting for the updated Dronepocalypse event, the Harmony armored car with a unique garage of the Syndicate faction, and much more.

In the Dronapocalypse event, fighters fight on pre-assembled miniature drones in 8x8 format. The task is to destroy the enemy's giant leviathan armored car while protecting your own. This year, the Leviathans have been updated, and the list of available drones has been updated with Fireworks (with the Nest rocket launcher), Pointer (with the ATGM-L Flute rocket), Perforator (with the Kaiju pulse gun), Deep Fryer (with the Tempura contact gun), Tourist (with the Damka minelayer) and Toaster (with the Dzyubokko minelayer). The event will be available until April 11th.

Armored car "Harmony" belongs to Munmu - a ruthless fighter of the Syndicate faction, who came to the wastelands from the east and is distinguished by a love of neon signs and high technology. Vor machine?The wife of a weapon of epic rarity "Yongwan" is a grenade launcher that fires a volley of 5 projectiles that explode on contact with an enemy or after a timer signal. The regular and elite versions of the “Crossout – Triad: Guardian” set with “Harmony”, a portrait of Munmu and other bonuses are on sale, while the elite version also comes with a Syndicate garage.

More information about the changes in the game can be found on the official Crossout website .