Синий экран “смерти”: что делать?

Всем привет! Недавно столкнулся с проблемой: решил обновить компьютер, накупил новых деталей, собрал все воедино, запускаю, но на мониторе глухо. Купил материнскую плату B450 Prime-PLUS, процессор AMD Ryzen 5 2600, две планки оперативной памяти в комплекте Corsair Vengeance LPG 2x4 GB 3000 MHz. Блок питания на 550 Вт, видеокарта осталась старая - Nvidia GeForce 1060 3 GB.

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Walkthrough Ashen

Hammer and Spark


Exit the cave and talk to the narrator to get the first task. He needs a hammer and a spark. After which it will be possible to remain on ritual stones. Move along the cliff to the left hand on the way to the first marker. Then go up the small ledges. Do not forget that, unlike Dark Souls, your character can climb obstacles.

Along the way, you will need to learn how to equip items - a shield, a spear and two-handed weapons. Use the E key to switch between weapons. If you chose a spear and want to throw it, and then hold RMB, aim and release it. Also learn to capture targets - click on the mouse wheel, and dodge - the Shift key.

When you collect the Spark, and then go on the marker for a hammer. Take it. Follow the narrator and give the hammer away. Use the Spark on the ritual stone to set up Vagrant’s rest city.

Annex of light

Move along the marker, cross the river. Use a large plate, on which there is an enemy with a shield. Jump on the other side, to the location “Restless Knoll”. Talk to Bataran and he gives a lantern. Open the door next to your partner and go inside. Click on Q to get the lantern.


Turn right and you find a bowl with crimson juice. This will restore your gourd. Go forward where the shadow has fled, turn left and kill the spider. There is an object in the pit. There is a narrow passage on the right. Follow through it and climb up the tall wooden stairs. Collect loot, return to the place where you fought with the spider, and go in the opposite direction.

In the end, you will need to jump down. Here you will find a battle with the first boss - Ukkoto.

Stay close to your partner; try to do so that he took the main damage. It is best to use a two-handed weapon and attack with a powerful blow through RMB. When Ukkoto begins to charge, you need apply several crushing blows, and then bounce off before the explosion occurs.

After winning, open the door and walk along the only path. Talk to Amara and she will call to Getn. Talk to her and Amara will move to Vagrant’s rest. You can turn right and left before Amara. The path to the right will lead to the remains, the path to the left - to the spiders and new clothes. When you are ready, spend the remains to return to the Vagrant’s rest.

Talk to Bataran to complete the quest. He will prepare an anvil on which you can to upgrade weapons.

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