Walkthrough The Room Three: all endings

Walkthrough leads the player to the final room of the tower. And then it depends only on you which ending you will see. Moreover, the developers themselves suggest that there are only 4 finals in the game, and they give "to change their destiny" without using the save.

What you need

You should have several key items by the end of the game. Below are brief ways to get them, but it is assumed that you have been very careful playing the game before this point. Continue reading


Walkthrough Kursk

12 August


After loading, look around: read the note on the table and look in the cabinet to the right to find a game console in the box, among other things. You can control the submarine using the A and D keys to move left and right. Click on the "Space" to shoot. Anyway, as soon as you lose, there will be an explosion. Continue reading

Прохождения игр на русском

Прохождение Kursk


12 августа

После загрузки осмотритесь: прочитайте записку, лежащую на столе, и загляните в шкаф справа, чтобы среди прочих вещей найти в коробке игровую приставку. Можете управлять подлодкой, используя клавиши A и D для передвижения влево и вправо соответственно. Чтобы стрелять, нажимайте на «Пробел». Так или иначе, как только проиграете, то произойдет взрыв.

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Прохождения игр на русском

Прохождение Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry

Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry

Для запуска новой игры дважды подтвердите свой возраст, после чего ответьте на следующие вопросы так:

  • Что такое Dreamcast? Лучшая в мире приставка.
  • Что такое «большой блайнд»? Минимальная ставка в покере.

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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales: Walkthrough – Solving All Puzzles

 Solving All Puzzles (Quest)

Chapter 1 - "Rushing Waters" Puzzle (Quest)


  • Destroy all drowners.

Used mechanics:

  • Once in the course of the cards are swapped.
  • If a card with an even amount of power gets into the hand-to-hand row, the cards in your row will receive 2 HP. If the card has an odd value of strength, then it will not attack yours.

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Walkthrough Return of the Obra Dinn

Obra Dinn

You are on a boat. You need to open the suitcase and take a diary from there. Study it. Under the diary you find some hours, take them with you. Next, go on a ship called Obra Dinn. In this game, the goal is this: to identify everyone who was on this ship.

Go the first skeleton and you look history. It can be seen from the dialogue that the shooter is Captain Robert Witterel. Mark in the journal that it is he. Examine two more people. Next, exit the scene. You enter further to the captain's cabin. You see two skeletons, then click on the space and recreate the event. Here the captain cuts with a knife, the man who broke into him in the previous scene. So you mark in the journal. There will still be 3 characters with a knife in his teeth, in the last scene he was at the top of the ship, and in this scene he snuck into the captain’s cabin.

But we will return to the cabin with two skeletons. Go to the skeleton on the right and press the space bar. The captain has a stick on the head of the character, which in the previous scene went down with a knife. You can mark him as killed by Captain Robert. We go through the open door and see the dead woman. Continue reading