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ShowGamer.comHave questions about Resident Evil: Village? That way!

Have questions about Resident Evil: Village? That way!

Answers to all the most popular and frequently asked questions about the survival horror Resident Evil: Village

How to open a simple lock / How to open locks

There are no medium or difficult castles in the game. They are all the same. There are a total of 8 locked cabinets and drawers, and each requires a separate lockpick. In this guide , we told you how to find 10 master keys, two of which you can safely sell to the Duke!

How to survive the attack / how to get through the beginning / meat grinder

The point of the game during the first attack of the werewolves is to hold out for about 6 minutes. After that, the goal will be marked as completed. You can safely throw yourself into the clutches of any werewolf, after which a cut-scene will begin. If something is not clear, read this guide .

How to change the difficulty level

The difficulty level is chosen at the beginning of the game. It cannot be changed during the game.

What is the name of the vampire

Alsina Dimitrescu.

How to cook

The Duke will cook automatically, in the shop, in the "Kitchen" section. Your task is to collect the right ingredients.

How to exit the game

Press Esc, select the last item, and on the title screen, press Del and confirm the decision to close the game.

What does it look like??tan

Unfortunately, we do not know this. We are not shown his face either in the seventh or in the eighth parts.

How to get into the house with the red pipe

In the center of the village, a passage to the courtyard by the well will be opened. This way you will get to the tractor, raise it with a lever and open the gate with a pattern with a key with a mark. Climb onto the roof, jump into another yard and climb onto another roof. This is the roof of the house with the red chimney. Enter through the hole in the ceiling.

How to open the crypt

The crypt in the graveyard at the Maiden of War will open automatically when you return from Beneviento's house. There is a broken slab, which is needed for a tombstone in the cemetery on the way to Beneviento's house. The crypt in the closed area behind the temple, where the coat of arms with the maiden was, opens automatically when you return from the werewolf fortress.

How to open a grave

You need the crypt described in the paragraph above. There will be a broken plate.

What to do with meat

Take it to the Duke and find out. But don't sell!

How to remove modules from weapons

This cannot be done. And why? Each weapon has its own unique modules.

How to remove jewelry

If you have decorations from the DLC and want to remove them from the weapon, open the settings, go to the Special menu and select the appropriate section, where you just need to turn off the display of decorations.

Where to find masks

Keep going through the game andcollect all the masks. If you get confused, open our walkthrough , press CTRL + F and enter the query "masks" (without quotes).

Where to find the dagger

You will find it according to the plot of the game, at the end of Dimitrescu Castle. Unfortunately, it is only used automatically by Ethan in the cutscene.

Where to find treasure

We wrote about each of them in a separate guide .

Where is the fifth bell

One bell is on the table on the left, one is on the cabinet on the right, the third is on the chandelier, the fourth is outside the window on another building, the fifth is behind the hole in the wall, near the gears, swinging like a pendulum.

Where to put things

There is no storage in the game. All things are stored in Ethan's inventory. But it can be increased by purchasing three separate upgrades from the Duke for 10,000, 30,000 and 50,000 Lei.

Why did Chris kill Mia (Why is Chris a villain) / What happened to Mia

This is a STORY SPOILER , so read on at your own risk: in fact, Mia is not Mia, but Mother Miranda, who skillfully pretended to be Ethan's wife. And Chris knew it. Why didn't he tell Ethan everything? Another question! Luckily, at the end of the game, Chris will save the real Mia.

If there are other questions,Submit them in the comment form below!

How to return to the castle

It is forbidden.

How to return to the Moro reservoir

It is forbidden.

Which shotgun is better

Definitely a TAC which you will find on your way back from Beneviento. You can also use a purchased SYG. But you can safely sell the first shotgun!

Which gun is better

LEMI is the worst pistol to sell at every opportunity. Don't waste your money on upgrading it! Much better is the second pistol, which you find a little later.

How to increase sensitivity

Go to the game settings and unscrew all three sliders to the maximum! The game has really low mouse sensitivity. Especially when aiming.

How to find the doll

The first time will be in a room on the second floor, the second time in a room with a white fireplace on the first floor, at the table on the left, and the third time in front of the ajar pantry door to the right of the exit from the house.

How to find a house with a red pipe

Go to the courtyard behind the broken gate at the Maiden of War in the center of the village. Enter the house and exit from the other side. Remove the cabinet in the barn and you will see a tractor. Turn left and find the jack handle in the building. To get it, you need to open the lock with the code 070408. Place it under the tractor and go forward. At the end of this path, the first armored werewolf will spawn. After killing him, open the gate on the right and climb onto the roof. Jump off?? into the courtyard of the house with the red pipe and climb onto its roof by another ladder. There is a hole in the roof.

How to find the death flower dagger

You will find it in the story, but you still won't be able to use it in battle.

How to cook food

Bring all the ingredients to the Duke. The kitchen will not be available immediately.

How to take away the mask of pleasure

Make your way through the fireplace to the armory, kill the daughter of Dimitrescu and remove the skull of the beast from the wall. Detach it from the piece of wood and replace the masks of pleasure.

How to collect the treasure of Beneviento

Kill Beneviento herself and return to the center of the village. There will open a crypt with a broken slab. Place it on the grave. Note that a mini-boss will appear.

How to open locks

Look for lockpicks.

How to get your fingers back

Automatically according to the plot of the game.

How to return to the swamp

Unfortunately, you can't. The elevator stops working.

How to get to the violin maker's house

You need the key to the violin maker's house, which you will find in the gardener's hut on the way from the Beneviento house.

How to get to the vineyard


How to get into the dungeon

Through the dining room and kitchen. If we are talking about another dungeon with a treasure, then you will need a handle. Found after the swamp. Use on the bridge next to the ritual site and ride the boat forward. This is the path to the vineyard.

How to pass saws/thorns

In one place, break the boards, in another - hide in a niche in thein the right corner of the wall that the spikes are moving towards.

How to switch ammo

F key

How to break through a wall

Homemade bomb. If a bomb is needed somewhere, it is sure to be in one of the nearby rooms. Or right in this room.

How to break through the mucus

Any weapon!

How did the hand grow / How did the hand stick

You will understand this at the end of the game. Keep going and in the end everything will be explained.

How to unload a weapon

It is forbidden. Don't worry, if you sell weapons, the ammo is returned.

How to solve the torch puzzle in the castle dungeon

Light some torches from the main bowl, then lure the dead to the fire. When it lights up, lure it to the far bowl.

How to dismantle a weapon

It is forbidden. And why? All modules are unique.

How to lower the bridge

With the help of the handle, which you will receive automatically in the Moro swamps.

How to open a coffin

Light two bowls. First blow up the wall on the left.

How to open the crypt / How to get the tablet

Opens automatically after Beneviento's house.

How to move the map

Hold down the mouse wheel.

What to do with treasures

Sell to the Duke.

Where to find a revolver

In the house behind the mill on the way to the Moro reservoir. It will be possible to open the door to this area after disassembling with Moro himself.

Where to find fish

There are many places. We have detailedin this guide.

Where to find the wheel

The wheel for the well is hidden in the shed opposite the violin maker's house. You will get there in the story when you look for a house with a red pipe. Collect the wheel before climbing the stairs to the roof.

Where to find Heisenberg

Meet in the story.

Where to find a grenade launcher

Behind the closed door of the house with the water wheel, at the red gate, through which the old woman left at the beginning of the game. You can open after Dimitrescu Castle and Beneviento House.

Where to find the ball

Our walkthrough shows the location of all the balls for Norstein's labyrinths.

Where to find Volkolak Alpha

After Moro swamp, return to the cornfield in front of Louise's house.

Where to find all flasks

According to the plot of the game.

Where to find all weapons

Read in our guide .

Where to find all the masks

Read in our walkthrough.

Where to find lipstick

For the first time, Dimitrescu's bathroom is closed. Return to the room where she talked on the phone later.

Where to find the gardener's house

On the way from Beneviento's house.

Where to find a bottle

In the kitchen after the murder of Dimitrescu's first daughter.

Where to go after defeating Dimitrescu

The only way to the village. Then you need to find a house with a red pipe. Read the description in the question above.

Why do you need meat, fish

D?I'm cooking at the Duke's.


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