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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Sally Face Episode 2: The Wretched

Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 2: The Wretched

Also you can read walkthrough all parts:   1-Strange Neighbors; 3-The Bologna Incident; 4-The Trial. Read full walkthrough seconf episode of Sally Face.

Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 2

Leave a nightmare. When you're in the sewer, and then talk to the pony on the right. He wants to drink. Climb the stairs. Pipes consist of three levels. Each has one lever. You need to activate them in a certain order: second floor, third, first. Go on the back of the beefy horse and return to the apartment. Follow the only path to meet Charley. Go together with Larry to the tree house. Talk to a friend, study a family photograph. Look in the chest on the right and take out the box. You have to solve a difficult puzzle to open it. But first you need a detail. "<yoastmark Follow the apartments, go up to the fifth tier and enter the bathroom of the 504 apartments. Megan will not appear. Go to the second floor, in apartment 202; say hello to Todd and Ashley. Try calling a ghost in his bathroom (together with Todd). Todd needs an antenna and a battery. [adinserter block="5"] As a battery, you offer the radio that you have left after the first episode. Go to Larry's room and ask for his amplifier (on the cabinet with a mirror). Give it to Todd. He will begin to improve the console. You get the Super Gear Boy, go to the bathroom, click on Shift and click on R to chat with Greg. In room 204, you take out the consoles and click on R in the place where the prompt will appear. You will see a strange character. In total, you can find eight such places, each of which will allow you to launch one of the chapters in Super Gear Boy (you need to go through all eight chapters to get achievements). More paranormal activities:
  1. In the room Miss Rosenberg (102).
  2. Tree house, near a family photograph.
  3. Larry's Kitchen.
  4. Apartment 502, birdcage.
  5. The corridor of the fifth floor, the left end.
After some of these actions, Todd will call you over. Go to room 202, go down to the basement and pick up a cross from the closet on the right, called the "Lost and Found". Talk to Megan. She will say that she does not hear her mother from the bedroom. There is a door with boards on the right side of the apartment 504. You need crowbar to open it. Larry will say that David has crowbar. Go to room 302 and talk to David. He will give away the crowbar if students stop holding noisy parties. Talk to students in room 301. Tell Sierra that they need to do a chess tournament. Select wave 89.3 in a conversation with CJ. In conversation with Azariah, select the game "Phone". [adinserter block="6"] Go back to David, take the crowbar from him. Talk to David again and be able to enter his room. Pick up the red item on the couch, open the box in inventory and solve the puzzle. Set the same characters as in the screenshot below: [caption id="attachment_6684" align="alignleft" width="300"]Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 2 Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 2[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6685" align="alignleft" width="300"]Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 2 Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 2[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6686" align="alignleft" width="300"]Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 2 Walkthrough Sally Face Episode 2[/caption] You will find the chip inside the box. You can talk about him with Larry and Todd. When you have a crowbar, go in the room at Sanderson. You will need to break the door to room 403. Talk to the ghost using the console. Go to room 503, break open the bedroom door and talk to Mama Megan's ghost using the console. Go through the hole on the left, go to the gallows and use the console again. Here you will have the last chance to complete the chapters in the Super Gear Boy mini-game. [adinserter block="6"] On the most difficult moments:
  1. Third chapter - when Greg enters the room on the right, select the following directions: top, right, bottom, right.
  2. Fifth chapter - from the first screen, move as follows: down, left, down, right.
  3. In the sixth chapter you will need to find three skulls. They are located at the top, left and right of the pentagram. Go up, continue upwards at the fork. When you go to the left of the pentagram, you will need to find a descent down. When you go to the right, and then look for a way up.
Talk to the doctor, go up to the tree house and watch the cut-scene.



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